1. Elaszat

    Labeling tool hiccups

    Hello, there is a problem I have with my labeling tool I wrote for Excel. I'm afraid I have to go a while back on that. I'm working in an office where we have to print labels for our articles that we sell. It used to be a tedious process with lots of folders of examples on how to write the...
  2. E

    Custom Views are Re-Setting my Freeze Panes settings

    I'm setting a custom view that has certain filters set on my data. I'm filtering by 2 columns. Once I've applied the custom view, I go to Data-> Sort & Filter-> Clear so that I can see all of my data again. When I do that, the data that was filtered out of my custom view (ie not showing)...
  3. S

    Line-breaks in Userforms freezes Excel

    Am using userforms on a spreadsheet to populate content to cells within a worksheet. The links are working perfectly and the data is being copied across precisely, from the userform to the cell and visa versa. However, when a line-break is added (ALT+ENTER on the worksheet / ENTER on the...
  4. B

    Can I Freeze a Slicer

    I have a date slicer connected to a pivot table with over 3000 rows so I was wondering if it was possible to freeze it like I can with an excel row? I have the top row of my sheet frozen so I can see the column headers while I scroll but my slicer moves out of view when I scroll. I thought it...
  5. K

    Excel lags when switching between automatic & Manual calculations

    wonder if anyone has a fix for this problem. it is not related to actual calculation time as the effect occurs even with a new blank sheet. I will do my best to explain and hope someone has come across the problem as well. With a new and blank sheet changing from Automatic to manual causes...
  6. Dan Wilson

    Freeze Panes help

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with 7 worksheets with several Macros. There is also a Macro in the "This Workbook" that runs every time the workbook is opened to set all the workbooks to a generic condition. Recently I discovered the need to use the...
  7. Dan Wilson

    Freeze Panes help

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with several worksheets. A couple of the worksheets have Columns with data that extend out to Column EA (125 entries). I am already using the Freeze Panes function to keep the Column Headers in View. Is there a function...
  8. G

    Freeze a shape

    Is there a way to freeze a shape so that it behaves like freezing cells? I want to freeze a shape so that it always stays on the screen even when a user scrolls.
  9. A

    Freeze Panes from Access

    I'm building a Excel Workbook from Access after setting a new Excel.Application. Set ws= objExcelApp.Workbooks.Open(Myfile).Sheets(1) With this I am able to use methods ws.cells, ws.columns etc. I would like to freeze the top row of sheets(1) but haven't been able to figure it out. In Excel...
  10. M

    Table of Contents - Keep TOC tab frozen

    I set up a table of contents because I have over 100 tabs in my spread sheet? The scrolling / tabbing over just takes too much time. Is there a way to freeze the TOC, so I can get to it from any tab without having to arrow back?
  11. W

    How to freeze panes on mouse scroll

    Hi, I am trying to hide some rows and then freeze panes on mouse scroll. 1. User scrolls down 2. Hide rows 1-5 3. Freeze new rows 1-5 Is this possible? Sub FreezeRow() ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = False Rows("1:5").Select ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True End Sub
  12. C

    Freeze pains shortcut crashes files with data model

    I have been experiencing this same crash on multiple files... it seems like an excel glitch. It happens when I have data loaded into the data model via power query and pivot tables feeding from the data model. When I execute the freeze pains shortcut (Alt, W, F, F) the file immediately crashes...
  13. P

    Freezing/splitting panes in multiple places in one sheet?

    I am new to this forum (and fairly novice to Excel), so I hope I am doing this properly! I am wondering if there is a way to split or freeze panes in more than one place in the same sheet? Thank you!
  14. N

    Help required in VBA

    In my excel sheet were I want to lock cell range L1: L1000.Only after double click on L1: L1000 , user form for password should popup. After entering password L1: L1000 should be editable. If I enter “OK” In any were between L1:L1000 then the whole Rows should be freeze (Eg: If I enter “ok” in...
  15. N

    vba Help

    Please help me out with my issue. In my excel sheet were I want to lock cell range L1: L1000.Only after double click on L1: L1000 row user form for password should popup. After entering password L1: L1000 should be editable. If Ienter “OK” I any were between L1:L1000 then the whole Colum...
  16. L

    freeze 2 ranges of cells on one sheet

    hello guys, I need to freeze two ranges of cells on the same sheet. For example I want to freeze range A1:H4 and range J3:Q32. How do I make this happen. ty
  17. W

    how to freeze both the left side and the top panes in Microsoft Excel 2010

    I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010. It allows me to freeze the panes but it only permits either the left pane or the top pane. How do I freeze both the left-sided pane as well as the top pane? Thank you for any inputs
  18. N

    Freeze panes acting strangely

    When I freeze panes it doubles up some descriptions and missing others, scrambling the headings. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. W

    Freeze some cells

    Hello I have a logo and some header text that I need to keep fixed on top of the excel sheet (lets say from columns A to J and rows 1 to 4). I want to keep this part of the sheet fixed for vertical / horizontal scrolls. Just as a note - I know the functionality of 'Freeze panes' and that will...
  20. K

    Freezing Columns

    I was working with excel. In doing so I made 13 headings A to M. I was trying to freeze the cells A to M. See picture below. Now I selected. Columns A to M were selected. Than I went Freeze Panes and Freeze First Column. Than when I move the...

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