1. H

    Freeze top 2 rows when sorting and exclude row 2 from the sort

    Hi, Office 10, Excel version 14 I'm using Data/Filters, with headings in rows 1 and 2. When I sort, row 2 naturally sorts as well, as only row 1 has been recognised as a heading by filtering. I can easily freeze the top row from scrolling, but I'd also like to freeze the 2nd row, and exclude...
  2. M

    Hyperlink to a cell - not a simple solution

    All - Hi! I know how to add a hyperlink to send the cursor to a particular cell. However I need to position that cell in a certain location on the screen. The spreadsheet is really wide - and incorporates a Freeze Panes to ease horizontal scrolling. When I hyperlink to the first cell in the...
  3. L

    VBA code to Freeze/Unfreeze Panes based on a Cell Value

    Hi, I have a sheet where it would be handy to have/not have frozen panes depending on how you're filling it out. Other people without excel experience will also be using this sheet, though. I have a cell (x) with data validation that has two options: Freeze Panes/Unfreeze Panes. I'd like to...
  4. P

    Is this possible with a Listbox control?

    I was just curious if it's at all possible to make column 1 (or actually 0) in a multicolumn listbox always visible as you scroll right. Similar to how freeze pane works on a spreadsheet. If not, that's ok. I'm just curious.
  5. W

    Freeze and split?

    How Can I freeze the top row and the first three columns?
  6. T

    Excel freezes upon editing a cell

    ​When I launch Excel 2016, As soon as I edit a cell and press Enter, Excel Freezes. I have to shut it down via the Task Manager. It does not freeze when in Safe Mode. Thanks in advance for any advice, Tamir
  7. J

    Excel Co-authoring issues

    Hi, I've set up a spreadsheet to be co-authored but some users are saying there are issues when other users freeze panes in the shared doc. Is there a way around this? (Aside from saying don't freeze panes).
  8. J

    Alternatives for INDIRECT in cascading (dependent) dropdown lists causing slowdown and headaches

    Hi, Calling all Excel geniuses, I’m working on a project for a friend, I’m already way beyond my comfort zone in Excel, and am have an issue that I can’t get around. My project involves making a sheet that acts like a form with each row being a series of dropdown menu’s (to limit the users...
  9. N

    Scrolling objects/inserts while in freeze pane

    As always, Thank you to whom ever is able to help me in advance. I was hoping there was or is a way to have a an object scroll while the page is in freeze pane. So if i have a color coded list and my sheet is long, how can i get the list to scroll with the page with out having to use 12 Rows in...
  10. Z

    Freeze Multiple Row

    Hi I am trying to freeze multiple rows in excel. I select the rows and columns I want to freeze then go to Freeze Panes-> Freeze Panes but it just freezes the first row. How can I freeze multiple rows.
  11. D

    Keep Block of Cells from Scrolling

    For my golf league, I have a scorecard worksheet where I enter scores weekly. I have a "template" I use to copy down for each match and this "template" is in rows 4 thru 11. I'm using Freeze Panes (between rows 11 and 12) to keep this "template" always at the top of my screen but I have a list...
  12. V

    Copy same formula into other columns

    <article>Greetings!! I am having formulas into columns but those formulas are not freeze with "$" I have to copy the same formula from those columns to other columns. But while doing so cells reference get changed as those are not freeze with "$". I do not want to freeze with "$" but want to...
  13. R

    Freeze a certain row to the top when scrolling down to it?

    Hi guys, I am new to Excel and I am wondering if there is a way to freeze a row to the top when you scroll down until it becomes the top row? For example, I want to see row 50 frozen at the top only after I scroll down and row 50 comes on top. I only know that we can freeze top rows or...
  14. T

    freezing cells

    is there a way I can freeze a cell and row that's in the middle of my page. if i have box that is e2-36 to f2-f6 is there a way I can freeze that area? so when i scroll down that area i want to freeze stays in the center <tbody> a b c d e f g h 1 2 freeze freeze 3 freeze...
  15. C

    Freeze cells after they are updated with today's date

    I have an excel sheet that is pulling CME settlement prices from 'CME Sette' Tab & pulls them into '2017' Main Tab through web data connection. I need help with a macro to freeze the cells after they update with todays date. T So tomorrow when the report refreshes, with tomorrows date, it will...
  16. K

    Freeze more than 5 Column's IN spreadsheet/Freeze Specific column in middle of the sheet

    Hi All, I know this is simple but It would be helpful for me to freeze A specific Column in the spreadsheet or Freeze more than 5 Column in spreadsheet..:rofl:
  17. R

    Can't freeze panes in excel 2013 win 10

    Hello, I have problem with freezing/unfreezing panes in a specific workbook in excel 2013, windows 10. The workbook and worksheets are protected and contain VBA code. I can freeze and unfreeze panes in excel 2010 windows 7, after unprotecting the workbook. In 2013 button to freeze panes in...
  18. E

    Date and time stamping cells

    I try to freeze date and time on the Excel cell and I know NOW() would change by the date and hour. CTRL+; --> to freeze the date CTRL+SHIFT+; --> to freeze the time Please tell me how and where I could put the ASCII code on the cells. (Recording macro does not reveal the code)...
  19. C

    freeze row() with $ within array

    hi, in using index array and have multiple rows in my formula I.e) row (1:1) row (2:2) when i I fill them down I need them to freeze, is this possible please? It will take me hours to manually change them, thank you.
  20. B

    SpinButton freezer

    Hello, i have been working with VBA in Solidworks but i believe my question still applies I started using a spinbutton in my form to add a value in the textBox, so far so good, had no problems Everything runs smothly in my form until i press the spin button, because when i do i cant press...

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