1. T

    Excel freeze

    Hi, I have Excel 2016 (365 ProPlus). As soon as I start to change a cell's content it freezes. I then close it from the task manager, open it in Safe Mode and it works fine. I turned off all the Addins, but it didn't help. Also tried the Graphic accelerator on/off. I run Windows 10 and have no...
  2. J

    "Freeze Panes" is grayed out.

    A co-worker is working with an old spreadsheet - SaveAs indicates it was created, or at least last saved, in Excel 97-2003. Freeze Panes is grayed out and nothing I've tried so far has un-grayed it. I did a SaveAs in 2010 (which is what we all have on our computers at work) to the format for...
  3. T

    Excel Multiple Row Freeezin at Different Area

    Hi, I have a question about the Freeze feature; Is it possible to use it to make multiple frozen rows but not using them adjacent to each other. I mean I don't want to select two row and make them one frozen row. I made some researches about it, but I'm not sure whether I used the right...
  4. C

    Freezing or Splitting Problem

    I would like to divide my sheet in half. I want to be able to scroll up and down on the left side and I want the right side to remain static. I tried freezing but that only works in the top row or columns to the left of my information that I want static. Also splitting doesn't allow me to...

    How to freeze Both Rows & Columns in Excel2007

    I can freeze either Rows OR Columns, but I would like to freeze both Rows 1,2,3 AND Columns A & B. Can that be done?
  6. L

    Freeze more than once

    Is there any way to freeze more than once? I have this "Monthly Expenses" workbook where I froze the third row, then all rows above are froze, but I can't freeze anything more. When I try to freeze this table and this chart on the right, the "Freeze panes" option isn't available. Do you guys...
  7. L

    Floating Spin Button between Spreadsheet Tabs

    I'd like a spin button that is accessible no matter what spreadsheet (tab) I'm in. The button will be used to match columns of data with another column of data. The reason I'm trying to do this is because I cannot seem to find out how to match two columns of data... I need to match data with...
  8. V

    Workbook Close Hangs in Excel 2013

    I am copying from one workbook to another. This code works fine in Excel 2007. However, it freezes each time in 2013 on the .Close portion. Any idea as to why this would happen? There is no issue with the path, and this code has been run hundreds of times in the previous version of Excel so it...
  9. P

    Excel always crashes on second running of add-in

    Hi, I have a weird issue with a vba macro I am running. the macro opens up another large workbook which performs calculations using an addin called proj_result. This is actually a Prophet add-in (if anyone on here uses Prophet this may be something you can solve). Basically the workbook...
  10. G

    Feezing of image when inserted by using Macro

    Hello, I am trying to insert image using macro. It gets inserted, but gets freeze. I am not able to change its size. Excel version se in Excel 2010
  11. D

    Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel

    Hi All, I have an excel document where i want to freeze both the right and left side columns. Example: Excel allows to freeze specific row or column or left and top of particular cell, however I want to freeze the Column A and as well as Column J and also 3rd Row. Can any one please help me...
  12. M

    Freeze intermediate rows

    Hello,</SPAN> I know how to freeze top rows/columns and panes. Is there a way to freeze intermediate rows? I have title information on rows 1-11 and column header information on rows 12-15. These are the rows I would like to freeze without having to also see rows 1-11. Is that possible...
  13. A

    what sort of computer to get

    folks, I do a lot of data crunching and make some big spreadsheets for a large company. with the amount of policy stuff running in the background plus my (most probably) personal code/formula style, I seem to always get issues with time. I either get to take a lunch break while files save or I...
  14. 0

    UserForm Textbox freezes on first try only

    Excel 2007 - UserForm From my main menu which is simply shapes with macros attached I launch the userform. Upon the first try, and not always, just sometimes, when I get to txt_vc1, it freezes and I am not allowed to move to the next textbox. I can still use my Exit button on the UserForm to...
  15. G

    Freeze both Row 1 & Row 2?

    Hi Mr. Excel, I use: Excel 2007, Windows XP, Internet Explorer. I would like to freeze both row 1 and row 2 and nothing below. When I select the top two rows(via the numbers to the left) and select "Freeze Panes" it freezes rows 1-11 instead of rows 1-2. Is there any way to fix this...
  16. W

    Issues when sharing a workbook

    Hi. I have created a workbook with multiple sheets for each of my colleagues. There are vlookup formulas and sum formulas that pool data onto a singleaster spreadsheet that gives me an overview of how much work we have gotten through. My issue is that when the book is unshared and on my...
  17. B

    Excel 2010 hangs/crashes on a daily basis!

    Hi folks, I am running: Microsoft Excel 2010 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit --- I have just migrated to a new machine, with a fresh copy of windows and office, and the identical problem from the previous machine remains, so please help! --- At random points several different...
  18. A

    Excel freezing during Macro

    Hi All, Not a complete novice but not an expert eith when it comes to VB in excel, most things i have managed to do but for some reason when im posting information from a userform to a work sheet, excel freezes and has to be closed from task manager, i have stripped the codeing down to see...
  19. S

    VBA to "freeze" conditional formatting

    I've seen VBA written to do this for excel 2003 but not for 2007. All i want to do is to make the fill colour and font colour of the CF permenant so the CF can be deleted. I have a spreadsheet which is being crippled by conditional formatting. As i write this i've been waiting 10mins just to...
  20. ClimoC

    Quick Listbox problem

    I have a worksheet listbox. When the user clicks a command button, it executes a macro using the value of the listbox's linked cell. It goes to another sheet, copies some stuff back to the main sheet (in a separate range) and all works fine. Only problem is that the listbox then 'freezes'...

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