1. B

    Date Formula

    Hi all, Merry Christmas!!! I was wondering if you lovely people had any ideas on a formula i can use that will run down a list of dates and tell me the day (example Monday) then also know if its the Monday the previous week then Monday -1 and the monday the week before so Monday -2 So for...
  2. Z

    Formula Help to return every Friday's date and after?

    HI trying to get a formuala to return every fridays date. So tomorrow is friday it would return 12/14/2018. Once friday pasts i need it to return next Fridays date -- Example would be 12/21/2018 and on thanks
  3. J

    IF functions with weekdays

    Hi guys. I have a Rota sheet that I'm doing some work on. I have an if function in to retrieve the data from the master Rota for each user if they are in that day. The issues I'm having is the coloum beside it. I want to put a formula in that says for example if b4 is not empty weekday is...
  4. D

    get next quarter date , third friday

    hi, i'm trying to make a formula so that the next quarter, third friday is shown....(ie December 21)
  5. C

    Distribute value across cells

    I've looked at this until my eyes are crossed and I'm sure someone out there can easily figure this out. I need a formula to spread project time hours across weekdays to equal 8 hours/day and 40 hours/week. I'm looking for a formula to copy from C2:G10, please. <tbody> A B C D E F G 1...
  6. J

    Formula to calculate Network Days not working properly

    Hello, I've been using the following formula for months now without problem (or so I thought) & it worked in the month of August (which had Five Fridays in the month), but for some reason it is not calculating properly for September. Formula...
  7. D

    Calculate Weeks and Show Friday as Ending Date

    Hi, May I ask for help in writing a formula that will calculate and End Date that always lands on Friday based on a value entered into the Week Duration column. <tbody> A B C D 1 Task Week Duration Start Date End Date 2 x 1 Monday, Jan 7, 2019 Friday, Jan 11, 2019 3 y 3 Monday, Jan 14...
  8. L

    conditional formatting - text contain

    Hi I have column like the one below. I want to highlight all cells that contain Friday. So I went to CF-->highlight cells rules-->text that contains, then i typed Friday (or later typed friday) but nothing happened. What could be the issue? I highlighted the column before applying CF. Also the...
  9. D

    Working with a date modification

    Hi all, I'm using this in Google Sheets. I have two working formulas: Take date in A1, and change to the next coming Friday in the calendar =$A1+6-MOD(WEEKDAY($A1),7) There is one anomaly that I can't seem to work out. If A1 equals a Friday, then the formula shows the same day as being the...
  10. S

    Rounding to the following Sunday

    Racking my brain to get the following to work: =IFERROR(IF(D5=0,"",D5+45),IF(D5="","",D5+7-MOD(D5-1,7))) D5 being the source date that I'm adding 45 days to and then rounding to the following Sunday. Honestly wouldn't mind figuring out the previous Sunday as well. We are trying to set...
  11. Trevor3007

    date formula

    good afternoon, is there a formula to show the date of the 1st friday of the next month? I tried using =CEILING(EOMONTH(A2,-1)-5,7)+6 but it did not work as I wanted. In cell a2 date 3/9/18 returns 7/9/18...but I need it to show the following 1st friday of the next month which should be...
  12. I

    Countif ignoring blanks weird table

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N F 1 Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 2 John 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM OFF OFF OFF OFF 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 3 David 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM OFF OFF 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8...
  13. L

    Query Formula to get sum with criteria

    I have a table with dates and 3 sets of quantities that I want to sum up if it is a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. How can I do this?
  14. B

    Getting a previous Monday (unless the date is a Monday)

    I saw a thread that asked for the prior Monday formula, but i used it and if the date is a Monday it goes to the previous Monday, How would i change the formula to be if Monday is today then leave it. I am new to using days of the week formula, so any explanation of how the formula breaks down...
  15. S

    Pay Period formula

    Hey, I'm trying to create a formula that will accurately calculate the number of times someone has been paid this year. For instance, if someone got paid weekly, I want to count the number of fridays we have had this year thus far up until today's date. Or if they were paid Bi-weekly friday, I...
  16. D

    Formula to add 1 for previous day

    Hello, I have a list of Machines on each Friday that I would like to flag with a number. The latest Friday should have a 2 and each Friday before that should be marked with one less than the last. My data is below. <colgroup><col width="90" style="width: 68pt; mso-width-source: userset...
  17. S

    How to get two formulas in one cell

    Hi All, I currently have the formula =IF(A2=4,NETWORKDAYS(B3-6,E3,'Bank Holidays'!A2:A10)) In A2 is a formula counting how many Fridays are in a month. B3 has the Date of the First Friday and E3 the date of the 4th Friday. what i would like to do is if A2=5 then the E3 would calculate on F3...
  18. M

    Adding Each If Statement Together

    I am doing a personal budget and wanted I40 and I41 to add together if the 25th of the month fell on a Saturday. <tbody> H I J 40 Car $445 25 41 Groceries/Gas $150 Saturday </tbody> Below you can see on the 25th of the month (Saturday) the $445 took (I27) but not adding in the $150...
  19. A

    Week Number in a month

    Good day everyone, Hello. I want to be able to show what "Week Number" in a month a particular date falls. Our week starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. Our month's cut off is the last Friday of the month. Meaning, if it is the last Friday of the month today, then tomorrow Saturday will...
  20. L


    So I have this spreadsheet that polled people as to what activities they would like to do. How do I make a pie chart about that shows the percentages of those who said "yes" to each individual thing? <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="2"><col><col...

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