1. K

    Date Lookup

    How do I get excel to look at sheet named "Transactions" and look down column b for any date that is a Friday and return that date, otherwise return the most recent date. The sheet is imported to it comes over as 4/17/18 with no day. Even if I format the cell to show the day, the formula wont...
  2. K

    Date parameters

    How do I use vba to look down a column of dates and if any dates = a Friday choose that date, if not choose most recent date.
  3. R


    Hi, I have a manually entered date in cell B2 (24-Dec-17), I need a formula to fill the next dates from cell C2 onwards, the criteria for dates to be 25th of each month if the 25 is not a Friday or Saturday and also not a holiday, sample shown in the table below. The holidays are listed in a...
  4. N

    Drag down a row of dates

    Could someone please tell me if it is possible to do the following?! I have a row of dates in Row 1 - A1 being Friday 1st May, B1 Saturday 2nd May, through to G1 being Thursday 7th May. Row 2 is a row of formula to pick details from another worksheet. Row 3 is the next week's dates - A3 being...
  5. A

    Return date of the next friday

    Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to return the date of a specific day (in my case, Fridays) based on a provided date? For instance, if my cell contains the value 2018-04-17 (today's date), I would need it to return the date (2018-04-20) of the next Friday. Any ideas?
  6. B

    Sumifs Multiple

    Good evening all Trying to sum/combine Column D values. 1. Monday & Tuesday 2.Thursday & Wednesday 3. Friday & Saturday If Column E = TRUE and Column C = 2 for each unique ID. attempted formula =...
  7. R

    wednesday through thursday as a week in function

    I think I might be over-complicating this but im having trouble setting up a specific week time frame. Currently, I have a report that has the date it was approved in column L and payout in column K. On another page I have the date of every Friday (when payroll happens and I need to calculate...
  8. O

    Check if Week commencing contains last Friday in month

    Hi all I'm trying to work out if it's possible to calculate whether or not a given week contains the last Friday and if so place some kind of marker to flag this up so that I can determine which reporting month it should be in. Any help appreciated! W/C 01/01/2018 08/01/2018 15/01/2018...
  9. M

    Search for multiple text strings and return abbreviations if present

    In column B, the following options are available: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>Session 1: Sunday July 1st – Friday July 6th, Session 2: Sunday July 8th – Friday July 13th, Session 3: Sunday July 15th – Friday July 20th...
  10. S

    Saving Filename as Week Number and Date on Friday

    Hi, I need to save a file (every week) in excel vba code with a file name which looks like this: "book1.W23.Dec15.xlsx". This file is saved during the week on any day of the week. Here the Week number needs to be a fiscal week number where the year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30th and then...
  11. J

    Tricky Maths formula > Calculate Due time

    Hi, The hour range is between store open times (Monday - Friday 09:00 till 17:00) If an order is placed we have a time of 6 hours to ship out the order. Example: An order is recieved Monday at 09:53, it has to be completed by 16:00 09:53 rounds up to 10:00 + 6 hours Though if an order is...
  12. F

    Counted Days

    This is my formula: =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(A1+37,$E$1:$E$12,0)),IF(WEEKDAY(A1+37)=7,A1+37-1,IF(WEEKDAY(A1+37)=1,A1+37-2,A1+37)),IF(WEEKDAY(A1+37-1)=7,A1+37-2,IF(WEEKDAY(A1+37-1)=1,A1+37-3,A1+37-1))) My holidays are E1:E12 I would like to amend this formula so that if the date lands on Tuesday...
  13. K

    Search the next date from formula TODAY

    Hi Excel Master I'm pretty stumped so I'm hoping someone can help! Let's say the current day and date when using the formula =TODAY() is Monday, 01/11/2017, and I place that formula in cell A1 In cell C1, I want to display the date for Friday (from the date I illustrated above then the result...
  14. 9

    Automatically send email every Friday showing cell value

    Hi, Hope someone can help, I have tried, and got almost close from reading through the forms, i managed to find a macro that kind of worked for me, but then it just wouldnt send the email automatically when the criteria was met, ive lost the macro now so cant show you what i did have sorry...
  15. P

    If date range is between December OR there is less than 25 business days before Good Friday, return Z

    Hi everyone, I have been trying for the past hour to think of a solution for the below without success. I was wondering if anyone could help me. If Date of Meeting is any day during December, return the value = 25. If the Date of Meeting is less than 25 business days before Good Friday...
  16. N


    Hi everyone, Can someone help me out, I need something like a today formula that excludes weekends so when monday comes it will automatically just give me Friday, then on Tuesday it gives me Monday etc Thanks!
  17. X

    How To Match & Pick-Up Partial Text From A Cell Conditionally?

    Dear All, I do have a sample data set across A1:D4 as follows:- <tbody> Inward Date Inward Day Schedule Type Inward Day-Desired(With Formula) 01-Aug Tuesday A Tuesday 02-Aug Wednesday B Wednesday 04-Aug Friday C Friday </tbody> There is another table with the Schedule Type across...
  18. H

    Outlook Meeting Macro

    Hi I have never used VBA for Outlook before and was wondering would this be possible. I am looking to try schedule a macro to book a specific meeting room on specific days due to current restrictions on how far ahead the systems lets me book so currently I can I book the meeting room up to 4...
  19. P

    Get Fridays date of the given week number

    Hello, Is it possible to get Fridays date of Week Number 38,39,40 and So on.. THnaks, Prasaad Gaikwad. <tbody> </tbody><colgroup><col></colgroup>
  20. S

    Using IF statement to show data from Friday on Mondays

    Currently I have my data show stats for the previous day. For example on Tuesday I show Monday's data, on Wednesday I show Tuesday's data and so forth. I need help making a formula where on Monday's I can show Friday's data. I don't need to show the weekend data. I've played around with IF...

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