1. gheyman

    Updating Linked Tables to Back End Problem

    I have a Back End (BE) with all my Tables. When I am solely in the Front End (FE) Database everything runs fine. As soon as another user opens and uses the Front End database the database somehow is loosing the links. We get a message that it doesn't recognize the back end and we have to...
  2. C

    Report Queries Back End vs Front End

    Hello All~ I created and administer an MS Access DB. Back End sits on a Network Drive, 20+ End Users have the Front End on their respective Desktops. The Application has a Reporting Tool where the user has the option of selecting and running about 20 or so different reports. Currently I keep...
  3. L

    picture hide the text behind

    Hi I inserted a picture in a sheet. I moved the picture over a table. After that I can not see the contents of some cells. Can I put the picture in the background and move the text in front, like in Word? Thank you very much
  4. C

    Maintenance of MS Access Back End

    Hello~ I've created and administer an Access DB application -- 20+ end users -- split db -- each user has a copy of an accde executable file on their desktop, while the back end is on a network server. The front end is programmed to shut down automatically @ 8pm every night. Once in awhile...
  5. S

    Bring axis to front on excel chart

    Hi. I've got a chart with several thousand data points (all of which must be plotted). The problem is that the data with a zero value (for either the x or y axis) are being displayed in front of the axis line, whereas I would like it the other way round. Is there some way I can select the axis...
  6. T

    need a little help with LoadPicture

    ok, so here goes. what im trying to achieve is to be able to grab the exact replica or photo of everything included in " Front of check" worksheet and view it on a separate form in vba after clicking a button. sort of like a photo preview. however, when i debug it it crashes at Set Picture =...
  7. L

    Rearrange Data

    Hi, I have data in this format: <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> CID "C-00001" "C-00002" "C-00003" Name Alexandra Van de Vyvere Nathalie Pouradier Duteil Thomas Raguenaud Waist 75 79 88 Half Waist Front 39 40 Half Waist Back 37 39 Hips 92 98 104 Half Hips Front...
  8. S

    Randomly generated list with duplicates in column

    Hello, My apologies if this has been asked before. I read through several threads and can't seem to find exactly what I need. Basically, in column A, there is a list of locations in groups of two that the names in column B are assigned to in pairs. The list in column B is larger than the...
  9. I

    Area automatically being cleared every time a file is opened

    Hello, I am running into a problem where a certain area of my excel file is being cleared every time it is opened, and I can't figure out why - there is no VBA written in it that would specifically do this, so I'm wondering if someone somehow set up an option in an Excel menu to do this. To...
  10. M

    Index/Match: Value Return with additional text in front

    Hello All, How do I modify formula below to return value with "Description:" in front? Example Value Return = Description: Cooling System Replacement =IFERROR(INDEX('Report'!R:R,MATCH(A1,'Report'!A:A,0))&"", "") Regards, Morey
  11. J

    Excel Book Login and PW question

    Does anyone have any tips on the best way's to protect your workbook with a Login? Maybe an up front Form and Module? Thank you for any help... Johnzea
  12. J

    adding spaces in front of text and "alt enter:" tabs in one cell (address)

    I have an address that is in one cell formatted with: Name address address2 city state zip There is a hard tab (alt tenter) between the lines after the first line. (the bolded lines) I need to keep everything in one cell, and add five spaces in front of each line. I need to be able to do this...
  13. T

    How to remove the apostrophe in front of a text, then find a two digit code in the text

    This is a two part question. Have a report with an apostrophe in front of a series of numbers. The first part is to remove the apostrophethen the second part is to find a specific two digit number within the seriesof numbers. Reading the series right to left in two digit format. There is a...
  14. K

    Updating Inventory Based on Daily Pull Values

    Okay excel genius', I'm stuck in a rut and need your help! I work at a shop that carries a stock of liquids. It is my job to keep track of the inventory on a daily basis. If this was my only job, then it would be easy, but its not. So, I began working on an Excel file that could automate the...
  15. R

    Sumif, where the range is in date format (11/02/2018) etc, and the criteria is "FEB"

    Any way to do this without a helper column? Need to countif and sumif the following across two sheets: Column C which has dates like "01/02/2019" in sheet "JG" Against the criteria of C1 which is just "Jan" on sheet "Front" Also in my criteria I'm trying to find value B4 in "Front" against...
  16. D

    time stamp but no date

    i can use =now() but that also gives me the date in there a simple way to only have the time?
  17. T

    Extracting Date from cell with Day and Date Data

    Hi, I have a series of dates that include the day and the date: <tbody> Mon, 3/4/2020 Tue, 3/12/2020 Wed, 3/20/2020 Thu, 3/28/2020 </tbody> I need to calculate the number of says between the dates, but to do that need to get the date out of the cell and keep it as a date. I tried...
  18. P

    detect in the front pair in each group of the corresponding 7 and its frequency

    please detect the front double of the pick3 and see the amount of each groups. Step 1, put the pickings of the pick3 in ascending order Step 2 separate the front pair. 3º detect in the frontal pair in which of the 7 groups 4º to see the frequency (quantity of each group)...
  19. James_Latimer

    #Div/0! front end but not in VBA

    Hello, I have an issue that i cant get my head around. I have a formula on a sheet: =AD504/AD503 which returns #Div/0! However if i use the following vba i get an answer... Sub hjklasdfasdfad() Dim V1 As Double, V2 As Double V1 = ActiveSheet.Range("AD503").Value V2 =...
  20. J

    How To bring front userform

    hi all, i have a userform when user click on Start PRocess, open 2 excel files and extract data.... working............................. when finish, open second file. i want show on the front, the USerform i try: AppActivate FArchForm.Caption but not worked.... How to? Thanks

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