1. G

    Going Blind - what do I need vlookup - index match?

    <tbody> A B C D E F Dropbox1 Dropbox2 Select 0 peaches fresh pears Frozen </tbody> This is driving me nuts got my whole workbook figured out and I m stuck on this 1 thing. Its simple and I am just not seeing it any help please? I...
  2. B

    Speed Up Formula for +3000 rows

    Hi, I am trying to check to see if two cells in Sheets("CHECKING") or (ws2), correspond with values in Sheets("Category Hierarchy (5)") or ws3. In row 1 of ws3 there are "Departments" and below that department from row 2 onwards are categories and these categories are unique values to only one...
  3. J

    With Frozen panes move to specific column based on cell value

    In the below example the columns left of "L" are frozen. Beginning in L1 => CU1 have game number 1 - 82. In cell H1 is the next game number. I there a way based on the value in L1 to advance to the corresponding column? So in this case the next game is #17 so I want first seen column right of...
  4. gornalgremlin

    Overhang picture over freeze panes

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could set an image to overhang a frozen pane? have a column that I need to highlight with an arrow image, ideally I would like the arrow to span over a frozen panes so that it doesn't move as the screen is scrolled, the top half is fine, but the...
  5. J

    Floating rows / freezing panes

    Hello there everyone, I have a sheet that is going to be an order form, it contains product codes, barcodes, product descriptions, prices, RRPs etc, with a lot of different products with a lot of different headings for each category etc. I would like the headers of each category to float on the...
  6. S

    VBA Run-time error 1004 when auto-filtering

    I have a shared workbook with frozen frames and autofilters. You know what's coming next ... yes, other people frequently leave filters set, and that messes things up when the next person comes along, takes the filters off, and now the first umpteen rows are frozen and they can't scroll. So I...
  7. J

    Do you want to build a spreadsheet?

    Do you want to build a spreadsheet? In Microsoft Excel, I think some macros are overdue, I’ve started talking to Senior managers on the Board! It get a little lonely All these empty sheets, Just waiting for a formula to appear Please, I know you’re interested, People are asking for your...
  8. S

    Excel 2010 Macro stops, loops and crashes, help!

    Good Morning! I was wondering if someone could help. I have built a macro that takes two reports and runs through to create a few pivot tables. When I run it on one machine, Windows 7, Excel 2010, it runs without any problems. When I run it on Windows 8, Excel 2010 it stops at the same point...
  9. C

    Conditional Formatting Macro enabled worksheet

    I created a workbook with 4-5 conditional formatting formulas (and/or statements). It worked for a few days, but now excel freezes each time I try to open the workbook. Any ideas into why this is happening?
  10. D

    Ribbon Frozen (Not Responding)

    I've run into a problem recently. Sometimes when I double-click to open a file, the ribbon stops responding, or is frozen. None of the buttons respond to the mouse (can't click, don't highlight when the pointer hovers, etc.). I can still edit the contents of the file, but the only way to save...
  11. G

    Print Preview freezing Excel after BeforePrint VBA run

    Dear All, I am having trouble with Print Preview in a file with a Workbook_BeforePrint event. I have an Excel 2003 workbook that contains VBA code. In Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean) I have code that if conditional formatting is turned on in a range of cells, then: Cancel...
  12. F

    Screen went blank and is now grey

    I was working on a very detailed Excel budget spreadsheet. I was moving the cursor and my finger slipped and I must have activated a menu button by accident. The entire spreadsheet is now grey and looks like it is hung up waiting for a response. The menu options are opaque. When I click on...

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