1. M

    Eliminate zombie employees

    I am trying to create a simple productivity metric to show how many invoices per AP clerk we process each month. In simplified terms Invoice Count:= DISTINCTCOUNT([Invoice Number]) FTE Count:= DISTINCTCOUNT([User ID]) Invoice per Clerk:= DIVIDE([Invoice Count], [FTE Count]) But... we have...
  2. S

    Slicer connection to different source

    Hi All Im trying to connect a slicer to 2 pivot tables with different sources Both data tables have been sorted and have duplicates ie Table 1 Name Week FTe A 1 7.2 A 2 7.3 B 1 7.3 B 2 7.3 Table 2 Name Month Fte A Jan 2.6 A Feb 3.2 A Mar 4.4 B Jan 2.2 B Feb 6.4 B Mar 2.2 etc I have...
  3. S

    Forecasting future service levels for contact centers

    Do you know of a way to forecast a monthly service level if you have the monthly volume (all up), AHT and actual FTE that will be staffed?
  4. D

    Calculating sum of count based on selected codes multiplied by code value

    Good afternoon all, First off let me apologize for the title, I tried to describe what is needed but it still sounds confusing. Background information: I have 3 tables: 1. Shift code legend (contains 3 columns - Code, Description, FTE value). table is named: T_ShiftCode 2. Hours Calculating...
  5. A

    Count IF & IFS function...help!!

    Hi, I have been ripping my hair out trying to figure out how to find a formula with the data below: I need to show of the 29 staff who are Grade 4, what the total FTE is of anyone who is Grade 4 and the total FTE Could someone show me what the best formula would be to calculate this? Thanks...
  6. B

    formula help

    column A is # of contacts made in a week 18,245 Column B is # of FTE 212 Column C is # of weeks 52 how would you determine # of contacts made per FTE per Week ty
  7. A

    Flawed Forumula for # FTE Per Month

    Hello. I'm having trouble with my formula for figuring rent per month based on total FTE/SNAP-Ed FTE. I am able to count the SNAP-Ed FTE if they work at least half the month. The formula I'm using is, =IF(F11>=$H$5,"0.00",IF(G11>=$H$5,D11,"0.00")); however, the formula isn't working in Row 11...
  8. E

    Return a second and third match value using vlookup

    I am trying to capture the second and third, etc values when using a vlookup to retrieve the results from a pivot with the same Pos# (see below). Looking for a formula that will bring back the values. Thanks Return values here: <tbody> NAME TITLE HIREDT HRS SHIFT FTE </tbody>...
  9. A


    Hi All I am a MIS executive I prepare various excel report . But i am not a expert. I have given a new task to create template to calculate total head count required on a given day. The data i have is total head count , average handling time (AHT) for different task , shrinkage is of 25%...
  10. D

    Calculating FTE

    I have a spreadsheet calculating hours worked, based on time of day start and time of day end, expressed as 08:00 or 10:00 or 12:00 hours. I would like to sum these columns and then divide by 80 to calculate FTE. I'm having trouble because the hours are expressed as time and not just a number...
  11. K

    Resource calculation- HELP PLEASE

    Hi Guys, hope everyone is well. I am trying to work out how much it would cost for a person who works variable days per week based on their start date and end dates and working days (add in any personal holidays, based on financial calender month. I currently have the formula below...
  12. J

    FTE requirement (without Erlang add in)

    Hi All, Trying to impress in my new job but with limited resource - I can't install an Erlang add in on excel and am trying to deliver some sizing for a contact centre. I have volumes (column A), AHT (B), service level required (C), target answer time (D), contacts per second (E), traffic...

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