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    COMBINE SUM IF with subtotal to calcul Motor fuel of filter Car Numbers

    Hello kings i want to to combine ( sum if with subtotal ) to calcul consomation of Motor fuel so when i filter a car number it can calculate Gasoline Diesel fuel exemple in picture
  2. P

    how to use COUNTIF formula to count a specific word twice instead of once?

    Hi I am using the countif formula below to count a specific work type and counting if a fixer has had the job but I want to count the word twice as it is duel fuel and should count as 2 jobs not 1 how can I do this please? =COUNTIFS(Sheet2!A:A,"John Smith",Sheet2!Q:Q,"Install Duel Fuel")
  3. M

    Sum with multiple criteria

    Hello everyone, I have excel worksheet where is shown fuel sales with multiple criteria: Date, Fuel type, Payment method, so i want the formula, witch can sum fuel sales with any criteria, This is a link where you can see my excel file, and in yellow cell i want to type this formula...
  4. L

    Need Fuel Consumption Excel Database File

    Dear friends can anyone help me getting fuel consumption database excel file for all kinds of vehicles (Car, trucks etc).
  5. D

    Find Previous Match

    Attempting to calculate Mileage difference ("D") by finding the previous "Fuel" event amongst a variety of events listed ("A") in order to fill in the missing data in Column "B" for the purpose of calculating MPG ("F") A, B, C, D, E...
  6. P

    VBA Loop

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the optimal way to load containers. I have the current amount of fuel in each container and I have the amount of fuel I know will burn in aggregate prior to reaching my terminus where I will refuel the containers. I can choose which container I burn fuel from. I...
  7. C

    Show cell value based upon data contained in column below

    Hey all, I'm trying to work out the best formula to use for the below requirements. I have my sheet below, I'm looking to show the top field (row 1), if there is any amount within the corresponding columns below, into a new column. What formula am I best working with? This could extend to 20+...
  8. M

    The most efficient way please.....

    I have a summary sheet with budget information and Jan - Dec going across the top. I have about 40 different profit centres on different tabs. Amongst many other lines, I have line called fuel. I want to add up all the 'Fuel' costs and total them by month, and of course apply this to all the...
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    Minimization VBA Code

    <colgroup><col width="101" style="width:76pt"><col width="82" style="width:62pt"><col width="81" style="width:61pt"><col width="74" style="width:56pt"><col width="90" style="width:68pt"></colgroup><tbody> Good morning Mr Excel, would like to ask how to code the minimization VBA code. The...
  10. K

    Need a formula to compare one cell to a range, then depending on the result multiply to another cell

    I'm going to explain this as easy as I possibly can. Cell Z4 has a fuel amount. Let's say $2.50. If that amount falls within this range, then it will multiply by that percentage. So if somebody where to change the number in Z4, the result would update. The result is going in cell Z10. Now once...
  11. C

    Apply formula to entire column with a macro in VBA

    I download data from our Jets and one of the fields I see is the fuel pressure, the fuel pressure sensor has a signal voltage between 1-5 v. With the flight data depending on how long the flight was it could be any where between a few thousand data points to several 100k data points. The formula...
  12. S

    Using if formula to find best vendor price

    https://imgur.com/Dlb67mk I have a spreadsheet with different companies and how much they charge for gas. I need to make an if formula that will put the company name with the cheapest of each gas type in the "Jet Fuel Vendor" and "AVgas Vendor". The exact wording of what I need to do is Using...
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    FIFO stock valuation

    Hi everybody, I am trying to work out a way to calculate the value of inventory assuming the earliest inventory received is issued out first. I have pasted in a sample dataset below as a guide. Per the below, the fuel issues on November 1st and 2nd would be costed at $0.90, and the issue on...
  14. T

    Sheet Name is Last Cell Value in A Range

    I have tried looking through the forums to solve this and i know i have done this some way before. What i am trying to do is Activate a sheet to paste to but the sheet name changes. There are several sheets and i am looking to paste cell values that correspond to the sheet name which is the...
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    Multiple IF functions, differant range requires differant calculation

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and new to anything but the basics of excel. Trying to make a cell for fuel tank capacity based on the height (dip) of the fuel. Tank is uneven. The individual formulas work in a sheet where you have to put the figure in the corresponding cell, e.g between 43 to 63, however...
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    Display data on another tab based on a master list tab that can change

    Hey Folks, I'm trying to display only the value of 'Master List'!B:B where 'Dispatch'!$A$1 appears in 'Master List'!A:A. <tbody> Data on ''Master List' Sheet is manually altered Desired Display on Contracts Sheet Desired Display on Dispatch Sheet BD Orientation Business Cards Chevron...
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    How to create a reusable array

    I have a combo box that will change depending on the choice made in another combo box. I have multiple list arrays already created. How do I name them, so I dont have to copy and past the array lists for each combobox set? Here is the code: i want to turn those arrays into ideally a single...

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