1. R

    VLookup and change output

    Hello. I have a vlookup function looking up American citys/towns and returning the full state name that they are located in. How can I pull in the full state's name (how the data comes in), but then have it display the abbreviated state's name. Example: Florida -> FL. LEN( doesn't always...
  2. G

    Unstructured Addresses and Countries

    I have a column with full international addresses with no separators (commas or semicolons). I need to search each cell for a country name and put it in the cell next to it. I've tried to use the search function and it works with one country but when I introduce the full country list, I get a...
  3. M

    Copy either range to another range based on condition column by column

    Hello, I have 3 tables with 12 columns each (Actuals Jan-Dec (A1:L100), Forecast Jan-Dec(M1:X100) and Full Year Jan-Dec(Y1:AJ100). I would like a macro to perform following: Based on weather cells A1 through L1 > 0, copy each column from Actuals Range to Full Year Range same period. So, Jan...
  4. P

    If cell has a currency with cents, show that value otherwise show the #

    Hello -looking for some help. Thanks in advance! A1 = $12.55 B1 - If A1 has any cents (.01 - .99), show that full # or $12.55. If there are no cents (i.e. 12.00), then show only the $, not the cents or $12 Example 1 A1 = $12.55 B1 = $12.55 Example 2 A1 = $12.00 B1 = $12
  5. D

    Searching cells to see if it contains multiple text strings

    Hello, I am trying to search a cell to see if it contains an abbreviation for job title.. if it contains the abbreviation, i want it to put in the full job title which is reference in another cell. I have got it working for one text cell by the following...
  6. R

    Formatting issue

    Hi all, I have created a table for the football team I run to show goals scored in first half, second half and complete game (in a win/lose/draw format) as I want to see if there are any patterns in the data and also have linked to an overview chart for each. The first half and second half...
  7. D

    Identify unique values

    Hi Excel gurus, Could someone please help me. I have a report with users group assignment in the system. Users are assigned to read-only and full access groups. Email address is the unique field in the report. I wanted to apply a formula under User ID's so we we can identify and filter if...
  8. A

    Create / Consolidate Data Range from Full Values

    Hi, I have tried to find an answer to this but to no avail. I am trying to condense a full list of values into ranges (and there isn't necessarily a pattern). E.g. <tbody> Column 1 Column 2 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 2 5 2 6 3 7 3 8 3 9 4 </tbody> Would become: <tbody> Column 1...
  9. D

    Returning Partial Data using Vlookup

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone might know how to return only partial data using Vlookup. I would like to only bring back the first name instead of the full name when doing my vlookup. Thank you for any help anyone can give me. Thank you. D.
  10. S

    Excel Formula - How to separate full name

    Hi, Please help me regarding these below: 1st. How to get all capital letters in a cell. I want to get only the "DEL REY(AM)" Sample: Alejandro Jay DEL REY(AM) 2nd. How to get the remaining full first name. I want to get only the "Alejandro Jay" Thank you.
  11. 6

    How to show a full screen JPG

    How can I open a full screen JPG in VBA?
  12. A

    Issues with count ifs

    Hi first post, so apologies if I make a mistake I need to count the following <tbody> Meter P7 2016 -2017 P7 2016 -2017 P7 2016 -2017 P8 2016 -2017 P8 2016 -2017 P9 2016 -2017 P9 2016 -2017 9761600 165 167 165 217 233 207 212 9763705 237 220 272 240 267 194 9766902 254 245 363 376...
  13. T

    Copy Data from One Sheet to Another Based on Date Chosen

    Posted to ExcelGuru: https://www.excelguru.ca/forums/showthread.php?9998-Copy-Data-from-One-Sheet-to-Another-Based-on-Date-Chosen In my file, I have a sheet that contains the entire roster over many months [and years] - called Full Roster To make it easier for the user to locate the required...
  14. G

    Copy data based on cell value

    Hello, I have a workbook where I want to copy specific row data based on the value of a cell in a column. Below is from my workbook. The goal is anytime there is an "x" in header "R", then the cell values from columns "A", "B" and "I" are copied onto a new sheet called "ROCC". Same thing...
  15. K

    Convert Schedules to Interval Staffing

    Hey, i want to convert a schedule into interval staffing with VBA. How to start this project? 1. Read the data into a array. 2. Calculate each shift duration. 3. ???? Please help me with some guidelines. I dont expect to receive here the full code but at least information what I need to...
  16. E

    Trim Dates

    Hi there, I would appreciate some help with this one. I would like to return in cell B1, the month and year based on the full date in cell A1, <colgroup><col width="29" style="width: 22pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1060;"> <col width="79" style="width: 59pt...
  17. B

    Edit contacts; fill textbox out of listbox

    Hi all, I'm making a contactbook for phone contacts. On userform frmTelephoneSearch i have a listbox named lstSearchResults. It displays all my contacts. Now i would like to make a new userform to edit contacts that are in lstSearchResults. I would like to select a name in the...
  18. B

    Hyper link to file location

    How do I write a formula to insert a hyperlink to the folder that the file is in, and still show the full path name?
  19. K

    Use Clipboard in MS Access with Allow Full Menus Disabled

    Hi, Is there any way to turn on the Clipboard in Microsoft Access when Allow Full Menus is unchecked? There are instances where users copies bits of information from Excel and needs to paste it into fields on a continuous form in Access. However, they are unable to because the allow full menu...
  20. L

    Return Full Cell Text based on Prefix Lookup

    Hello Everyone, thanks in advance! On Sheet 1 in cell A1, I have a can type a prefix (e.g. "CZ1-1123TRH-2200-") and there is a table on a Sheet 2 wherein Column A includes hundreds of values with several prefixes and multiple suffixes for each that create several "assets" (e.g...

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