1. C

    export fields to excel from access

    I'm looking to export demographic info to excel from access. This is what I have so far, it just outputs the fullname in A8 and list them all. I'd like to pull in the cell phone, address, email etc horizontally from A8 to say A9, A10 etc... then the loop will take over for the next record on B8...
  2. M

    Application.Username modification not working as expected

    I'm using the following to convert Application.Username which is formatted "Last, First" to "First Last". For my name, it is working, but for a colleague it is not. I am baffled. The result for my colleague is "h, John Smith". I have had her select all and retype it, and it's still not working...
  3. B

    Confused: Same code - different results

    I’m attempting to assemble a ws with several columns of data. Macro1 works just fine. Except for the column & iRow cell references, Macro2 appears to me to be the same code. However, it replaces the existing data. Any ideas on how can this be resolved? SubMacro1() Dim FullName As String Dim...
  4. D

    CF based on duplicate values from more than one column

    I have a sheet with the following columns:- A B C D firstname lastname fullname active Col A & B are manual entry and C joins Col A & B together. Col D is a Yes / No column. I have CF on Col C to flag any duplicate full names which is easy enough but I want Col...
  5. E

    Find, search formula

    Hello! I have a problem with formula. I Have two tables. Main and support. Support looks like t <tbody> Symbol Crit FullName One_Some_dn_1_ mas SOME NAME 1 One_Some_dn_11_ mid SOME NAME 2 Lik_mo_ mid SOME NAME 3 oper_nand_ mid SOME NAME 4 oper_nand_ODK_ mas SOME NAME 5...
  6. D

    Sorting Full Name Cells By Last Name

    Hi Team, I have a list of full names in a row that I need sorted by last name. I know I can separate the first and last names by using Text To Columns and the space as a separator, but I was wondering if there was a clever formula to spit only the last name out into a helper column...
  7. mthompso

    VBA: how do I get full user name, not login ID?

    The following VBA code, executed on a Windows Network computer, will give me the Windows Login ID of the user that's logged in to the computer: Sub UserName() MsgBox Environ("username") End Sub How do I get the full user name, not just the Windows Login ID? Example: On this specific...

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