1. D


    Hi I have an excel sheet that names a number of cells as variables. For example cell A1 is defined as speed and in formulas elsewhere in the workbook I have used speed in formulas rather than A1. I now want to write a function in VBA that uses speed in a formula. Rather than referring to A1, I...
  2. G

    Filter Function - Ignore Criteria when blank

    Hello, I've got a filter formula that I'm using I noticed if any of the cells are blank (like L1, M1, N1, or O1) then I get a #calc error. Is there a way to ignore those criteria when the reference cells are blank...
  3. A

    Segregation of Data and Functions in C++ and C

    Hello Everyone, I am learning C++ programming and working on a project. I want to know which programing language separates the function and data between C and C++ programming. According to this source, In The case of C++, the data and functions stay encapsulated in an object’s form but not an...
  4. D


    Hi, In power query when using the Table.FromList function, I add ; Splitter.SplitByNothing() after the source list, as it doesn't seem to work if you don't . It says in microsoft docs that the splitter is optional, I tried just putting the value null, but this doesn't work either, can...
  5. S

    Extracting all numbers from a string

    Hello, I am attempting to extract data from a string. I have employees copying tabular data out of another software. The software got updated, so now copied data only gets pasted as a string in one cell. I was hoping someone is able to assist with a VBA code or a formula to extract any numbers...
  6. jase71ds

    CHOOSE function: First Argument is "index_num" - Can I reference an Array??

    Hi kind folks. As I've been learning the CHOOSE function, I've fallen in love. It's such a humble, but powerful, little function. The arguments (according to intelli-sense) are: CHOOSE(index_num, value1, [value2], [value3], [value4],...) The index_num argument can be a cell reference, but...
  7. J

    Highlight cells with same formula

    Hi. I am having difficulties in finding ways to highlight cells with the same formula. For example: The cell highlighted in yellow has the =X + no. of days format. Whereas the image below has the =EDATE(x,x) formula. I need the cells with same formula to be highlighted in one color, same with...
  8. T

    Pulling mutliple lines into a formula

    I am trying to create a function that when I enter a part number in Cell B17-B29 it will match that part # to "sheet1" and pull the pricing and description. I have all the pricing for everything on the Sheet 1 attached to this main form. For example the equation I put in was only to test the...
  9. M

    Excel VBA Replace Values Dynamically

    Hello, In the code below, I am selecting a specific range. Within that range I am replacing all the cells that contain $O$1 with a formula which contains the RowNumber. Note that everytime I run the code, the RowNumber value changes. So I cannot simply write a number as a replacement. When I...
  10. J

    Nested statement help

    I am trying to create a nested IF statement to look at a cell and do 3 things: 1. look to see if cell is blank, if so leave blank, 2. date in cell- todays date is < 30 print" DUE" in cell. 3. look to see if cell has NA typed in the cell, if so leave blank My code works in terms of the...
  11. J

    Power Query Add / Insert Row on condition

    There's a web site (Market Holidays for United States for 2022) that has a small table of the list of Market Holidays. Long story short, I was able to pull in all the tables from 1900 to 2100 using a Power Query function. In doing that I discovered that 56 years (including 2017) are missing the...
  12. M

    AVERAGEIF(column,"<>0) giving error #DIV/0!

    I have a table with 20 rows and only 6 rows have data in them. I'm trying to get the average of only the rows containing data in a column. Can anyone help me figure out why I'm getting an error on this formula? Example: Sam 5 Jess 2 Dean 4 Michael 4
  13. brasqo

    Not sure what function to use - INDEX/MATCH, VLOOKUP?

    Just looking for some guidance... I'm confused on what I should be looking for as far as what formula would accomplish what I'm looking to do. I'd like to be able to look at column H, and if it has text rather than a date, I'd like to change it to the date... You can see in Column A, these...
  14. J


    Hi. I need help with writting a formula. I have a table with 2 or 3 columns. In the first column i have the same number in some cells,but i don't know for sure which cells. In the second and third column i have data that is different in each cell but is connected with the same number from the...
  15. H

    How to convert 1770.0 into Jan 1, 1770 or 1/1/1770?

    How do I convert decimal dates into a format that shows the month and day? I have tried the formulas given on the internet, but they do not work for me, and I can't figure out why. =DATE(INT(A1),1,1)+MOD(A1,1)*365.25-1 gave 646481. =DATE(INT(A1), 1, 1)+MOD(A1,1)*(DATE(INT(A1)+1, 1...
  16. H

    Google Sheet function pull access_token in API

    Hello guys, I have a job that has to do with Google Sheets and would love to get your support in the MrExcel community I have a sheet like this. Phone API URL Access_Token_from_API_URL 09199999999...
  17. D

    Random Number Within Specific Range (Function)

    Hello there, Seen a lot of literature on this but not something as specific (via organic search). Let's say I have a list of numbers in one column. What function (no macro) would enable me to randomise the appearance of a number not in the first column but within a specific range (from 1 to...
  18. wsnyder

    VBA VLOOKUP Formula Syntax Error

    Hi all, Using Excel 365. I'm trying to build a VLookup Formula as a string in VBE so I can apply the formula to a Range using the Formula property of the Range Object. I created a Function that returns a string When in Break Mode, I hover on all of the variables, all fo the variables return...
  19. I

    What function or VBA can I use with Line Breaks in Cell

    Hello, I have tried using Index Match and Vlookup but keep getting no results. I even format to wrap and set all data to match format. I would like something similar to the screenshot below. I need a function or VBA that would pull from a cell with line breaks and output with line breaks...
  20. M

    Optimizing function for comparing array elements

    Here is the function. It works. It runs hundreds of times during some VBA procedure. Can the function be optimized? It accepts temparray as an array and identifies the first occurrence of "O", "A+" etc. in elements of array. I think it can be optimized as it compares tempArray(i) in every...
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