1. D

    Extract text between MULTIPLE parentheses in one cell

    Hello, I would like to extract text between MULTIPLE parentheses in one cell (without using VBA). The blue text in the picture below is what I'd like to achieve automatically. When there is just one set of parentheses, it's easy. For B1 I could use...
  2. S

    Combining IF & SUMIF Functions

    Hello All, So I have a table which is doing a series of calculations based off of different language criteria. I want to add an additional variable which will only run this string of calculations if another text variable is present in a different cell. If that text variable isn't present...
  3. A

    Trouble getting a Nested If statement to work

    Hi there First post, hopefully I've followed the rules. I've had a good search but can't find anything specific to the issue I am having. It's very basic so I'm surprised it isn't working. I've attached an image that hopefully clearly explains the issue I am having. Basically I'd like to...
  4. S

    How to remove duplicates in certain columns?

    Hi, this is my first time to post here. I found excel can remove duplicated data in this article. It gave an example but I am still confused. I am not sure how to remove several columns instead of just one?
  5. A

    Combine two tables into one

    Hi there, I'm trying to combine 2 tables into 1. The first table contains data about deliveries and the second contains data about serials. I want to get a new table containing data from both tables, while joining the 2 tables by a column which both tables share called "orderCertificate". * The...
  6. N

    Mock Draft Accuracy Functions

    I need help figuring out what function to use in order to assess the accuracy of a mock draft based on a point system I found online. I created 2 sheets: Sheet 1= which contains the actual results of the upcoming NFL Draft (which I will update as picks are made) and Sheet 2= the predicted...
  7. B

    Sunmarize list

    Hello, I need help summarize list on people ordering which items. I currently have 50 lists of items and more than 100 people. I’ve done most of the part but it’d be nice if I can show which person order which item and how many in a different sheet. Please do help me.Thank you
  8. A

    Creating a Function to Compute the Dot Product in VBA

    I have been trying for hours to create a function that will find the dot product of two independent columns. I have very limited knowledge in VBA and my professor is no help. This is what I have right now, which is heavily based on what I learned in class. Does anybody have suggestions of what...
  9. C

    Function with variable reference

    Hi everybody, I am very glad to join you. I have recently started to use vba and so far i am very thrilled about it. I am trying to a enter a function and i am facing the following problem: Dim u As Integer For u = 2 To t - 1 'I calculated the value of variable t earlier in my...
  10. M

    Function does'nt work !!

    Hi, After many researches, I used this function to convert my images path into format BASE64. Public Function EncodeFile(strPicPath As String) As String Const adTypeBinary = 1 ' Binary file is encoded ' Variables for encoding Dim objXML Dim objDocElem ' Variable...
  11. R

    Power Query M formula language or Formula in Power Query

    Dear All Master , Please help me so that I do not use excel formulas such as in columns C, D, E, F that I marked yellow and I have a custom column in the power query namely PQ-ITEM NO NEW, PQ-GROUP SUPPLIER FIX, PQ-YEAR, PQ -DESCRIPTION so I want the results to use the power query formula or M...
  12. J

    function to return unique values to activecell

    Good Morning from California, I am trying to turn a subroutine that I have borrowed from @hiker95 into a function but I cannot get the output the dictionary to the activecell. I have tried a number of ways, but I just can't figure it out. I have verified that all of the values are being stored...
  13. N

    How do i put the last value of a loop from a vba program into a cell in excel

    i have a do while loop w a nested if statement, it is for iterations for the bisection method for finding the root of an eq. i woud like to know how to put the last iteration in cell C2 please an thank you
  14. T

    Excel formula question

    Hi, I need a formula that will do the following, =IF(A1≥300,"YES","NO") but cannot seem to get it working. The formula essentially needs to read A1, ignore the first two characters of the cell and output YES if the number is more than or equal to 300. Below is an example of the data set and...
  15. M

    Using transpose or other way to make a table

    Hello, is there any chance to make the table in sheet "PL_FORM" transposed to the table in sheet "AS_FORM" automatically? I've tried everything I know but nothing does the trick :( Please help me Thanks in advance, Cheers.
  16. Fida_mutia

    Disable and enable one of excel functions in ribbon menu.

    Hey, I wanna know how to disable one of excel functions in the ribbon menu? And how to enable it again? For example, I want to disable the pivot table function so that I can't create pivot table in my worksheet. Also I want to know how to enable the pivot table function again. That's all my...
  17. P

    VBA Iterator

    Hi Mrexcelians. I have this formula Pi = Ni^k (power k) Applied to this Odds example: 1.51 3.69 5.30 (in columns D, E, F respectively) Where Ni represents 1.51, 3.69, 5.30 individually - There are 2 competitors, n, & N=Sum of the 3 Ni(s) k is derived as: Log n / Log(n/N) - k is the SUBJECT...
  18. T

    Searching names in a column and coloring them if they match in another column

    Hello. Sorry if my English is bad, I am french. I would like to compare a column of name with another column of names. I used a levenshtein code to have a percentage of similarity with the columns. What i want to do is like if the words are matching with a > 70%, it colors the name in green If...
  19. E

    Cannot use "Right" Function. Apparently meaning has changed.

    I have a large VBA project I'm working on that uses the "Right" function a lot. All of a sudden it gives me an error message of... "Compile Error Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignments." When I try to compile, with the "Right" Function highlighted. What's really strange is...
  20. S

    Syntax errors

    Good Morning, Trying to compile a workbook, I keep getting a few errors. Here are the first two: Syntax Error: Function TotalAdder(RCell As Range) 'Begins Error Handling Code On Error GoTo Helper Dim xIndex As Long Application.Volatile xIndex = RCell.Worksheet.Index nsheet = Left(Tname...

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