1. V

    Functionality of UBound in For loop

    What is the functionality of UBound in for loop for the below code. x = wsPlan.Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Value Set Plan = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") For i = 3 To UBound(x, 1) For j = 2 To UBound(x, 2) Plan.Item(x(1, j) & x(2, j) & x(i, 1)) = x(i, j) Next j Next i
  2. N

    Noticed odd new functionality after upgrading to Excel 2016

    So in summary i'm entering name initials in a column, and excel appears to be calculating the rest of the coloumn for me, but then deletes it all again. Like a kind of autofill thing. How do I actually make use of this I can't figure it out. In a bit more detail, in column A i have 'Firstname...
  3. mole999

    adding REPLACE to this formula

    I have this =IFERROR(SUM(--LEFT(AP32,(FIND("h",AP32,1)-1))*60)+VALUE(MID(AP32,SEARCH("h",AP32)+1,SEARCH("m",AP32)-SEARCH("h",AP32)-1)),"") which turns 9h0m into countable minutes bright sparks at work have then adopted 8hr37m as a new way of writing without mucking up the original...
  4. TheShyButterfly

    Excel 2016 - VBA - Problem - automatically converting text in column to Uppercase

    Hi there, Thank you for viewing my problem. I am having particular difficulty in getting code to automatically change text in a specific column. I'd like the code to change the case either as the user types, or after the user leaves the cell. Actually, I would ideally like to have: All text...
  5. W

    Excel 2016 - breaks existing functionality

    I apologize for the vague title. I'm not sure what that functionality was called. Previously to v2016, I could copy tabular data (fixed width, no delimiter) from a terminal and paste it into A1 of a given sheet. The data would paste in as 1 row per row and all in 1 column. I could then...
  6. B

    Opening 64 bit files in a 32 bit application

    I just found out that I would have uninstall my 64 bit Windows Office 16 with the 32 bit version because one of the databases we have was written in the 32 bit version. Will my Excel 64 bit files open in the 32 bit application without losing any functionality? I have some formulas in some...
  7. A

    Pivot Table as HTML/Single file webpage with expand/collapse functionality

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to share a pivot-table within my department & to date I've been sharing the pivottable itself via a single file webpage at a shared location. The data i'm showing is hours spent on programs by person & task. The trouble now is that we have grown both our client base & our...
  8. F

    Excel's repair

    I have created an excel file using 2007 (xlsx) version. I gave it to some friends to use it who are using later versions and they are getting that file is corrupted and excel is trying to repair it. When it is repaired some of formulas at conditional format are gone and the whole functionality...
  9. T

    Hold on the flow of execution

    Hi All, I am trying to automate mail sending process. Now, the code which I have is working fine. But I want to add more functionality to it. After ML.Display in the below code snippet, I want to hold on the flow of execution. ML.Display will display the mail which is ready. After that I want...
  10. A

    Protected Sheet, lost functionality (collapse, expand)

    I’m trying to protect cells in my worksheet while maintaining the functionality of collapsing and expanding the worksheet. I’m working in Microsoft Excel 2013. I’ve read that I need to run the following code: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Sheets("Sheet1").Protect Password:=""...
  11. A

    Visually Split a Table into Smaller Tables but Maintain Table Functionality

    I've been looking across the Google-verse to no avail, so I figured I'd pose the question here. I'm not sure if this is even possible but here goes: Background info: I've developed a "tracking" tool for the board game Risk such that the user inputs territorial control by player and the tool...
  12. L

    power query vs ms query

    I just watched a video on how to user MS Query. I do not see the difference between power query and ms query in term of functionality. Then why we have both? Thank you.
  13. M

    VBA Checkbox functionality has stopped working

    Good afternoon Excel gods I have an issue with an excel spreadsheet...which I did not create. There are 5 check boxes [on the joining tab]. When a check box is selected it increases/decreases the columns that are in a table by 1 based on the number of crew that are currently onboard the vessel...
  14. N

    Macros not functioning due to protected sheet

    Good day, created a fine looking spread sheet loaded with functionality ... one of them being some command buttons which reveal some hidden rows upon each "click" ... locked all the cells I didn't want people to mess around with and protected the sheet ... in "protected sheet" mode the button...
  15. I

    bar below page tabs problem

    I have a problem on a clients computer that runs a complete excel spreadsheet with significant VBA coding. occasionally a bar (large white space ) appears at the bottom of the window below the buttons , ready across to 100%. when this happens functionality of the workbook stops. it can be...
  16. A

    Reduced Functionality of VBA Application of Reinstallationof MS Office

    I had developed a pretty extensive Excel VBA based application. I have had to recently reinstall Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 v. 14.0.7184.5000) and now I have lost a lot of functionality of my application. What I have discovered so far is on my first userform, many...
  17. L

    Sumproduct across multiple worksheets (3d search)

    Hi, I have been using a SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF)-based function with INDIRECT function pointing to a table with named sheets to sum up information across multiple sheets. Example =(SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Projectlist&"'!BK4:BK16");R5!;INDIRECT("'"&Projectlist&"'!BO4:BO16")))) I now wish to...
  18. MrKowz

    MrExcel HTML Maker Update

    Forum Members, After the recent forum update, the MrExcel HTML Maker ceased to function as intended due to HTML colors being defined as hex (i.e. #DAEF5 ), which was triggering the hashtag functionality of the boards. I've updated the code to utilize RGB instead (i.e. rgb(218,231,245)) which...
  19. M

    Using Data List & Locking Select Cells affects list functionality

    Hello, I designed an employee expense report form in Excel 2003 using the list function. The form looks like a table, with 6 columns and 20 rows, and the user lists expenses in the last 3 columns. In the 20th row of the table/list, there’s an asterisk/insert row. This is handy if the user needs...

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