1. J

    conditional formatting or formula to change cell color

    I am looking for help to change a row of cells color based on a date. Here is the problem: If a person is to leave a job on a future date (X) and I want the row of cells containing that persons data to change colors based on how close today's date is to that future date. If the future date...
  2. B

    Check if date is in future and empty textbox

    Hey all, I use this small code to check if the date entered is in the future or not. If it is the user gets a messagebox and the cell should empty. Private Sub txtStDate_Change()If CDate(txtStDate.Value) > Date Then MsgBox "The date of observation is in the future." & vbCrLf & "This is not...
  3. L

    I need with my friend

    My friend have today() in one cell. second column put birthday mm/dd/yy. Third column have future how year. fourth column is how old he will be in future age here link to get the file https://1drv.ms/x/s!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8h3vO4Rqi1ekoGgmA?e=8ydGh1 Thanks You Thomas
  4. E

    VBA code required to delete rows with future dates - Urgent

    Hi Team, I have a data column J and K with formula =IFERROR(IF(G3<>"",WORKDAY(G3,3),""),"") in column J and =IFERROR(IF(H3<>"",WORKDAY(J3,2),""),"") in column K. I need a vba code to delete the entire row if column "J" has future date, it should retain current date and past date. And it...
  5. C

    RE: Displaying a userform reminder to appear on future days and times from current userform values of date and time...

    RE: Displaying a userform reminder to appear on future days and times from current userform values of date and time... I don't know if this has been fully developed before but I need just a little guidance in the heart of the reminder I'm developing. I’ve already developed code for a userform...
  6. P

    vba correct syntax needed

    I have a program and I have some code that deletes columns from a table starting at week 2 and going to the right to the last column. I recorded the syntax from the Excel VBA recorder and it has quite a few lines. I want to condense it, so there aren't as many lines, as well as, make it more...
  7. J

    Conditional formatting

    I have 2 sets of dates, depart and return dates I would like both cells to change colour when both dates are in the future. So the depart date may have past but the return date is still in the future so would like both cell filled in until both dates have past. Hope this makes sense
  8. Z

    Identify cells with unknown variable

    I have a spreadsheet with 8 columns of data. In the 3rd column, I have a variety of codes that start with 'B', 'D' and O'. However, those are just the ones that we KNOW OF in today's world. Management isn't sure if there could be other potential codes or not, and want me to include VBA that...
  9. Y

    Hide rows

    Hello, i have a table which contains a column for years from 2014 - 2016,showing only year no month no date and cells format is General . I need a formula to hide the rows containing year in future ( 2020 till 2026 ) when its year 2020 that row should be unhidden and so on. Thanks in advance.
  10. S

    Convert Column and Rows....kinda

    This is what my data looks like <tbody> 60633082 60633006 60633084 60633080 60633046 1 9 2 4 1 3 2 0 0 1 2 0 3 2 1 2 0 0 4 0 0 0 1 1 5 2 3 4 0 1 </tbody> This is what I need it to look like: <tbody> 1 60633082 9 2 60633082 0 3 60633082 2 4 60633082 0 5 60633082 2 1...
  11. J

    Userform Textbox - Problem With Future Dates

    I have a textbox on a userform. When the userform loads the textbox has the current date in it. I also have spin buttons next to the textbox so users can change the date. When the user selects the submit button on my userform I have it set up to show a message box if the date in the textbox...
  12. P

    Extrapolating a future value using two values

    <tbody> Day Price 1 1.0 2 3 5.0 4 5 10.0 </tbody> Hi I'm trying to calculate a future value based on a trend line calculated off two values. I've tried searching example/tutorials and can only find where the data is fully populated. I'd like to use something like the...
  13. JazzSP8

    If Exits in this table use this, if not use that one?

    Hey All I'm treading water in Access again :-/ I'm pulling together some data from various locations, one price field in has two different versions, a "now" and a "future" both held in different Tables. I want to be able to edit my Query so that; "If the price exists in the Future, use the...
  14. B

    planetary positions calculator

    I need a MS Excel calculator to find Planetary positions on any given day (past, present or future) as I am a Astrology enthusiast. Can somebody help.
  15. U

    Future Date

    I have data that sometimes changes dates. if the customer wants a date in the future, I want the formula to look at the first date. If it is in the past, sum the information based on the parameters, if it is in the future, continue with the parameters. The current formula is...
  16. K

    Forecasting and Capacity Analysis for Future Dates, Projects, and Resource Names

    Hi guys, I am running into circles with trying to figure out this issue. I am wanting to automate our current capacity planning tool for my team and want to generate some sort of forecasting ability with the forecast formula. I have heard that the newer versions of Excel contain the forecasting...
  17. K

    Formula for last 6 months data and future 6 months

    Looking for a formula in B4 to give total of values in Row 4 for past 6 months and future 6 months using current date in A1 and months in Row 3. Given today's date, that would mean Q4:AB4. https://imgur.com/a/smDDTZ1
  18. J

    Calculating the future investment value, with a fixed interest rate, but increasing monthly payments.

    Hi All, I have had a look at a number of forums to try and find the answer to my question, but I will need this to be simplified. Suppose I started paying £20 every month into an investment portfolio for the next 40 years, with a fixed interest rate of 2.5%. However, every year I increase my...
  19. K

    Extracting duplicate data

    Hi all, I am trying to find a way to extract duplicate data from one table where each value has multiple rows and get it into a table where each value has only one row. So in Table A, I have the following columns: employee name, holiday booking date, future booking?, past booking?, sum of...
  20. A

    Formula to find Current/ future date based on specific date given

    Hello Friends, I have column which contains only dates and blanks - based on Date Column it has to provide the information as Current or Future date. Based on table below, If Column A is Lesser than or Equal to 30th Sep 2018 then Column B should show as "Current" If Column A is Greater...

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