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    Excel gant chart for irregular repeated tasks

    Hi All, I need to create a Gantt chart that shows how long it is taking to approve construction drawings. I have attached a schedule of the drawings in question with each one having its own reference number and a issue and review date for each revision. I need the Gantt chart to show the time...
  2. J

    Need help with a solver problem Don't know how to use slover and identify constraints.

    I'm learning how to use excel for real life project Scheduling. My work is giving me practice promblems and I'm basically on my own learning excel. I learn by baby steps. my job field is operations management I'm use to doing heuristic by hand and I'm an old dog learning how to use excell and...
  3. B

    Complex Formula Based on WBS Formula

    I'm trying to find a formula that will help me to auto-calculate the Start Date, Due Date, and % Complete based on an existing formula for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in a Gantt Chart. I have a project plan/gantt chart that has three levels of detail in the WBS (1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc.). Here's...
  4. M

    Conditional formatting - lifecycle timeline - giant style

    I have a timeline the teams previously cut and paste color code phases of the project (planning, build, requirements, develop, etc.). I developed a workbook with a formula page that the timeline now works off start and stop dates of the phases. I have a formula page of =if(and identifying each...
  5. J

    Gantt Chart Autopopulation

    I am making a horizontal bar chart, showing projects under different categories over a 10 year time span. I was able to organize the data the way I need it, but am having issues with making the chart autopopulate. The chart data is being pulled from 'Sheet 3', which is a sheet that is...
  6. H

    Excel Gantt Chart

    Hi All, I have a table of data and I'm trying to create a gantt chart, I have looked on numerous websites, even posted on here and I still can't get it to work, can anyone walk me through the process start to finish please? Many thanks Harvey
  7. H

    Gantt Chart

    Hi All, Can anyone help me build a Gantt Chart from scratch? I have attempted previous posts to adapt mine, but I personally believe it will be easier to start from scratch? Does someone perhaps have a project timeline Gantt chart template? Many thanks Harvey
  8. H

    Gantt Chart Help

    Hi All, (Just before you read away I do have a version of the graph which contains no sensitive data, which can be sent) I have created a Gantt Chart which illustrates some project dates and when they are planned to be finished by, the chart also shows their scheduled publish date. Regarding...
  9. K

    Loss of precision in chart

    Hi I'm creating a Gantt Chart in Excel that shows time elapsed between start times and end times. I want to have my y-axis to have units of 30 seconds, so I've got the major axis units set to 0.0003472222222222 (equal to 1/24/120). This works fine if my graph doesn't span more than two hours...
  10. Prevost

    Split a task on gantt chart

    Hi There. Does anyone know how to enter in multiple start dates and durations in a simple gantt chart for excel? I came across an office support for Project, but unfortunately I am using excel. I have a task that begins on March 5 and ends on March 10 but I want to restart it March 15 (as an...
  11. P

    Changing Cell Colour for Conditional Foramat

    I was writing a quick gantt chart spreadsheet using conditional format which has been completed. (you probably know how it was done... just by simple T/F value and changing font and cell colour by conditional format in excel) i just want to add one additional feature, best without VBA...
  12. C

    Duplicate years in Gantt chart

    Hi everyone <tbody> I have created a Gantt chart, but the years on the axis have duplicated, year 2000 is listed twice. I am not too sure how to attach the chart here????:eeek::eeek::eeek::eeek: Could somebody have a look at this for me? Many thanks...
  13. M

    Small Bug Fix to a Multi If Formula

    Row B=Status (In Progress, On Hold, or Completed) Row C= Task Description Row D= Start Date Row E= Estimated Completion Date Row F= Actual Completion Date Cell I5=Date (Part of a series of dates within the calendar month) Current Formula...
  14. M

    Multi IF Formula within Single Cell

    Hi, So, I'm creating a gantt chart in google spreadsheets and need to have bars fill in specific colors based on the start date, estimated completion date, todays date, and the tasks progress. In other words, I need the time between the start date and estimated completion date to be gray. As...
  15. P

    How to turn dates in a table into a calendar view

    Hi, I have a table of data that has Code, Title, Start Date, End Date Does anyone know how I can turn that data into a gantt-chart style xls? Many thanks Peter
  16. M

    Match/Index first and last populated cell to corresponding column header (Gantt chart formulas)

    Hi All, I am dealing with a document similar to a very large Gantt chart with Dates at the top of each column and non zero values in the grid below recording which projects are worked on. I am looking for a formula that can read the corresponding date to the first and last entry within each...
  17. A

    Conditional Formatting Using Date Range (Gantt Chart)

    I am looking for the best way to use conditional formatting in a Gantt chart. I want the cells to turn blue if they fall between two dates. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. S

    Automatically shift rows up in modified Gantt chart

    I have a Gantt chart in Excel for managing jobs that come in. Each row is a job with Job#, due date, content, etc. I manually arrange it so that job rows that have an approaching deadline next are on top, with jobs with the next nearest deadline below that, etc. Currently if a job ends, I...
  19. V

    Gantt chart-- Conditional formula needed!

    HI Friends, i'm preparing a gantt chart for tracking the production days and percent of completion and days remaining. i have used conditional formatting to update by production date by black bar and days complete by blue bar. i also like to add the production complete to reflect in the column...
  20. P

    Excel 2010 : Gantt Chart help request

    Hi All, Need some assistance with excel 2010. I have two columns (mentioned below), corresponding to that I need to highlight the weeks cells in the rows on that particular week column (as gantt chart) for which this effort is expected to last. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Start...

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