1. O

    Autofill with gaps

    Hello all, The form that I am working with requires me to pull the information from a different sheet. The information is stored with a gap of 38 rows, so standard autofill doesn't work. Is it possible to achieve this? thank you, Oksana
  2. A

    Excel chart series gap

    Hi Folks, I have four column chart and the gap between series is big. I used the gap width button and the column width is increased overlap adjustment does nothing. Is there a way to bring the columns closer to each other? Thanking you, AFD
  3. D

    Bar Chart - Gap Between Bars

    I have created a very simple bar chart. The gap between bars is too wide and I want to reduce it. I am aware about using Format Data Series - Gap Width to reduce gap. However it also reduces the width of bars. Is there any option to reduce the gap between bars without altering their...
  4. D

    if function problem need solving

    Dear Pros, Please help me with 1 function that can determine whether there is any gap by item name. example1: For itemA, "Cell E1" will show "No Gap" if b1,c1,d1 all are"No Gap" example2: For itemA, "Cell E1" will show "Gap to 1st" when b1 ="Gap to 1st" while C1 and D1 ="No Gap" example3...
  5. A

    SUM of Array Where Two Conditions Are Met On Worksheet Other Than Where Array Is Found

    I don't know if this is possible, but I have tried and failed to do the following using sumproduct and sumif(s). Sum all values in array 'Tabbing Data'!$A$2:$CA$5000 Where column header = a value in a reference matrix, e.g. 'Tabbing Data'!$A$1:$CV$1='Data Gap Check'!$P47 And where 'Data Gap...
  6. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Create a Duplicate row based on Cell Value - Excel 2016

    Hello All, I have a report that has data in a Column based format (Left to right) that I need to convert into a linear format (up and down) and not sure that fastest way to accomplish this. My data has column detail from Columns A:F, in in Columns G:AP there are ID's that I need to grab and...
  7. L

    Macro to compare previous worksheet only to new worksheet.

    I have a workbook that is used to keep track of hub mileage (in column B) and hours ran (in column C) of trailers. A new sheet is added weekly to record that weeks data. I am trying to come up with a macro that will compare only the previous weeks data and throw up an alert if the mileage gap is...
  8. J

    Count of gap between cells

    Hi, I have had a look through but couldn't find the answer to my problem. I have a table that has the time a car drives along a road in each direction, I have got this into one column, so that you can analyse the gap between cars. I have attached an image...
  9. G

    Creating a SKU GAP Fill report.

    I need to produce a SKU GAP Fill report and would like to get some help. We have thousands of accounts and 53 SKU's and I need to find out from the sales reports from distributors which accounts are missing key SKU's. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. N

    Finding values using 2 cells as criteria searching through multiple sheets

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a function that can help me out with the following, <colgroup><col width="65" style="width: 65pt;"><col width="92" style="width: 92pt;"><col width="65" style="width: 65pt;"></colgroup><tbody> Item Store Price T-shirt American Eagle Shorts Gap...
  11. I

    Count if sold multiple products to the same account

    I envision a summary as such: <colgroup><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Seller GAP MBP BOTH John Veronica Diana Kevin </tbody> Raw data is as follows: <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Seller Account number Product Kevin 123 GAP Veronica...
  12. D

    Pivot Table - Top 10 positive

    Hi there, I have a pivot table where I want to filter the top 10 value (gap of 2019 vs 2018) and I am not able to do it properly due to mix of positive and negative value. If I use the Value Filters --> Top 10, I get the top 10 absolute value, but I want only the positive one. I will get so far...
  13. I

    Create a What if table with std. and gap

    Hi all, I need to create "What if" table to "Sales" column (example below) of the company, the std. is 20% in gap of 5% Sales <tbody> $4M $30.9M $80.36M $254.64M $728.2M $17M $88.27M </tbody> How can I create this kind of table? Many thanks, :) Israelinas
  14. C

    Conditional Formatting with Concatenated formula

    I am hoping someone can help me as I am losing the will to live. I am using conditional formatting to determine whether a gap has gone up or down from the previous term. It is mostly working but for some reason on a few of the data cells the wrong colour is given. I am using the formula...
  15. V

    how to remove Gap between formulas and headings.

    hi, i recently recover an excel document, but now it has this gap in between the Formula's and headings. anyone ever come across this issue or know how to remove/fix it? please advise
  16. E

    What to return from an IF function so that the cell is not considered in a graph line?

    Hello, I have an IF function and I want to return a value that will make the graph line to be empty at that point (so there will be a gap in the line of the graph). What would that return be please?
  17. N

    Gap between 65 textboxes and labels is huge. Require the perfect gap between eachother

    Hello What i want is to display 65 textboxes and 65 labels adjacent to each other in 3 or 5 columnar way on the userform at run time. Textbox and Label Top Position starts from 144 so when used the following in below code for both controls textbox and label .Top = 144 * i * 1 the gap between...
  18. C

    Adding numbers in sequence using VBA

    Hi all. I use the code below to add missing numbers in a sequence. It works well, but if there is a letter with a number, it fails EG: 1 2 2A 3 5 Sub Add_In_Sequence() Dim LastRow As Long Dim gap As Long Dim i As Long, ii As Long Application.Screenupdating = False With...
  19. M

    delete gap lines

    Dear, i have problem in excel. how i can remove quickly line delete in S.No column (B). there is a gap between lines, excel can identify automatic gap line and delete them immediately. data is too lengthy. only S.No column(B) is main criteria in a sheet. <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col...
  20. C

    Calculate time difference by group?

    I have an Excel question, in the example below I have a very long list of dates times where I added a column to calculate gaps, and tagged rows where the gap were less than 15 minutes to try to determine a possible consecutive activity. Do you have any idea how to get the groups of tagged rows...

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