1. M

    Help with symbol

    Can someone tell me what the symbol ^-1 means as I am trying to work out a formula =IF(ISERROR((((B7*0.48888)^-1)-(371^-1))^-1),0,(((B7*0.48888)^-1)-(371^-1))^-1)
  2. L

    Help with Data Types in MS Query

    I have a workbook with a couple of tabs of data in it. I'm using another workbook to query that original workbook so I can treat the tabs as a relational database. The issue that I have is that some data types are not importing correctly. For example - I have a column "Sales" in the original...
  3. M

    Worksheet Vs. General

    Is there a way to do any macro calls from a General position instead of the Worksheet_Change Mode? For ex.: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) CheckArea = "A1:G19" 'The area to be monitored PUT YOUR VALUE If Application.Intersect(Target, Range(CheckArea)) Is Nothing...
  4. V

    Help in segregating and appending data

    I have a list of Clients with ID NO'S and Location. I need to segregate those in different worksheets under A, B, C according to the Location. The ID No and Name should appear in the respective worksheets. Whenver the master list is amended or added the change should effect in the respective...
  5. S

    Sorting Problem

    I have made a check register with the fill colors alternating between yellow and white every other one. Then I locked the sheet with the "Select Locked Cells", "Select Unlocked Cells", "Sort", "Use Autofilter", and "Edit Objects" check boxes selected. Now my problem is when I sort the list by...
  6. L

    Probably a really easy question...

    Quick question, I want to reference a workbook that i mentioned quite a bit in my macro code. However, I want to be able to change this workbook by just changing one line of code rather than having to go into my rather long code to change it every time. Here's what I have so far: Dim...

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