1. H

    Date / time conversion to dd/mm/yy

    I have a column of dates and times downloaded from a CSV file formatted as text as: 2019-10-10T08:30:47+00:00 Please could you generate a formula that converts the first part into: 10/10/19? Many thanks HT
  2. T

    Generate next requisition number in sequence

    Hey Excel Guru's -Looking for a little help with VBA code. I'm generating a requisition number on a form and each time I save the file I need excel to generate the next number in line. The below code partially works, but when I get to a certain number it keeps increasing the number of...
  3. J

    Histogram graph

    Hello We use a product that generates an histogram on a PDF I would like to generate a mirror image of the report but I also need help to generate an histogram graph. How can I show you how the reports looks as I can't post images
  4. kelly mort

    generate 4 - digits pin of same characters or digits

    I want a way to generate any of these numbers at a time: 1234 0000 1111 2222 3333 4444 5555 6666 7777 8888 9999 I have this line below here which can check for the availability of those pins . I have been staring at it for a while now hoping to find a way around it but no success yet. I need...
  5. B

    Generate Weekending date

    Hi All, I am doing Visual Basic and would like to know how i can convert this statement to return the weekending date. The result will only give me a count of days from sunday to the date on transdate.value but not the weekending. WE.Value = Weekday(transdate.Value, vbSunday) Please help me...
  6. H

    Auto-generate sequential numbers

    I am working on a project where I need to have item numbers auto generate into a table, once the user fills in a specifc cell in the title with a number (eg. Site Review No. 2) and the item list would auto generate 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 in the below table. Is this possible? I have searched online and...
  7. E


    Will Excel keep track of invoices? Example; I generate and invoice and the next day i generate another, will excel store the info and add them up to track income?
  8. C

    VBA to Export data into Word and generate PDF report

    Greetings my fellow Excel enthusiasts, I am hoping someone here can help me develop a code that will export data from excel to a word template, generate a report/proposal and attach it to an email in a pdf format. I already have the code to generate the proposal but can't seem to figure out the...
  9. J

    MS access - generate query visually

    Hi all, Has anyone, or does anyone know of a access db, whereby the users through the guid can select the tables that they want, and a query can be built accordingly. I am trying to create an interface whereby some of the tables are know (so for example give me all the customers that have...
  10. R

    How to generate random numbers by a given mean and standard deviaton

    Hello, Im looking for a way to generate random numbers when my standard deviation and mean are fix. So i used google and YouTube and there are many tutorials. (Like this: ) The problem is: every...
  11. A

    Create Printer Error for testing purposes

    I have written an error handler for a "print" command button. The button prints several reports based upon the form with the "print" button. My code is to generate a VbRetryCancel message box if there is an error at the printer. I need to be able to generate something at the printer that...
  12. D

    Excel Solver Question

    Hello- I am stuck on Excel Solver question. I have 4 decision variables used to determine thresholds for items to stock in warehouse. From a list of of all items, by changing these variables in any combination, I can identify new opportunities to generate incremental revenue. I have a binary...
  13. L

    Distribute known numbers into columns using VBA

    I have 2 set of numbers that I would like to mix them. My first set contains 15 numbers that I would like to combine with a set of 10 numbers and distribute them into colunms. From the set of 15 numbers, the code will choose 9 numbers (randomly) and combine with 5 numbers from the set of 10...
  14. N

    Auto generate sales ledger from invoices

    Ok So this is the first time I've used a forum so please be patient. I want to generate an invoice in Excel which will update to the next Invoice number when I save it. Also what I need is each time I use a new Invoice I'd like it to be transferred into a Sales Ledger but only using certain...
  15. T

    Modulus 11 Help

    I have been asked to help create a modulus number database with a prefix E and it has to be a 7 digit as the example next 806342 7.I have no idea how to start this. I have researched and looked at some of the formulas but I don't know how to generate a spreadsheet (CSV) file to import into a...
  16. J

    Generate a list permutation numbers without duplicate

    Hi all Seek help. My excel level is just average with only little knowledge in VBA. I am looking for a simple VBA to self generate numbers with a given number with no duplicate. Example: In A1, I have 1234. A simple VBA which can generate number in a column B1, a series of numbers based on A1...
  17. C

    generate a random unique ID?

    Hi, there. Is there a way to generate a unique ID in for a row based on some adjacent cells? 1. If the row is unique from any other row, it gets a unique ID. What would make it unique is if just one of the cells' values is different from another row. 2. If the end of row doesn't yet have an ID...
  18. J

    Generate number based on given numbers with no duplicate

    Hi all Seek help. Is there a formula to self generate numbers with a given number with no duplicate. Example: In A1, I have 1234. What formula to use to generate number in a column B1, a series of numbers based on A1 (1234) until there is no repeat. cheers
  19. P

    generate the 7 3-letter formations a b c possible .

    generate the 7 3-letter formations a b c possible example = aaaaaaa, aaaaaab .... ccccccc
  20. M

    Create a dynamic football tournament event macro

    Hi there, I would like to create a macro that would save me so much time and also be fully correct as my current approach is quite manual. Let me describe what I require: Inputs; Team Name- this will list the teams taking part - this will range from 1-16 Number of Groups - this will be range...

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