1. B

    Purchase Order Generator

    Afternoon... I have created a Purchase Order Generator, and now I need to log the entries on the purchase order to another sheet before I clear the purchase order for new data. I can get it to update and copy to the log, but it keeps over writing what I did rather than creating a new row and new...
  2. M

    Take word after last space before comma

    I have a list where I want to put it to "Last Name, First Name" but if they have multiple words in their last name, I only want the last part of their last name to ensure that I won't have any errors when I'm performing a check as some reports don't put the full last name. at the moment I have...
  3. P

    Password Generator in excel FILE

    Hi everybody I have generator password in excel, but sometime, my password have dulicated character, which make my password less secure, can any one help me with the fuction to help my password not have a dulicated character. My password is in G1, the ingredient to make my password is from D5 to...
  4. E

    Template generator and data sorting

    I have the following data excel code that looks at a sheet of data and sorts the data based on a number and copies it to a new template sheet. A B C............ Line: 51106-02 AB ZONE 51106-02-904-601...
  5. R

    EXCEL PO generator

    hi all, I am creating a PO generator and excel I need support. 1. I want to generate PO number in the format as ex: companyname/projectdescription/Projectcode/SLNO like ABDC/CSM/AA456/001. here variable is project code , projectdescription,SLno. this PO number has to trace the last PO number...
  6. W

    VBA Random Number Generator

    Hi All, I have created a Random Number Generator using the code below Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Range("d2") = WorksheetFunction.RandBetween(-2, 2) Range("d3") = WorksheetFunction.RandBetween(-2, 2) which works exactly how I want it to What I would like to do from here is generate a...
  7. Sharid

    Random Number Generator

    Hi I’m looking for a random number generator. If the customer has not supplied a Tax number/National insurance in Column A then a random number will be placed once the VBA is run, it will also highlight the whole row, in red. There can be no duplicates Its will be as TEMP12345678 If a tax...
  8. C

    Creating a Random Text Generator

    I am trying to create a random text generator but I need the following chances assigned to the following letters. C = 20%, I = 70% and P = 10%. These variables will change with each new block but if I can get help on the first part I will know what to do. I do know that I could use the...
  9. D

    run time report generator

    I would appreciate any thoughts regarding a user defined report generator. Would prefer to buy, or get one free. tia Jack
  10. F

    LOT number generator - date and static text

    I have an if statement =IF(D2="","",TODAY()+2) but I wanna change it so if D2 is a nonzero, the cell will produce a lot number with a format of mmddy202P. 202P is a standard ending for the LOT Numbers. I was also hoping that the year will only have one digit (end of the year digit: 2017 =7). So...
  11. Y

    Grouping - for max. 36pax with 8 games (4 groups per game as same time)

    Dear all Excel Professionals, I am a total newbie to excel and wants to know if it is possible to have a auto generator for the grouping. I have 8 games, max. for 36pax (sometimes will be fewer to 18pax). I will have 4 groups to do the same game at the same time. I hope to make a auto...
  12. V

    Can't Copy and Paste generated password, to encrypt Workbook

    Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, I am new to the site and although I have searched on here, I can't find an answer to my question. I have a 'Formula Generator' in excel that generates a 14 digit Password in a cell. I want to be able to copy this directly from Excel and paste in...
  13. F

    How to creat a macro to generate a barcode in excel by clicking a button?

    Hello, I am using microsoft office excel 2013. I have googled everything I can think of and all I can find are ways to create barcodes from numbers I type in. I am trying to see if it is possible to generate barcodes with random numbers so that it will not create duplicate barcodes. Maybe if it...
  14. M

    Workbook Generator based on template and data list

    I'm looking to make a workbook generator in VBA which creates a new workbook, copies and pastes a template from sheet1 of the original (select all and copy paste), and then takes data from sheet 2 which is organized in a list and pastes it in a corresponding cell. This script would run down...
  15. Y

    "Code128" barcode generator in VBA

    Hello All, Since the Code93 barcode generator has been developed I've been thinking of Code128. And finally I've developed it! As before want to share it with other Mr.Excel users and Google searchers. :smile: It was much easier and faster than Code93 as Code128 is simpler to encode and yet...
  16. C

    Random numbers without a macro?

    I need to figure a way to make say cells A1 thru A10 produce random numbers from 0 to 9. I would like to do it without a macro if possible. I also need a button to generate those random numbers. I know this button may make it impossible to not use a macro, but let's see if someone can. If it...
  17. 3

    work order number generator

    I have made a work order template in excel and would like the work order cell to increase in value each time i create a new work order. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. M

    Pick names at random

    Hi guys. This is my first post but hopefully not my last. I have a query regarding a random name picker that i'm trying to set up and i'm hoping someone can help. Basically i am trying to make the placement of staff in the venue i run as random as possible. We tend to find clicks of certain...
  19. A

    Automatic Invoice/Estimate Number Generator

    I have a spreadsheet that I've created for us to estimate repair costs for customers. I would like for the Estimate # to automatically change everytime they open the sheet to create a new estimate. The assigned cell is R3. The estimate # can start at 0001. I'm not great at VBA, so step by...
  20. J

    Syntax of Random number generator

    I am trying to use the addin for the Excel Random Number Generator in a macro, but I cannot find the syntax for that function. Does anyone know the syntax?

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