1. S

    VBA for Displaying Multiple Records based on row & columns

    hi guys, I want the someone who can write VBA codes for matching rows & columns please see the gif file to understand. i do not want index match. any other way ?
  2. A

    Insert GIF image in excel sheet using VBA but without Web Browser Active X, possible?

    Hi everyone, I know that this topic has been discussed many times regarding inserting GIF-images in excel sheets. But all i can find is people giving the solution of using the Web Browser Active X control. This control does not work in Excel 2016 (unless you enable it in regedit or whatever...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Dispalying Gif Preview Upon Hyperlink Mouseoever

    Hia all, Let's say I have a cell with the address of a gif url . I am looking for a way to display a small preview of the gif url next to the cell upon moving the mouse pointer over the cell with the url address. I am aware of this nice trick which passes a UDF to the Hyperlink function in...
  4. M

    Emailing a form in VBA

    I figured out the code to print the form DynoFailureReport.PrintForm The problem is I also want to email the form out as well. I found this code, but it doesnt seem to view the form as something it can save to a gif to send. How do I code it so it will acknowlwedge the form is what I want...
  5. Jaafar Tribak

    Can't Insert ActiveX Control Issue ( An API- Based Workaround - GIF Control Demo )

    Hi all, Recent Office security updates has broken ActiveX controls on worksheets .. The usual and rather long-winded fix (Which may not always work) is to locate all exd files and delete them or install the following updates. Here, I took a different approach. I added the ActiveX controls (In...
  6. M

    Gif File

    Hi All, I have done many researches but cant seem to find the right 1 to get it to work I want to display a gif file in a certain location in my worksheet without having any scroll bars I have tried to draw the web tool on my machine at both home and work but i get an error saying that i...
  7. B

    how to insert Gif?

    i have inserted GIF . animation is not showing can any one help me out here is the anmation link
  8. C

    Excel Developer - Microsoft Web Browser for GIF

    I just inserted an animated GIF image in Excel using Developer - Microsoft Web Browser. Notice the VBA code is navigated to the path in my computer drive where i save the image. Does this mean, the GIF image can't be viewed using other computer/drive when i send out through email? I have tried...
  9. L

    Animated 'GIF' UserForm

    Hi All, Basically I have a user form with the webbrowser that shows my loading screen animation without problems. Now when I try to combine it with my code, userform shows but animation is static..its not running! Maybe enableevents needs to be = true? I have it to false.. here is the code for...
  10. C

    Excel - vba web browser

    I have a file which extracts employee entries when you put the employee code. Have created a form to show the progress % and estimated time for search. In this form i have added a animation .gif file and it runs fine on my PC but not on any other PC as the .gif file is store on my desktop. I...
  11. R

    why gif in excel is getting bigger and bigger?

    I want to insert a gif file to an excell sheet. I found the correct way and it does succeed: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() myval = Shell("explorer C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents", 1) End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() WebBrowser1.Navigate "c:\Baby_crawling.gif" End...
  12. E

    How to embed gif or pictures in posts?

    Hi All, How do you embed pictures or GIFs in your posts? I can't find an option available when posting, is some special software required? A good example of what I am asking is here (first post):

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