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    Formula advice

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before but i cannot find an answer to my question on here or on google. I have the below formula which is a standard vlookup which returns a certain value found for A, B, C etc =IF(VLOOKUP($A7,'CHRISTMAS GIFT...
  2. M

    Excel Queries to create a matrix?

    Good Afternoon All, I'm trying to put together a spreadsheet matrix with a "item name" on the Y axis and "Gift Name" on the X axis. Each gift comprises a number of items within one gift. Both axis information is held within 2 separate worksheets within a source file workbook. I have used...
  3. P

    IF formula or alternative

    I have a spreadsheet in which the total of the values entered along the row are displayed in column 'E' Gift Aid is marked 'Y' or 'N' in column 'F', with the amount entered into column 'G' if 'Y' or 'F' if 'N', ie depending on whether the person can Gift Aid, or not. If possible, I would...
  4. Y

    How to select dynamic value using COUNTIF Forumula

    I have a column with multiple values with some separated by a comma. I am using a COUNTIF function to get the count of values - for example, I have a worksheet "Data" from where I am pulling the data as is shown in this formula: =COUNTIF(Data!D:D,"*Gift cards*") I am putting the "*" before...
  5. S

    Count of unique values occuring in a year AND subsequent year

    I have a table of donations given over several years, and need to generate a count for how many first time donors in a given year also gave in the next year (note I need the count of unique donors, not the count of gifts, which may duplicate). Thanks to some help received yesterday (h/t...
  6. S

    Table column showing earliest instance indicator

    New to forum! Hello and thanks! I'm trying put a column in a table of donations that indicates whether or not its the earliest donation ("FirstGift") from that individual donor. Or, better yet, have a column return whatever place each gift is ("GiftNumber") with 1 being the first/earliest...
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    Using Lookup to add Multiple “lookup-value” data to reflect total.

    Name Date Reason Amount A 8/6/17 Rent/Bond $2,180.00 B 27/7/17 Gift $1,000.00 A 8/2/18 Rent $2,560.00 C D C F A 6/1/18 Gift $696.00 For instance, lookup all the values of A for a sum total. Is that possible with a VLOOKUP formular.? Thanks snmark

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