1. O

    Multiple Dropdown lists (sheets) default to Public Variable

    Hello, I have a workbook with 5 sheets. Each sheet (in Cell P1) has the same data validation dropdown list (Source=compname). compname is a named range that includes (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo) I have also set a Public variable compset as String. My intention is to get the...
  2. S

    Copy Data from 2 pivot table and make a new data set......

    Hi, I need help on VBA code to copy and merge data from 2 pivot tables into a single data set to be display in another sheet. Below is data Sheet 1 in excel. <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Pivot A Shipto Soldto LV1 LV2 LV3 001 A Local NE Manufacturer...
  3. U

    Excel VBA code to extract all outlook global address emails and UserID

    Hi All, Im trying to get outlook global email address and userId in to my workbook What is the best way to achieve this Please can you help me Many many many thanks
  4. spencer_time

    turn sub into function with arguments

    Hello all, I have some code that works in a sub, but I need to use it several times over the course of my spreadsheets timeline. It currently only works on the active sheet, which I also need to change to be the sheet/variable that is called for in the argument when calling the function. This...
  5. D

    Next available row

    Please help before I go mad. I am working on a patient assessment form - there's going to be approximately 80-90 columns of data in each row when it's done. The first part is patient demographics. All I am trying to do is get the next available row. I can't get past the run time error. "Method...
  6. JenniferMurphy

    How to define a variable in one UDF that will be available in a sub-UDF?

    Is there a way for me to declare a variable in a UDF so that it will be available to any UDF that it calls? I tried Public varname as double Global varname as double but they both got error messages. A search turned up several webpages about global variables, but they all seem to indicate...
  7. D

    VLOOKUP doesn't return values when cell is text and has duplicates

    Hi I have two worksheets, Unique Donors & Donations. I've assigned a unique alphanumeric code to each Donor and need to return that value against their Donations. VLOOKUP returns the first 3 values bu when it comes to a repeated value it stops. Amy help here much appreciated Unique Donors...
  8. L

    Userform Input as global variable that would be used in another module

    I am fairly new at VBA and have been working on this for the past couple of days. I am having trouble using the values submitted through a UserForm. I would like to use the values (rows, columns, x distance and y distance) in another module to set the number of loops needed to populate my data...
  9. A


    I.m running XP and updated my Office a couple of days ago. Ever since I've had to uninstall an Update (KB4462157) each day or it won't load. From Googling it seems I have to turn off Automatic Updates. Can this be done for Office/Excel or must it be Global for the whole computer. I don;'t think...
  10. Nelson78

    VBA and Excel: total referring to first column

    Hello everybody. I've a situation like this: the same table replicated three times, I need something that allows me to produce the global result (per day and total) in the last table. Consider that the lenght of tables is variable (tomorrow I will have for each table one more row with the date...
  11. L

    global variable and future sub

    Hi I want to define a variable as a global so I can use it on all other sub()s in the module. It is working fine but I noticed one thing. If I created a new sub, lets say sub4(), then this sub4() will not be able to get the value of x unless I go to sub1() and run it again. Why is that? I...
  12. F

    Global procedures

    Do I have to dimension a global variable as string, integer etc.? I Have: Global my_age , Continue, Street Should I have: Global my_age as interger, Continue as string, Street as string Would the second way use less memory?
  13. O

    Is there a limit on the size of a range?

    Simple code. I just want it to select a lot of rows and copy them, but I get a "Method Range of Object Global Fail". Sub Copy_h1() ' Range( _...
  14. Johnny Thunder

    Create a Global Counter Variable and Global Limit Variable - VBA

    Hi guys, Working on a niche project today that I don't seem to have found a straight answer for. I have a Bex Analyzer (SAP) query in an Excel file to run a query but I want to trigger a macro at the end of the query refresh/run. I found some code online to figure out when the query is...
  15. M

    Global Chart Events Triggers

    Hello, i want to make a global trigger on charts only as following : If a user selected a single point on an X-Y Scatter Plot then Keydown event "Middle Mouse Button" : Run my Macro Here are my problems : 1- I want to make this trigger global for all of my workbook charts even if user...
  16. Nelson78

    MsgBox when one cell turns into a specific value

    Good morning. I've the following job: the sub global is always preceded by a pop up of confirmation. Now, I want the pop up only when one cell (example: B2) is empty. Sub global() If Not check Then Exit Sub Call first Call second End sub Function check() As Boolean Dim Answer As...
  17. 3

    Setting Global Variables

    Hi, I'm trying to set global variables for final row of a region of each sheet I have. I have the following code. However, when I debug.print - nothing prints out. Could someone points out my error or how I go about setting global variables that I could reuse in different procedures within the...
  18. M

    Can I declare global arrays with VBA

    Can I declare a global array that's available to all modules within the workbook, I tried declaring a variant array as Public but it gave me an error
  19. jbesclapez

    Macro to copy paste range of all worksheets except one (and future worksheets)

    Hello MrExcel, ;) I have a worksheet called GLOBAL I have other worksheets and more are to come. I would like to find a way to copy paste range A1:H500 of all workheets to GLOBAL, all after eachother and then delete empty rows. In the column "I" of GLOBAL I want to know the Worksheets it is...
  20. rjplante

    Global definitions

    I have several macros (8 of them) that are linked. At the end of macro 1 I call macro 2. At the end of macro 2, I call macro 3 and so on. The macros apply a series of filters to a worksheet. One of the filters has a lot of names in them. Is it possible to define a global definition of the filter...

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