1. R

    Help making VBA Gmail mail merge code work

    I am adapting some code to make a mail merge work directly from Excel using a Gmail address, but I am having some problems. Any help would certainly be appreciated. I want this to send an email to every column that does not equal "not scheduled this week" in column "I" my info is in the...
  2. B

    CDO gmail but don't send, draft email

    Any gmail examples out there that permit the ".Display" option instead of ".Send"? I've searched DeBruin and several sites. Looking for a work around or option that would enable reviewing emails and manually sending. Thanks.
  3. K

    Duplicate Attachment when Sending Email using Gmail in Excel VBA

    What I am trying to do is to send multiple emails to multiple clients with a click of a button, with each client has a different attachment. I can already send an email with an attachment, however, the second recipient also received the previous attached file sent to the first client prior to...
  4. M

    Copying and Pasting Format Issue in Gmail

    Hello, I never had this happen before, can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I have a excel sheet that looks like this...(note the blank columns) But when I paste into an email, it looks like this...(note the spaces are no longer separated) DateTypeDebit"CheckNumber"...
  5. A

    How can I make my VBA code send a gmail on mac? (Currently using CDO but only works on windows)

    I have setup a file that automatically generates emails and sends them directly from gmail account. Unfortunately I only know how to do this using the CDO reference which is not available for MAC users. I need my code to work for both windows and mac user. Does anybody know how to do this...
  6. B

    Keeping default signature when sending emails from Gmail using vba macro

    Hello, is there a way to keep the default signature associated with my gmail account when sending an email from Gmail through VBA (I am using CDO if that can be helpful). Below is the bit of code relevant to the email configuration: everything works fine except for the missing signature. Any...
  7. B

    Gmail email sending through VBA run time errors

    Hello, I am working on a macro that identifies the username, asks for the account password and sends out an email from Gmail. I tested it using my personal gmail account and worked like a charm with the default settings and port 25. However, I couldn't manage to make it work...
  8. M

    Vba macro

    Pls can someone pls help with a vba macro to enable send me auto remainder from excel to gmail of my boss
  9. J

    HTML table borders not displaying in GMAIL (only)

    Hi Excel Guru's, I am having trouble with html borders when the email is read via gMail (Outlook/Apple Mail Client both read it). I googled and there wasn't much info, other than someone suggesting I change the .BodyFormat = 2 (or 'olFormatHTML)...which didn't work :( Please help me figure this...
  10. N

    Verifying email address through VBA

    Hi, can anybody help me with task to check if email address is correct? I dont mean format, but if it bounces without sending an email. There are online services to do that for some price so it is possible to do it somehow(they were correct for my company mail, personal mail, gmail etc.). So...
  11. G

    Create a Gmail Draft with Excel VBA

    Hello: I have figured out how to send a gmail or outlook email, adding spreadsheet ranges to the email body, and adding file attachments to the email using vba within excel. The one thing that I cannot figure out (and have searched extensively), is how to create a gmail draft and not send it...
  12. G

    Gmail Smtp mail

    Hi, Please find the VBA code i am using to send mail.Getting error .(Run time Error '-2147220975(80040211)' : The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x80040217. The server response was not available) Tried to disable two step verification and enable...
  13. E

    Importing contacts from a .TXT to .CSV - Gmail compatible

    Hi, I have a .txt file of around 700 contacts (email addresses only) each separated by a ','. As I am unable to import a .txt file to Gmail I have imported these contacts into a CSV file via Excel. However when I try to import this into Gmail the import fails. Could anyone please tell me...
  14. P

    Add signature to Gmail

    We recently migrated from Outlook to Gmail. My Access VBA utility that sends emails had the feature of including the Outlook signature. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to include the Gmail signature in code, i.e. there is no equivalent to the Outlook code OutMail.HTMLBody = body &...
  15. R

    Using Gmail to Send Excel Grades Home to Students and Their Parents

    Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Markus, and today is my birthday. Therefore, I am hoping Mr. Excel can provide me with a very special birthday gift. I am a teacher who is trying to send Excel student grades via Gmail to students and their parents. I don't want to involve a another component such...
  16. B

    Mail Merge and sending attachments to Gmail instead of Outlook

    I'm presently working at Salesforce in San Francisco and there was mail merge tool in google docs that is no longer supported by the company. Is there a way to create a mail merge from GMail (SFDC doesn't use Outlook - it uses GMail for all internal communications). I know you can send...
  17. L

    Launch email address based on another cell value

    Hi On my worksheet I have email addresses in column A and text in column B. Not all cells will have an entry in column B. These are results generated from a separate sheet using a formula Is there a formula I can use to launch the email address via gmail if Column B contains specific...
  18. P

    Cab code to send email from gmail to multiple users based on date

    I have a workbook that has dates in column G and different peoples email addresses in column H. Is there a way to send a prepolulated message say “Your information is ready to review” to the email address in the same row. I want to only send to anyone with a date of today. Is this even...
  19. L

    Gmail Date Conversion

    Hello, this should be an easy one for you guys. Gmail is exporting timestamps to a googlesheet with the default Gmail format of: "March 16, 2018 at 11:41PM" Could someone please help me to convert this in an adjacent cell to just the time in military time? For example: "March 16, 2018 at...
  20. J

    VBA Send Keys to attach file in Gmail

    Hi, I have the code below triggered in an excel workbook to open gmail, attach a file and send it to the specified address. When I run the code; the attaching of the file doesn't work. It finds the correct file but wont click "Open" to attach it. <>Sub...

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