1. A

    Send email with rows based on a column value (Through CDO_Mail...)

    Hey guys, I have been hitting my head with it, but being completely ignorant about VBA, it's become almost impossible for me to solve it on my own. I have an inventory and the column O has a status showing which have reached their minimum qty. So I would need the automation to send an email...
  2. R

    Using mid Left right

    How will I extract the domain name(like gmail) from the email address which contains several dot. For example: I do want to extract "gmail". how can I do that? Is there any easy way please? ?
  3. M

    sending gmail via excel vba

    Hi all, Just following up on an earlier post with a different question. I have managed to get excel to send an e-mail via gmail thanks to some great advice from Redbeard. I think a new post may now be more appropriate. My other questions associated with this process are: 1. Is it possible to...
  4. J

    Excel VBA to email active Workbook via Hotmail or GMail

    Hi all, This one has been driving me crazy for days now. Finally time to admit defeat and 'Phone a Friend' Firstly a bit of background... I am the League Administrator for a regional Sports League and I'm looking to replace their, (currently paper based), 'Match Card' system with an online...
  5. K

    Download attached files from Gmail by VBA (Excel 2016)

    My company is currently using GMAIL, I do not have access to Outlook. I currently have VBA code the generates Gmail emails. I was hoping that I may be able to modify this in some way so that I can grab email attachments from a specific email. I get several gmail emails with attachments that...
  6. andrewb90

    Avoiding errors when using CDO

    Hello All, I am using CDO to email employees schedules to them, and everything works great, until someone accidentally types in an incomplete email address. The red section is where the error pops up. Basically I know with other VBA I can an onError then just have it exit sub, however, I need...
  7. RyanTG

    Drag & Drop Calendar like Gmail?

    Is it possible to create a calendar in excel like gmail where you can drag and drop events to different days?
  8. Padawan018

    Excel VBA - Sending an email using

    I have a code that is supposed to send an email using Gmail but it fails at the .Send line in the code with the error: "The Transport failed to connect to the server." I have looked up other post online and tried changing from server port 25 and 465 but with the same results. Here is the...
  9. N

    email from Excel after workbook is saved using Gmail

    I'm trying to have an email auto generate after a workbook is saved. I don't want to send the workbook in the email, just an email notification to a list of people to say that the spreadsheet has a new entry so they actually have to open it and respond (if I could put a link to the location of...
  10. V

    read receipt gmail - using VBA (with Gmail)

    Hi, I'm sending emails to my client with gmail-VBA and I'd like to add a read receipt to the code. Do anybody knows how to do this? Thank you
  11. V

    GMAIL SMTP VBA // Put ''Excel cells-text'' in HTML body

    Hi everyone, As I said in the title, I'm able today to send email with GMAIL to customers using VBA. I'm trying to figure out how to put some, for exemple: Range("C4").Text inside my HTML body. What I want to do is: MAIL.HTMLBody = Company ABC "Hi Mr. Range("C4").Text , " & _ "How...
  12. H

    Import data from email

    I would like to import data in an email on gmail to a spreadsheet in excel. what would be the easiest way to do this? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. V

    MAIL.AddAttachment (Sheets("MAIL").Range("N17").Text) <---- Why is it not working?

    Hi everyone, Just trying to send an email (gmail) using VBA CDO in excel and my problem is in the title. I want my mail attachment to be selected in a specific cell (that is doing a Vlookup on a customer name) in one of my sheets: MAIL.AddAttachment (Sheets("MAIL").Range("N17").Text) Thanks...
  14. V

    GMAIL Excel VBA (add.attachment & Images)

    Hi everyone! (first post here) I'm actually trying to send an email (using gmail) from Excel with VBA. Everything works just fine except two things. First: There is an image that I want to appear on the left top of the mail. (business logo). You'll see in the code that I'm using HTML.body...
  15. K

    Gmail incl too many files as attachment

    Hi guys I've created an excel macro that basically sends an email with an attachment included. I'm using gmail as mailsystem. Basically everything works fine, except for that fact that my attachment from first email generated will be included in my second email generated, both attachments from...
  16. C

    Email Excel or PDF file automatically once per day without user control

    So, I've created a (fancy) to-do list that I edit in Excel a couple of times a week. I know how to convert that file to PDF using VBA, if required. My question: I want to have the Excel file (or PDF, I prefer the PDF), emailed to me once per day (let's say 5am), automatically without me ever...
  17. F

    Importing Gmail inbox into EXCEL

    G'day, I see lots of vba macros to send a Gmail via EXCEL vba .. however..... I would like to figure a way to READ from GMail inbox into an EXCEL file .... Reasoning: We use Gmail to handle our customer inquires and we wish to know how many emails come in, from whom, ,Label, the subject...
  18. W

    VBA to get gMail attachment

    Hi All, Our company has moved over to Google, but as we all know there is loads it cannot do hence this question! Is there a Excel (2010) VBA way to open a gmail message and download an attachment? The default browser is chrome, though this can be changed to IE if necessary. Thanks in advance...

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