goal seek function

  1. T

    Goal Seek ;Solver Function

    Hallo guys Need help in using solver or goal seek to determine revenue in a cell using solver or goal seek .Have attached the sheet .Have tried to no avail .am clueless . Kindly assist Regards Tererai
  2. W

    VBA macro with goal seek function?

    Hello everybody I am new to using macros with Excel, and I hope I can get some guidance here. In a nutshell, I have two worksheets A and B. Sheet A has a lot of user inputs. Worksheet B is in the background performing calcuations based on the info in sheet A. I would like to habe a button...
  3. A

    Goal Seek Not working

    Hi, I am new to the forum and looking for some help... I am stuck!!:mad::confused: I am trying to use goal seek for a spreadsheet I am working on. When I use it i get a message that says "Goal Seeking with cell F4 may not have found a solution. The strange thing here is that when I do the maths...
  4. P

    Re: Goal seek function in excel

    Re: Goal seek function in excel Guys, I am having some challenges with the MS Excel GOAL SEEK function. It worked alright for the first few times that I used it to work out the EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE for the issuance of bonds. However, it is now coming back with absurd results...
  5. C

    how to use goal seek for multiple columns that match search criteria

    I am trying to use a goal seek for every column that contains “2700” in row 38. If a column has “2700” in row 38, I’d like row 130 to equal 5 by adjusting row 50. Please note, in the row 38 contents it can be 2700 or a number of 2700 and letter combinations, which is why I have to do a search...
  6. A

    Goal Seek with multiple rows/Columns

    I want to change the Cell B47 to 1 by changing the range from B18 to B46. How i can do this through macro please help
  7. W

    What is the best way to solve and assign values to constraints with multiple weights, for the best value?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions. I have tried looking up SOLVER, GOAL SEEK, and most recently KNAPSACK. I'm not sure what is best., or if it is possible. There are 3 types: BASIC, SMART, and DEVICE In this particular group there are 17 BASICs 48 SMARTs 22 DEVICEs Now here's the...
  8. F

    Goal Seek Issue

    I am having an issue when using Goal Seek. It searches and eventually ends on a random number that is incorrect and a constant rather than keeping the original formula in the cell. Additionally, once this happens I cannot Undo and I lose the original formula. Has anyone else come across this...
  9. M

    Goal Seek with input from multiple values and worksheets using VBA

    Hi mrexcel forum community, I'm a newcomer what comes to VBA and would greatly appreciate your tips and help on how to solve my problem. If I've understood correctly, goal seek with input from multiple values and worksheets require VBA code. The parameters: Cell C39 in Sheet 1 (value) Cell...
  10. M

    New to VBA! Goal seek macro with a variable cell reference

    Hi, I'm trying to write a relatively basic macro to run a goal seek function: Range(G24).GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Range("E17") The only complexity is that I would like the "G24" to be variable. So the row which the range() of the goal seek references (row 24 in this case) should be...
  11. B

    Goal Seek Formula

    Hi, I would like to mimic goal seek for the following but unsure how? Current RRP New RRP Current Selling price New Selling Price Current Margin = (RRP-VAT) - Selling Price I would like to change the current RRP (i.e £2.50) to a New RRP (£2.40) which then changes the current selling price...
  12. G

    Goal seek across tens of thousands of rows

    Greetings - I've been asked to see if I can improve the performance of a worksheet using Goal Seek in VBA code. It's pretty simple however the Goal Seek call itself takes literally 2-3 seconds to return - not a big deal except this routine iterates through 20,000 - 30,000 rows adding up to more...
  13. J

    Automatic GoalSeek With Calculated Target.Address

    Hi. I'm very new to VBE, and while I've almost got an automatic GoalSeek function worked out, there's one last problem that I can't seem to find a way around (or a thread that covers it). As it stands, I can manually enter a value in cell B4 of the sheet with my GoalSeek function, and Excel...
  14. W

    Any way to set a cell to Auto Goal-Seek

    In a spreadsheet I'm using, one of the value's for a cell, should always be manipulated using a goal-seek to another cell. i.e. Cell A1 is value of B1/B2 B2 is = to C1/C2 In order to figure out A1, I do a goal seek, Set Cell A1 to Value 6, By changing cell C2. Is there a way that I can set a...
  15. P

    Question about Excel Goal Seek in financial macro

    Hello Forum members, I am new to his forum. I have built a financial model detailing the costs for a certain project and the way in which the costs are financed. At a certain point I am running a macro that has the objective to minimize the costs that are not yet financed by taking out debt...
  16. P

    A GoalSeek Macro referencing output from another GoalSeek Macro

    I'm not entirely new to programming, but I am new to VB and Excel Macros. I am using Excel 2007 on Windows XP. I have a set of fields that I have a goal seek setup with this macro: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) If Target.Row = 1 And Target.Column = 9 Then...
  17. keks

    'Goad seek'-like function - urgent

    hello this best-in-the-universe excel board pls somebody tell we if what i have on my mind is practically possible: i want to put together a user-defined function that tells 'what Cell A shoud be for Cell B to equal N'. hope explaintation is clear. thanks!

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