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    Distance between addresses

    Hi, I am looking for a way to find the closest destination based on a post code entered by an user. As below, when an user inputs "Post code A", I would like the macro to use maps:) and bring back the closest location to post code A which for e.g may be Post code Y Post code entered : Post...
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    Excel Calculate Miles from Zip Code to Zip Code

    I am aware that there are other similar questions like this on here, but they seem to be pieced together, and I cannot seem to find a single answer that can be easily deployed. I previously used G_Distance function to calculate miles between a matrix of zip codes, and it worked flawlessly. I now...
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    Google Directions API Map Image

    Hi I have vba code that will give me the driving time and the detailed directions between two addresses but I cant seem to pull through the image of the google Map showing this. I can find threads on static maps pinpointing locations or streetview but nothing on how to pull this image back...
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    How to get RSS feed of google cse API in excel 2013 with VBA

    Hi Friends, Trying to get RSS feed of Google CSE API example[id]&key=[API key]&q= [keywords] into excel 2013 with VBA code. I am trying to extract only first item of results (first item = title, url, description, date) please help me...
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    Query - Google Sheet - SQL

    Hi, If anyone is familiar with SQL or Query (from Google) then one may be able to help me. I have this Query (which works)= QUERY(E12:G9620,"select count(G) where E = 'Engineering' and G like '%/%' or G <>''") Yet when I add date conditions as below, it does not work and shows (#Values!)...
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    Google map Address Lookup

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to incorporate a google map address lookup when entering addresses into excel. Just like when you're typing in an address on google maps, it gives you the most relevant address. Thanks for your help

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