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  1. J

    Auto-populate different sheets into single sheet (master)?

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets which has multiple sheets. All the different sheets represent different categories - the first rows of all the sheets is the same. Is there a way to auto-populate and consolidate all the sheets so that they are all in one master sheet? The first two...
  2. S

    how to replace a cell num value with another cell num value by using a formula?

    Hello, Actually I have to update a master google excel sheet daily with numeric values. There are thousands of names across which value to be updated daily by datewise (new date in new column). Daily I get names with num values which eventually to be entered in their respective cell of a new...
  3. N

    Auto populate from 6 different sheets - Excel 365 and Google Sheets

    Hi, me again as you guys are really helpful. My next question that I can't seem to figure out is there a way to auto populate a sheet every time you add a new entry to a different sheet. This is the scenario: 5 sheets that I enter information into based on their filters. These sheets will have...
  4. P

    Auto Delete Cells Based off a Checkbox in Google Sheets

    Hello! I am trying to find a way to delete certain cells based off a check box in another. For example if H3 (which has a checkbox) is marked as true, then I would like B3,C3,E3,F3,G3, and I3 to have their contents cleared. Is this possible with a formula or script? I have attached a photo...
  5. R

    Trucks and Units per truck

    Hello, Our warehouse ships out a full truckload every day and in each truckload, we will have x amount of units. I want to create a spreadsheet that will keep track of how many trucks we are doing per week and units and give me a nice breakdown of how well we are doing per week, month, quarter...
  6. B

    Google Sheets - Dropdown selection populates named range in the above cell

    How can I have a named range populate the above cell relative to the dropdown list, based on the dropdown lists selection? Say I have a dropdown list in D4 and the user selects the option 'apparel'. How can I make it so that D3 auto-populates with the named range apparel? The named range is 4...
  7. R

    google sheets: use numbered column to list duplicates in specific order

    Hello, I have a sheet of fictional data here: duplicates. Below is a screenshot for convenience. I'd like to list, in the duplicate column, duplicates of values in the id column, with one condition: that the corresponding row in the complete column must contain a 1, not a 0. Furthermore, I'd...
  8. C

    Vlookup with mulitiple outputs

    I'm trying to use a Vlookup function, but I want it to have multiple possible outputs. All of the other help I've seen seems to just want to outputs, an error, and a correct. I'm trying for three different outputs. I've tried searching for help multiple different ways, but I can't seem to find...
  9. D

    Google Sheets Conditional Format with Formula

    Hello everyone, I have a Google Sheet that I need to apply a conditional format to using a formula. If Cell D3 and E3 are blank and cell G3 is greater than 7, then I need cell B3 to highlight yellow. I have attached a screen shot of an example. Any help is much appreciated!
  10. V

    How to extract text values from a cell in google sheets and add them (without Google Apps Script)

    I have a google sheet which tracks various categories of values, and these categories get summed up. So, the final result is a number. Sample data: "E(12), P-6, TW=4, 5" => The key values are: 12+6+4+5, formula should return 27 "2E, 2P, 6TW, 2O" => The key values are: 2+2+6+2, formula...
  11. M

    Need help with specific xpath_query for importxml (Google Sheets)

    The IMPORTXML formula for Google Sheets is "=IMPORTXML(Url, xpath_query)". For example webpage Amazing Spider-Man #365 Value - GoCollect, I've been trying to extract the data under "Preview Grades", specifically the FMV data per grade. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure out...
  12. A

    Highlight rows till the sum is close to X Value

  13. N

    Can someone explain what this formula is doing?

    I am trying to understand what a previous user is attempting to do in a google sheet template. I can't seem to wrap my head around the multiple filter functions in in cell. The formula is below, happy to provide any context as needed. ={filter('Report 696'!C2:C,'Report...
  14. M

    Google Sheets Help

    Hello, I need to make a spreadsheet but I'm still new to Google Sheets. I would like how it would be to make a spreadsheet that: from an initial date, put the number of days you want, then show the end date (except for the holidays I put and also weekends). At the end I would like you to show...
  15. C

    Function by Colour feature

    I attached a file with the example of my original document. How can I use this addon to count all of the working hours?
  16. R

    Google Sheets - Add Blank row after every 100 rows of data

    Hello, Just wondering if any knows if / how this can be done in Google Sheets. 10 colums of data with 1,000 rows on a Google Sheets Document What forumula can I use to automatically insert one or more blank rows after every 100 data filled rows to break up the large block of data? Is there a...
  17. H

    Creating a timesheet in Google sheets and restricting editing.

    Hi, I have a timesheet on google sheets where a timestamp is generated in a cell when someone presses a picture of a clock on the sheet. Is it possible to lock cells so that it rejects all input that is not generated through the timestamp script but still allow specific authorized users full...
  18. N

    Using INDIRECT Function in Google Sheets conditional formatting

    Hi guys! I have a column that I need to color with conditional formatting based on two different criteria. I am using the following formula in the conditional formatting pain and it does work: =AND(AC2="Yes", AK2=INDIRECT("Partners!B6")) The issue is I need the range of Partners!B6:B not just...
  19. M

    Countifs by color *and* additional value

    I am trying to use countifs function in google sheets to count colored cells in one column, but only if the colored cell meets the value I set in a separate column in the same row. In my head, the formula would be something like: =Countifs(I:I, "Tuesday", P:P, "light green") I am already using...
  20. L

    SUMPRODUCT (with criteria) first N even rows in a column and then AVERAGE

    Hi, I’m trying to average the total minutes of the first N -- in this case, 3 in lieu of N -- movies watched by a client. Please see my sheet: In column A, you can see the extracted numbers from the minutes texts so...

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