google sheets

  1. L

    Google Sheets : How can I display duration of time with a "+" or "-" prefix?

    In Google Sheets I have a column that checks another two column's and calculates the difference. I already have it conditionally formatting to be green or red depending on the difference being less than or equal to 0, and greater than 0 respectively, but I specifically want to have it display...
  2. W

    Filter from a different tab to a table in Google Sheets

    Please see screenshots. Tab 2 is the extract I get from the Information System. I would like tab 1 to update when I paste the info to tab 2. I think one of the limitations could be that it will be done in google sheets.
  3. R

    Index Match with duplicates

    Hi, I have a pivot table which lists football teams down column A (home team) and across row 2 (away team). The values in the pivot table are the game week that the fixtures will be played. From this, I've been able to create an Index Match which summaries the fixtures almost as required. The...
  4. nahaku

    Google Sheet: How to write data with script to column, every time to new row

    I have a simple "App" in google sheet when they press button it runs random number, then i want to store time and the value what they got in second sheet, as a log what happend. I am new with scripting and i cannot find anywhere how to write to columns data from script. Currently it only writes...
  5. P

    Google Sheets: Query Question.

    Is there a way to use the query function where your reference can have more than 1 possible value? Example: =QUERY(IMPORTDATA(,"SELECT A, B, C, D, E WHERE C = '"&PossibleReferences!A1:A50&"'",0) Is there a way to do this without putting 50 OR statements in...
  6. M

    Excel PQ from Google Sheets

    Hi there I need the ability to create QR codes in bulk. I have found a way to do this en Google sheets - I'm using this formula( =IMAGE(""&ENCODEURL(D2)) where "D2" is the URL. I have tried using Power Query to get the data, but it...
  7. M

    Google Sheets | Where do I put a TOTALS array in the following formula?

    Good afternoon, Please could you advise where i would put the following array: {QUERY;{"TOTAL",SUM($E$5:$E)}} this query: =IFERROR(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("sheetname","INVOICE_ENTRY!B2:J"), "SELECT *" & IF ((LEFT(G4,1))="*", "WHERE Col7 STARTS WITH '"& RIGHT(G4,LEN(G4)-1) &"' AND Col1...
  8. D

    Data validation in Google Spreadsheet.

    I have a Google spreadsheet that has a list of problems, the resolution to those problems, and the status of completion. Column G is where the users are to enter the needed resolution to the problem. Column H is where the users indicate the status (with only three options): * Not started * In...
  9. D

    Data Validation in a Different way!

    *This is not an Excel problem, this is Google spreadsheet problem. I am posting my problem here because I have received very helpful solutions on excel through this site, but now I am in a problem with google sheet and I don't have any platform except this, So please help me! I have a Google...
  10. M

    [google sheets] - SUMPRODUCT within ARRAYFORMULA

    Dear Demigods, Hope that I can post this here..... I'm using Google Sheets and I have the following formula in column O which is copied down as far as the eye can see: =ARRAYFORMULA(SUMPRODUCT((GOODSOUT!$A$2:GOODSOUT!$A$1004=GOODSIN!C2)*(GOODSOUT!$L$2:GOODSOUT!$L$1004))) Google Sheets has a...
  11. E

    How to sum different cells across multiple sheets based on the criteria on google sheets

    I have a google sheets spreadsheet with multiple sheets for different clients. On the overview sheet I want to pull data for the specific month i.e March and specific column header i.e Sales from each of the clients sheets if that data appears. The data isn't in the same cell across each sheet...
  12. R

    Extract more than 2 words into various cells

    I have a string of text in Google Sheets - I would assume is the same formula I can get the first 2 words - but not sure how to expand to get 3rd + In Cell F2 I have typed: (no bold) Wall panels for interior wall FIRST WORD =LEFT(F2; SEARCH(" ";F2;1)-1) SECOND WORD =MID(F2; SEARCH(" ";F2) +...
  13. C

    Help with Google Sheets Formula

    I'm working on a tax sheet for personal use in Google Sheets. The hard thing is that the tax rate has been different for the last three years, making it hard for me to make the correct formula. I have two tabs in the sheet - Main sheet (showing taxes and tax rate - Tax calculation sheet The...
  14. ncsushley

    Array formula with lookup based on multiple criteria including a date range

    I tried to find help with this question on Stack Overflow here but did not get a complete answer. I use this Google sheet to track proofreading jobs. I'm trying to modify the array formula in P1 that calculates the billable total for each job. The formula currently uses the Turnaround and...
  15. J

    Excel to Google Sheets Script

    I am using a script below for excel to pull a certain row value from one sheet to another cell on a different sheet. I just want to know if this can be done with google sheets thru script and if it's possible, i will appreciate if you can walk me through the process. Here's the code I am using...
  16. J

    Google Sheets - export to excel

    Hi - Does anyone know of a macro,etc... that would automatically export data from a google sheet into an excel sheet on a google drive ? Both files would be on the google drive. I would like to have a macro that would on a timely period (say once a day) export the data in a google sheet into...
  17. M

    Save Macros for adding data to new sheet and new line

    Hi, I need help with this macro for google sheets. I am creating a form with a save and clear button macro. I want to create a save button macro that allows me to save my data in a specific spreadsheet and every entry goes to a different row in that spreadsheet every time I press the save...
  18. C

    Differences between Excel files when using VBA to automatically save workbook

    Hello, I have written/recorded a long VBA code to reformat data. I have two versions of this code. One version automatically saves the file to a specific folder and reformats the data while the other just reformats the data. Here's the code I used to save the workbook: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs...
  19. A

    Google Form to Google Sheets - how do I get Age responses with text into numbers?

    Hello, I have a Google Form which will be used to register animals for a spay & neuter clinic. One of the questions is "Age". I have multiple choices in Col A which include text. I want those choices to turn into numbers in Col B. I intend to report stats based on age groups in Col C. 1) Is...
  20. C

    Google sheets formula for values that are greater than or equal to but less than

    I need a formula for a sheet which will calculate the sum of values in another sheet between a range i specify. For example, find the sum of 'Sheet2 column A' where values in 'Sheet2 column B' are greater than or equal to 3.0 but less than 4. Sheet2 looks like the following <tbody> Total...

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