google sheets

  1. C

    Measurement conversion in G-Sheets

    I hope its ok to post questions about google sheets... I have the following problem: I need the following formula to convert into FEET" & INCHES" only. For example, my formula right has 13.8750(13' 7/8") converting to 166.5 INCHES. This conversion is correct but now what I need it for. I need...
  2. C

    Google Sheets - Merging two scripts together

    Hello, I was able to search and find to codes that independently was able to get to work/accomplish what I want it to do. However when I try to include them in the same sheet, it looks like code#2 cancels out the first one. Is there a way to combine the two so they both work? Code 1...
  3. C

    Google Sheets - Index/Match Two Values

    Hello, I am hoping I could get some assistance with a formula in google sheets. I want to use an index/match formula, to return a value should it match two values in my current sheet. I currently am using this formula...
  4. B

    Ignoring blank cell in complex Sum formula

    Creating a title for this was tricky. So I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets where I have three sets of data that I need to add together but there are times one or two of the cells might be blank. Basically, I am trying to create a Score for a call center rep where a call is worth 8 points...
  5. N

    Google sheets formula in Power BI

    I want to use a google sheets formula in power bi, but I am unable to use it, since there is no image function in power bi. This is the function I need to use: =if(LEN(celda)<1;"";image(""&celda)) Can someone please help me find a way to...
  6. N

    Multiply columns that match in 2 tables

    I have generated an excel sheet in google sheets, that gets the history of currency rate changes from some coins to USD. What I want to do is compare the date of the column in google sheets with a dummy table with dates and if they match, then multiply the value from the rates column to the data...
  7. W

    Query - wrong format Number to Text to Number (Google Query)

    Hi, I query data from a database (using Google query on G.spreadsheet) where columns are formatted as dates. However, once the query is done, 3 columns out of 6 (where each column is filled by dates) are formatted as Text and not date and the cells are not responsive to any format request I...
  8. S

    Problems with file from Google Sheets

    I downloaded a Google Sheet as an Excel file, and I am trying to copy/ cut a number of rows from a Spreadsheet into a new worksheet. When I try to paste or insert the cut rows I receive the following error message: "Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more...
  9. A

    Group / Ungroup Columns in google sheets.

    Does anyone know how to group/ungroup columns on the web application google sheets? I am not sure that it is possible, Any alternative suggestions to make a wide spreadsheet more readable in the google sheets web based application would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  10. B

    Excel/Google Sheet Index Formula Sorting

    Hello, I am working on a spreadsheet using Google Sheets and would like to get the following formula to sort the results. I believe it is currently returning the results in the order they are found. I would like them to sport based on a specific column of results. I have found that most excel...
  11. H

    Need to date stamp a cell if another cell contains a value

    I have an issue with a worksheet I'm using. Currently I have two sheets in my workbook. One worksheet I use to mark with an X if an employee arrives. The other sheet date and time stamps the actual time they arrive after I mark the related cell with an X. I accomplish this today with a few...
  12. J

    Google Sheets Count Unique with Multiple Criteria

    For this Google spreadsheet I would like to do the following: Count the Unique "Provider User IDs" (column C) that meet the following criteria: a) Column H = "Incomplete" OR "Provider Missed" b) Column K = 3/24/14 < Value <= 4/30/14 c) Column X = "School 1" I believe I know how to do this...
  13. J

    Google Sheets SUM + CountIfs formula not working

    I'm using Google Sheets and am trying to get this formula to work to give the me the following count: Count when Column T = Kenneth AND Column U = (Pending OR Contacted) AND Column W has a date that falls between the dates shown in B14 and B15. This is what I have so far...
  14. H

    May have bitten off too much to sort

    I am trying to accomplish something that is feeling rather like a lost cause at the moment. I may be asking too much of the application. Here is what I am doing... Built a Google Form that will populate a Google Spreadsheet (have same functionality as excel sheets and will build in Excel then...
  15. gardnertoo

    Google Sheets: are there enough users to get our own forum?

    I have been an Excel user for many years, and a beneficiary of the great talent pool here at MrExcel. Now I am changing jobs, moving to a company that uses Google Sheets instead of Excel. I've been playing with it a bit this morning, and found that while most of my Excel experience will...

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