google spreadsheets

  1. R

    Getting the highest value from updating google spreadsheet cell

    Hi, I have a google spreadsheet and all the columns are continuously updating based on the website values. Is there a way to record the highest value that a cell had during all this time/for a particular period? It is like recording the last 24 hour high for financial markets. Thanks
  2. W

    Date diff with multiple conditions

    Hi, Currently I am computing the date difference in days using this formula (which works): =if(and(ISNUMBER(W2),ISNUMBER(H2)),W2-R2,"") However, I would like to restrain the output and only consider values between 5 and 150. So I would like the function to say If W2 isnumber and if H2...
  3. A

    Is it possible to build such a application using Microsoft Excel or should I stick to googlesheets?

    For a personal project, I am trying to build an application for data collection. This is the idea for the application 1. The user enters data into the spreadsheet template using either an android mobile phone or chrome browser 2. Each week, the user creates a new spreadsheet from the...
  4. J

    Google Sheets SUM + CountIfs formula not working

    I'm using Google Sheets and am trying to get this formula to work to give the me the following count: Count when Column T = Kenneth AND Column U = (Pending OR Contacted) AND Column W has a date that falls between the dates shown in B14 and B15. This is what I have so far...
  5. Q

    Run Google Script through last row only?

    Hey guys, I'm running an email script which works fine but only want it to run through the last row with data in it. I don't need it or want it to run if there is no data obviously. How do I reflect that in the example script below? For example, say there are only 3 rows of data in my sheet...
  6. M

    Small Bug Fix to a Multi If Formula

    Row B=Status (In Progress, On Hold, or Completed) Row C= Task Description Row D= Start Date Row E= Estimated Completion Date Row F= Actual Completion Date Cell I5=Date (Part of a series of dates within the calendar month) Current Formula...
  7. M

    Multi IF Formula within Single Cell

    Hi, So, I'm creating a gantt chart in google spreadsheets and need to have bars fill in specific colors based on the start date, estimated completion date, todays date, and the tasks progress. In other words, I need the time between the start date and estimated completion date to be gray. As...
  8. S

    Google spreadsheet array formula

    Hello all, This is technically not an Excel question but about Google spreadsheets because I know how to do this on Excel but it won't work on Google spreadsheets. I need to count all total instances of the word "Freelance" in a column A with a corresponding value of "London" in a column B...
  9. S

    Translating COUNTIFS in Excel to Google spreadsheets

    Hello all, I have used quite a few COUNTIFS formulas in Excel that do not translate into Google spreadsheets. I was wondering if anyone would know how to translate the following formula into Google spreadsheets...
  10. A

    Can I identify a specific permutation of responses to a survey and display it?

    I very much appreciate any and all help in accomplishing this objective as follows: I have an online survey which has 9 list box questions. The only options for each question is "A" or "B". When the form is submitted I will have one row with some "9 column permutation" of "A's" and "B's". Each...
  11. S

    Import Google Spreadsheet Data into Excel 2007

    Hi, Anyone heard of a decent way to import spreadsheet data from Google Spreadsheets into an excel document so the resulting excel spreadsheet has live updatable google spreadsheet data? Regards Steve Flavel Pharmacist from Queensland, Australia

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