1. F

    How do I make the color gradient of my surface chart to match my "heat map"?

    I have this "heat" map here and this surface graph here how do i make the gradient on my surface graph to match the heat map dynamically?
  2. S

    Graph with Bars (Ranges) & Lines

    Hello, How would I go about making a graph which plots a number of bars (representing ranges) and lines on the same graph as per below: I would like the lines (which represent the 5th and 95th percentiles of the ranges) to intersect the range as shown in the image. Any ideas?
  3. D

    Charting Data

    I am trying to take data with random dates 9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26 on the X axis and graph them and when I do the axis with the dates is reading all dates in between is there a way to only have the dates specified show up on the graph rather then all dates in between?
  4. C

    Dynamic Graphs, as columns are added daily

    Hello, I have searched online and in the forum for this answer. Everything I find only references is you have a table, or data within two columns, and you are adding additional rows of data. My scenario is that I have my dates as my headers/labels, and my data name/header is in column A. As...
  5. J

    Help creating a graph

    Hello I need help creating a graph, I have a photo of what I need - what is the best way to display a photo on the forum? Thanks Jay
  6. 2

    Last cell on column graph

    Hi there, just wondering if a column on a graph can be made to change as different cells are chosen. As an example, Column c, cell C2 is $400. The graph shows $400. If i take $200 from the total, Column c, cell C3 becomes $200. I would like the graph to now show the new balance from C3 instead...
  7. J

    Columns on a graph

    Hi there, just wondering if a column on a graph can be made to change as different cells are chosen. As an example, Column c, cell C2 is $400. The graph shows $400. If i take $200 from the total, Column c, cell C3 becomes $200. I would like the graph to now show the new balance from C3 instead...
  8. Skybluekid

    Multi Level Category Graph

    Hi All, Are able to produce a Multi Level Category Graph with Power BI?
  9. B

    Dynamic date range on x axis

    I am struggling to create an x axis which covers a date range that changes. The attached image shows my data, the bar graph and the date range I want to use on the x axis.
  10. I

    Formula Rounding

    Hello, I've got a problem with a couple formulas I've entered on a spreadsheet. The first formula is performing a calculation based on data from another tab. I want it to round the results to the nearest whole number. I can click "Decrease Decimal" and it shows 1.9 as 2 for example. The...
  11. J

    Rotate histogram graph

    Hello does anyone know how to rotate a histogram graph 90 deg Thank you
  12. J

    Histogram graph

    Hello We use a product that generates an histogram on a PDF I would like to generate a mirror image of the report but I also need help to generate an histogram graph. How can I show you how the reports looks as I can't post images
  13. J

    line graph

    Hello All I was wondering how do I change the dot size (plot points) on a line graph Mine are too big Thank you Jason
  14. C

    Bar graph with two different scalas on the Y-axis

    I have a table with two data columns: the first column contains naming values, the second column contains values from 0 to 1, the third - values from 1.000 to 100.000. I want to display them on the same (bar) graph. I've seen such graphs, where on the X axis are naming values (from column A)...
  15. M

    Chart Help

    Hello, I have a sample below of my spreadsheet for data that my customer provides. I need to create a graph (preferably line graph) to show the trend of information. We want to be able to switch/filter between the different part numbers so we can see that specific part's history. I have...
  16. M

    recording changes to a value so i can plot a graph

    Hi i'm having an issue working out how to go about recording changes to a value that's dynamic (Changes from month to month) so i can make a graph. Bit hard to explain so i'll post a screenshot. If someone could point me in the right direction happy to learn If any additional info required...
  17. P

    Graphing swimmers' times over time

    Hi, I'm trying to create a graph that compares several swimmers time at different meets. The data is stored as follows: <tbody> Date Swimmer A Swimmer B Swimmer C 1/1/2018 01:53.55 01:50.51 6/5/2018 01:34.22 01:45.12 7/9/2018 01:30.10 01:35.12 </tbody> I know times must be...
  18. G

    Line graph with two data sets

    I have a graph which tracks two sets of percentage values by weeks on the x axis. The data is in two adjacent columns and works well if I have multiple rows of data. I use code to set the data source using a dynamic range. If I remove all rows other than the first, the chart shows two points...
  19. W

    Highlight point in time on Line Graph

    I have a line graph that shows the credit rating on a business over the course of the last 12 months. Is there a way to highlight a specific date in the time line other than insert shape?
  20. Z

    Make stop graph from having 0 values vba?

    I'm trying to have a graph that doesn't chart 0 values. I'm using an array so I can change the value if it equals zero but I don't know what to change it to to make the chart not automatically graph it. Any help is appreciated. This is my code that creates the array, assigns the series to it...

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