greater than or equal to

  1. A

    Copy ROW from one spreadsheet to another

    I have a report I am working on. One sheet named "BlueSkyDATA" has the raw data I am pulling from. It has 19 columns (A-S) and hundreds of rows. If the time data in column K is greater than or equal to 1 hour, I would like that whole row to be copied to another spreadsheet in the same...
  2. 4

    Calculate IF AND formula only is cell is not blank

    Hi all! I am trying to return one number if an cell is greater than an amount and another if it is less than and generate nothing if the cell is blank. I have tried several manipulations of this and I just cant seem to get it right. Here are the stats If E2 is blank return " " If E2 <=9000...
  3. P

    Creating Popup message

    I need to create a pop up message if a cell value falls within certain parameters.<o:p></o:p> I have found a few VBA codes which are close to what I need, but don’t fulfill all my requirements. I’ve tried to edit them to work for me, but don’t know enough about VBA codes to do it...
  4. A


    Column A contains my footage and Column B contains rating value. I want to write a sumifs function that will tell me the amount of feet that have a rating value greater than 500 but less than or equal to 600. How do I do write the formula? Here is what I have so far, but it doesn't work...
  5. Y

    IF statement based on multiple conditions

    Can anyone assist? I am trying to combine multiple conditions in a formula, it needs to be a formula and not in access. I have a spreadsheet which simplistically contains three columns of data. Col A - original date Col B - payment date - will contain blanks until paid Col C - delta between...
  6. P

    Need Help With Loop Until in VBA

    Hey guys, I've been starting to use VBA recently so its still pretty new to me Although, i do know you can use it to add to a number in specific integers until a value is reached, I'm not completely sure how to write this. for example A1=1 and B1=5 If A1 is < B1 then A1 + .5 until A1 >= B1...
  7. S

    Rag Status excel 2010

    Hi all, I have a problem where I am trying to get the RAG status for some values, built into a macro that will perform conditional formatting based on >= values or <= value. the Conditions for both will be different. So I need the currentl value to be analysed in terms of two scenarios...
  8. C

    Multiple Criteria Accrual Vlookup with Greater Than or Equal To

    Hi Everyone, I need a bit of help. I have a sheet that looks up accrual rates for employees based on length of service and is supposed to come up with the right accrual rate. It doesn't. I've tried INDEX MATCH, SUMPRODUCT and Vlookup and keep falling flat. Basically it's like this A B C D...
  9. Futile Crush

    Using VLOOKUP to find something that is greater than / less than the lookup value

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help. I'm trying to make a VLOOKUP which looks at the lookup value, then finds the value in a certain column of a table which is greater than or equal to that number, and returns a specified result within that row. My attempts have thus far been unsuccessful. Without...

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