1. N

    Dynamic slicer

    I wish to create a measure, so I can dynamically populate a slicer, but the slicers don't accept a measure as input, so I don't know what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. J

    Trying to Create a Pricing Curve

    I have three quantities with prices: 30 - $6,313 100 - $5,592 300 - $5,261 I am trying to determine the price for each quantity in between the quantities above (31, 32, 33, 34, 35 etc). Honestly I am completely stuck and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. D

    Difference between weeks

    Hi All, i am trying to work out the difference of sales between current week and the week prior. my formula so far is: =COUNTIFS(Historical!C:C,B2,Historical!$A:$A,A2,Historical!$I:$I,WEEKNUM(TODAY())-1) im struggling to work out how to compare it to the current week. any help will be...
  4. R

    How to allow value in cells overflow to another cell?

    ​Hi guys, I am just curious how can i work around the formula such as when A1 is "100" (this is the maximum value), B1 is "110" and the excess of "10" is overflow to C1, while B1 is kept to "100"? I couldn't find it anywhere else that solves this. Your help would be greatly appreciated...
  5. D

    Dividing fractions into new cell

    I am looking for a way to divide a fraction in one cell and put the percentage of that fraction into the next cell. Example: B2- 36/164 C2- Percentage from B2 (36/164 = 21.95%) Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. N

    IF Formula help

    Hope you can help; I need to work out formula for if cell A1 is greater than cell B1 then return value in cell A1 and if cell B1 is greater than A1 then return value of cell B1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Welsh Mark3

    Count if Value meets or exceeds criteria

    <tbody> Month Value Desired Result 1 25 2 1 25 2 2 15 1 2 20 1 </tbody> I am looking to try and create a formula that counts occurances from a given date range >=20 So in month one the result would be 2 in month 2 the result =1 Your help is greatly appreciated
  8. E

    Formula Range referencing another formula

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to replace these bolded numbers... =SUMPRODUCT(1/COUNTIF('Monthly Bills Rec''d'!F2:F5000,'Monthly Bills Rec''d'!F2:F5000)) With the COUNTA result from this formula... COUNTA('Monthly Bills Rec''d'!A:A) Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. L

    Help with hyperlink lookup

    What I'm trying to accomplish is this: I have a customer field in C2. I'm trying to generate a specific hyperlink to different web pages in S38, based on the customer inputted into C2. I tried using data to make a =Hyperlink(vlookup function, and it works. As I switch the customer name...
  10. E

    Help simplifying formula (if possible)

    Hello All, I have a large spreadsheet which I am working off (20+K rows) The following is a formula which I wrote, but when I fill down, it takes a long time to process, so just wondering if there is a way to simplify it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. =IF(A1="",""...
  11. S

    Filtering Data

    I created these formulas on a separate sheet and I need help with changing it so when the source sheet is filtered it only shows what is filtered and not all the data, any help would be greatly appreciated! =SUMIFS(OT_COMP!I2:I1048576,OT_COMP!B2:B1048576,"OT",OT_COMP!E2:E1048576,"Place Holder")...
  12. R

    Extracting data from a string

    A7 31 . 13 A8 30 . 32 A5 * 30 . 41 A9 30 . 66 A8 * 30 . 06 A6 30 . 51 I have data which is formatted in a strange way. There are spaces where you would not need or expect them to be. Also there are some with * which is annoying because they are not standardized to make it easy to extract the...
  13. DataBlake

    Setting up a Vlookup from an array

    Hi all, So i have 6 sheets (and growing) that i have multiple vlookups that reference all 6 sheets an example of this would be...
  14. M

    Trimmean If Array Formula - Example in thread

    Hi, I'm having issues with the below. I'm trying to trimmean the weeks where the weekly number is greater than 5. I want to trim the mean to then exclude the top /bottom 10%. Below is the formula I currently have which I cannot get to work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  15. M

    Importing Website Data Into Excel Issues

    I am having an issue with "Get External Data" from two different websites from the same vendor and Currently, I am unable to figure out how to pull the data into...
  16. C

    Excel VBA with JDA. Anyone know how or if possible?

    So I am trying to figure out if there is a way to script from excel to run a report and extract the results from JDA. I know with other programs like SAP you can use GUI Scripting but can’t find much on JDA. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  17. F


    I am trying to sum the below based on how many months. I normally use a Sum INDEX but trying to build it into a SUMIF instead. My ideal result should be 9 but I keep getting 3. Is there a better way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. C

    Chart Popup

    When user holds cursor over chart and editing pop up appears to teh right of chart. How do I turn that off? As always, your help is greatly appreciated.
  19. C


    Please help. I need to put a formula within a formula. I have to create a table on y values for the formula y=1/2at^2 +vt when t is seconds and v is ft/s and given that a=32ft/s^2. T, and v are both numbers but a I'd another formula and I dont know how to put it in my formula for my table. Any...
  20. H

    Data Validation in VBA Code

    hello yall Im tring to do a DV in VBA code where if A1=Yes then value in D1 must be between 1-120 and if value in A1=No then value in D1 must be between 121 - 150 Im thinking I need a DV in VBA Code. I already have a DV for D1 so I prefer a VBA. Any suggestion is greatly appreciative. Thanks

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