1. kjacw

    Different Language in Message Box

    Hello All, I am using Excel 2013 and I would like to know how to have my message box to pop up the value of a cell that has a different language. In cells C2 and others, for example I have a words in Greek. When I am entering in the words I change from English font to a Greek font and type the...
  2. M

    Insert Greek letter alphabet Symbols

    Hi, I am using excel 2010. When I go to "insert -> symbols" I have the option of "fonts" but I don't have the drop-down to the right called "subset". How can this be added? I think I need this to insert Greek letters like gamma. Thanks
  3. D

    Finding Greek Characters

    I know I can find cells containing a certain number or letter using: If cell Like "*V*" Then But how do I search for a Greek character? I've tried the following with no luck.. If cell Like "*ChrW(956)*" Then If cell Like *ChrW(956)* Then If cell Like ChrW(956) Then
  4. S

    VBA Greek Characters

    Hi there, I am trying to write my first macro reading values form different workbooks and then do some calculations. The problem is that my file system is in greek and vba does not seem to allow inserting such characters. Any ideas?
  5. J

    Reading foreign text in VBA

    Hi, I have foreign (non-English) characters in a cell which I was reading using Sheets("data").Cells(1,1).Formula However this returned nothing but questions marks instead of the text:e.g. ζχψωβνιθςεβφ[ςε turns into "????ί????eίf[?e" After research I discovered I needed to set the regional...

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