greyed out

  1. I

    Power Query Statistics Greyed Out for Certain Columns

    Was trying to add a Z-score column and needed to calculate mean and median but I can't for certain columns with a large number of null values. Both columns are in the same merged query data source and are both decimal types. I can calculate statistics for one and not the other.
  2. S

    macro greyed out (while others are ok)

    I have a worksheet with a number of macros. some of them allow me to run them or edit them. but some dont have that option. thes are saved to the individual workbook. Basically when I pull up my ist of macros, I can run some but not others. Pleas help me understand why some of these are...
  3. M

    Editing SQL in excel

    Hiya, I'm looking for some help with SQL in excel. At work we are uning Excel 2016 and I am able to edit SQL code in the Definition tab, I've bought Excel at home to have some practice but pretty much the whole deifinition tab is greyed out, any idea why? I've connected to an example table in...
  4. M

    Pivot - Remove filter greyed out - Excel 365

    Please can someone - I want to remove filters on the pivot but all options are greyed out including under Pivot options? :eeek: The Excel file is a macro enabled Excel file. It's a simple Excel file. Thanks
  5. A

    Unable to Clear Advanced Filter. Clear button is Greyed out

    The following advanced filter is applied to workbook and copies over when i copy data between workbooks. I want to remove this advanced filter but I cannot. List Range:$A$5:$AE$1321 Criteria Range: The Clear Filer button is greyed out. Help would be much appreciated. Excel 2016 64 Bit
  6. A

    Find Merged Cells Greyed Out

    Hi there, I'm trying to clean some data I received from another department, and they were unfortunately big believers in using merged cells. In order to find and fix them, I typically used Find =>Options=>Format=>Alignment, and from there check the merge cells box to find them. However, on...
  7. O

    Excel (Office for Mac2011)- all menus greyed out

    Hi Have been running Excel for Mac 2011 for years now. Just this week all my Excel menus were greyed out (not so for Powerpoint or Word). Have uninstalled (completely based upon instructions obtained from Microsoft website) and reinstalled. Still makes no difference. Any ideas why this is...
  8. B

    Z Axis Rotation greyed out in 3-D pie chart

    Hi Everyone,Can anyone explain to me why the option for rotating around the Z axis is grayed out in the 3-D Rotation section of the "Format Chart Area"? And is it possible to rotate a 3-D pie chart around the Z axis? Screenshot attached.I searched your forum for "z-axis grayed out." Found...
  9. B

    Dialog Box Launcher greyed out...

    I want to group columns in excel with the main column to the left, not right (as is the default). According to other posts, this can be done through the Outline Dialog Box Launcher... but mine is greyed out Dialog Box Launchers seem to work just fine everywhere else they appear in the standard...
  10. A

    All Control Toolbox Objects greyed out; properties box empty

    Hi, I am trying to add an option button on excel sheet but when I do, I see it greyed out. If I right click to choose properties, it opens an empty window (no options/text is seen in the property window). Can anyone help?
  11. A

    Audit Tools Greyed Out (Trace Dependents, etc.) Excel 2007

    Hi All, Very frustrating problem: the trace audit tools in my worksheet are all greyed out for some reason (trace precedents, dependents). The worksheet is not protected. It does have probably a couple hundred Index/Match functions throughout the book. I've seen people give suggestions...
  12. S

    Grey out a load of cells based on a drop-down choice

    Is there an easy way to grey-out (or deactivate) a load of cells based on another drop-down validation list? i.e. If I select "Microsoft Office" from a drop-down, it will then grey out the next few rows cells beneath it.
  13. F

    Grey Out Issue

    I just took over a new job and they have a database in Excel 2007 Compatibility Mode that they want a sheet protected. However, the sheet protect and a myriad of other functions are greyed out. I have tried everything to get back these functions, but they seem to be locked out. The old system...
  14. W

    Excel 2007 options Q

    I need to have display my recent documents but the option to do that is greyed out on the Advanced tab. This is on a netwrk computer. Oddly enough some people have it greyed out and others dont.

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