1. D

    Counting A Calculated Cell

    Hey Guys, I have a calculated cell in excel using and if function. e.g if(A2<50, "Poor","Good") across many rows of data. How and want to use a countif function to get the total count of the Poor and Good. But it seems like excel countif function does not count data that is returned from an IF...
  2. D

    Need help to find formula to replace copy and paste when handling massive data

    Hello Guys I need help to copy information from one column to another using an appropriate excel formula. I want to do away using cut and paste methods because am dealing with lots of data hence want to save time. My excel skills are basic but catch up quickly. So a step by step guide will do...
  3. R

    Excel Issue between dates (specific month)

    Hi Guys, I have an issue with a formula. I need an if between dates with in the middle August. Example: 12/06/2019 12/10/2019 If in the range there is august do something, otherwise something else. I have no idea how to write it. Thank you guys, Have a nice weekend.
  4. spencer_time

    Trying to understand ByRef and ByVal

    Hello again guys, I'm still trying to learn VBA and excel macros as best and fast as I can and one of the ways I have been doing that is posting my problems for you guys to help me with AND looking at others posts and attempting to help them with their problems. I was trying to help someone and...
  5. J

    microsoft excel is recovering information

    i cant open my userform becauses of the "microsoft excel is recovering information" .. it will onlly show when i clicked my assigned macro .. can help me guys ? im not an expert of this
  6. S

    Is there a SUM-minus formula instead of SUMPRODUCT?

    Hiya guys Im after a formula that essentially does a sumproduct but instead of multiplying i want to take away ie im after =sum(B2-A2,B3-A3,B4-A4,B5-A5) etc
  7. R

    'Percentrank' function under double sorts with 'NA's

    Hello guys, I have 2 columns, the first one (we say A1:A100) contains 'W's, 'M's, 'L's, and some 'NA's, the second column (B1:B100) contains figures (stock returns) and also some 'NA's. what I want to do is to calculate the percent rank for each stock under 'W' group, 'M' group, and 'L' group...
  8. L

    Speed it up if you can

    Morning guys - Obviously this is looking at the ENTIRE column range it takes a good 3 minutes to run (eventually works as intended) anything I can do about identifying the LASTROW and selecting that with implying the UCASE to the selected range found? Sub addresscaptial() Dim Cell As Range...
  9. A

    Checkbox link to a certain sheet

    Hi Guys, Good day. I have a project that i need your help and it goes like this. I will be using a multiple check box and if i tick a checkbox it would automatically go to a certain sheet. Thanks for your advance help.
  10. B

    countif question

    Good Morning, and thanks for the help. I am working with a string of 169 grades (numbers), >90, <70, 80-89, 70-79 I am good with countif on the >, < but need help with those two ranges. Is countif the best formula to use, and if so how to i use it for the ranges, and if not what would you...
  11. R

    Percent rank ignoring NA in VBA

    Hello guys, I am ranking stocks using VBA rather than excel. In my dataset, I have 1 column of figures and some NAs, this I want to use percentrank to sort these numbers, ignoring NA. I can do is in excel using =PERCENTRANK.INC(IF(ISNUMBER(Column), column, ""), the target cell). However, it...
  12. R

    Issue with rank formula

    Hi guys, I need a rank formula, these are the data. [/URL][/IMG] The expected result is in the green column. So, rank the same values in one (multiple values all equal the same), without jumps of numbers, and consider the different names in another rank (Pescara and Chieti). I need a formula...
  13. R

    Issue with a formula

    Hi guys, I have an Issue with a formula. I have to put the data in order. The formula in cell F2 is LARGE(C2:C8;1), from cells F3 to F7 is the array in the picture. The array is ok, the issue is that is not working exactly as I want. The issue is underline in the picture, I want to repeat...
  14. danhendo888

    How do you manage volatile functions, array formulas in workbook with large data set

    So I have about 20 sheets in one workbook where each sheet has 10 columns of formulas using index, row, column, match, frequency, if, vlookup. They are all pointing to a sheet in the same workbook with 20,000+ rows of data. Each day I have to delete the 20,000+ rows of data. Paste a new set of...
  15. 8

    VBA Graph

    Hey Guys How do I add a Graph by using VBA, and add the data on my own, also through vba? thanks in advance! :)
  16. Y

    a tip to return the sum of values under a candition

    Hello guys, I want to have the sum of the G of the values in the G column thar are under 0
  17. D

    Shortcut to Table Filter Search ?

    Hi Guys, I just want to ask is there a way to go to a table filter then search box without using ALT + down? I've used command application.sendkeys before but it does something odd with the keyboard namely Num lock I use VBA for this shortcut. Thanks again guys.
  18. C

    creating a simple userform

    Remember I'm a newb so if I sound ignorant it's because I am, lol. Ok so I'm creating a simple user form that will be using a bunch of text boxes to input data into specified cells. So the code for each one of the text boxes look like this: Private Sub TextBox1_Change() Sheet3.Range("b1") =...
  19. K

    How to Make two cells of information relate to each other

    I’m looking for a way to use a job number in coalescence with a job name for our time sheets. Basically the company we contract under organizes jobs by job number (ex. LP0068435). seeing as we are a much smaller company, our guys don’t care to memorize these numbers. we would just use general...
  20. K

    excel unable to set the formulaarray property of the range class

    how can i break the below array formula to two when loading macro to avoid the limitation of 255 characters? thanks guys. Selection.FormulaArray = _...

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