1. R

    V Lookup Error

    Why is this formula returning 0 instead of the text that is contained in the cell it refers to? =VLOOKUP($K3,Sheet2!A$1:B$110,2,0) It does not happen in every cell it is in.
  2. B

    Array: how to populate it starting from a cell's value up to zero

    Hello, I am new to arrays and am really struggling with the concept. Here is what I am trying to achieve: in range("B3:B9") I have some numeric values. Let's say that the value in B3 is 37: I would like to create an array that contains all values from 0 up to 37 based to an incremental...
  3. 1

    Too many pages

    I've got an eleven page doc that all of a sudden has 6,941 pages. I only noticed it because the footer reads "Page X of 6941". How does this happen and how do I change it??
  4. S

    Phantom tab overlay

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that's giving me a very strange issue. Sometimes when I paste special values, or change a number being used in a calculation, I get a partial overlay from a different tab on top of my current tab. Here is a screenshot showing the issue: https://imgur.com/a/YG1mfUF...
  5. N

    can i built with Excel a predicting model for sport betting?

    hello everyone i just found this forum from google i was trying to find statistic tool to predict soccer results and people told me that i should use Excel what i want is to input the previous results and the software show to me -the possibility of the X outcome to happen -the tendencies...
  6. M

    Looping through a table

    I'm attempting to create a table to store all of my functions in. What I would like to do is have power query loop through this table and load in all the functions in said table, but I can't seem to find any way to make this happen. I assume there is a way, I just don't know enough yet about...
  7. M

    Copy n' paste 150 rows on individual sheet with header then loop to next 150

    The title pretty much says what I'm looking for, I need to breakout a sheet of 15,000+ rows into individual sheets of 150 data rows + header row from sheet 1. I just don't know enough coding to be able to make this happen. Appreciate the help, thanks.
  8. K

    Cell doesn't accept formula

    Occasionally, I will try to enter a formula to a cell but the cell interprets the typing as text. E.G. I type "= B1 + 2" into A1. Rather than the result of the calculation appearing in the A1 cell, "= B1 + 2" shows in the cell. Why does this happen, please. Thank you.
  9. Skybluekid

    Run Macro if Cell changes from Hot to Won

    Hi I am running a change event macro. I have a column on the sheet, where the user changes a value from "Hot" to "Won". What I would like to happen is when this happens, a macro will run. Thanks in Advance.
  10. J

    My web links won't open in excel

    Hi, I have links in column A in my excel file. They are web addresses and are highlighted blue. When I click them they don't open. Nothing seems to happen. If I right click the link and select "Open Hyperlink" still nothing happens So appreciate anyone's help with this :-D
  11. A

    VBA - Columns help

    Hi guys, I have attached a spreadsheet, I'm creating a report. I would like to keep it on rolling 12 months. What I would like that every month when I enter the date at the top the following should happen automatically : 1. Column 'B' removed 2. Column 'C' to 'M' move from Column 'B' 3...
  12. C

    Excel File opens as hidden

    Hi all, I am opening a file from a shared network drive that when opened automatically gets hidden. This only started a few days ago and only happens to me and not other users of the file. Does anyone know how this could happen and how I can stop it ? I don't know much about VBA but there...
  13. E

    macro to run on mutiple workseets

    I have a macro that I would like to run on multiple worksheets within a workbook, The names of the worksheets is not consistent nor is there always the same number of worksheets. Is there a way to make this happen?
  14. P

    Userform close (without button)

    Hello, Is there a way to close the userform from within my VBA code without selecting a button. I want this to happen without human interaction. Thank you
  15. gheyman

    Access Date Field default Value

    I have two date fields in my table. One for when a Task was Planned to happen and one field to capture when the task actually happened. WBS_Release_Date_Planned WBS_Release_Date_Actual in the Default Value for WBS_Release_Date_Actual I put: =[WBS_Release_Date_Planned] But it doesn't like...
  16. O

    Rank duplicate numbers

    Hello again, guys I'm using the following formula to rank Risks according to the value in a cell. However, right now, the formula ignores duplicates. Let's say I have the same risk listed twice - which can happen. The formula will just ignore this and assign it the next available number. I was...
  17. zookeepertx

    Spreadsheet changing to Manual calculations and recommended fix doesn't work

    Hello! Every now and then, completely randomly, Excel changes itself to Manual Calculations. There's no telling what workbook it will happen on or when. I've had it happen on a workbook that was operating fine until 2 minutes ago, then - POOF - it's now on Manual. I've searched this site and...
  18. E


    Very simple question. Is there any way to only cause an event to happen ONLY when the value in a cell actually changes? Thanks
  19. C

    My boss'e excel

    For some reason when I send work to my boss or she opens and saves a file of mine or anyone I believe. All the colors change. she does not know why, and I have never seen anything like it. Does anyone have an idea of why this might happen. I have checked the color index# and that does not change.
  20. M

    Insert range of cells based on matching two cells - No VBA

    The data: <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> A B C D E F 1 2018 2 2018 JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN 3 2018 05/01/2018 12/01/2018 19/01/2018 26/01/2018 02/02/2018 4 2018 1 2 3 4 5 </tbody> The requirement: If A2,A3,A4 = A1 then insert rows 2,3,4 starting column B into rows 6,7,8 starting...

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