1. M

    Seat Allocation formula

    Hi, need help on how to use Excel to meet below requirement. Below sample is just small population of total seatings so would need to automate. Appreciate your help please, thank you!!! =) Requirements: 1. Allocate the Box capacity following the Position hierarchy, such that "Head" starts to...
  2. J

    IF formula help

    I have a massive spreadsheet of people and their qualifications. Vlookup will only return their first qualification on the list, but I need to know each one by line. I’m trying to use an “IF AND” statement. So, if column 1 contains the persons name and column 2 contains qualification name 1 (at...
  3. P


    Trying to get an average from two disctinct arrays when two conditions exist For instance =IF(SUM(WP6:XY6,YD6:YL6)>0,AVERAGE(WP6:XY6,YD6:YL6),"") Which is fine, but I would like it to work when WP4:XY4 AND YD4:YL4 = to either CC or AB Can someone please help out?? I've been banging my head...
  4. K

    Formula Question

    Hi Guys, Could someone explain how I would merge these two formulas below so that it looks in one range and returns ROUTE, then looks in another and returns COLLECTIONS, I'm slowly getting my head around formulas but bringing them together is what I struggle with...
  5. JenniferMurphy

    Define a table by its borders?

    Suppose I have a table like the one below. As it stand now, the data is in D6:G11. I want to define a dynamic named range ("Table") that is, at the moment, D5:G11. If I add a row anywhere between 5 and 12 or a column anywhere between C and H, I want Table to automatically expand. <tbody> R/C C...
  6. P

    Can you have a nested TEXTJOIN formula?

    I'm looking to return a single cell of values that show results matched against one column which are then used to collect their own results. Much easier to explain with a display... <tbody> Clothing Colour Place Hat Red Head Hat Yellow Head Glove Red Hands Scarf Blue Head Glove...
  7. T

    Need Your Suggestions in Expense Register

    Hye Mr. Excel Cummunity, Hope you all doing well. I need your help in making my Expenditure Register. I have a master sheet where I do Data Entry i.e in Column B I am entering Description of Expenditure, in Column C I am entering Amount, In Column D I am entering Budget Head from which the...
  8. A

    Sum formula to get overall results from different worksheets..

    Hello, Is there any easy way to alter the below formula, which will be more dinamic? Cos I'm having big head ache if the row number changes for column A datas! Many thanks. =SUM(JANUARY!G5+'FEBRUARY '!G5+MARCH!G5+'APRIL '!G5+'MAY '!G5+'JUNE '!G5+'JULY '!G5+'AUGUST '!G5+'SEPTEMBER...
  9. J

    Calculating total sums based on other cells

    I thought I had this figured out, but it's doing my head in now! I'm trying to calculate the total value of WINS only. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  10. T

    Overwrite file with same name

    Hi there, I try to overwrite a file when I save it. I have put the following code but it doesn't work, it asks me if I want ro replace the file. Application.DisplayAlerts = False I have also tried ActiveWorkbook.Application.DisplayAlerts = False Here the full code ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs...
  11. A

    Totalling and Tallying Sales by Month

    I'm creating a tracking document for the real estate team I work with. I'm in way over my head in excel skills (this is news to no one on the team, we just realized it's cheaper for me to spend the hours to make this document and have it as our own rather than pay for the one we've been using...
  12. S

    reverse match/index

    Hello, I got a quick question about match/index and its reverse function. I'm fully familiar wth ow index and match function work, But when it comes to the other way around, Im confused. for instnce, if i have a data set as written below in column K-L, and I have a blank cell set like...
  13. S

    Nested If question

    Hello! Need some help ... I'm trying to see: If I5 is blank, i want cell S1 to be multiplied by 52 .... If cell I5 is not blank, I want to cee if I5 >S3 ... If this is true, I also want to multiply S1 by 52. Any idea? Keep getting my head turned around. Thanks!
  14. S

    VBA Paste to Dynamic Column Address

    Prior to my problem area, I receive two dates from a form which I then determine the difference between them. Dim dayCount As Integer dayCount = DateDiff("d", Date_Selection.sDate.Value, Date_Selection.eDate.Value) On my worksheet I need to take the formula that resides in "J2" and...
  15. M

    How to Select Next Column

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to get code written that will select the next column but am having trouble finding it online, and or just wrapping my head around how to do it, Please Help Thanks
  16. C

    vba if condition two actions

    hello I've try , faced to msgbox anwser , stop a macro AND clear email envelope head but I ony able to d one or other It's possible perform both ? cesar
  17. S

    Auto populate commission (Dynamic Columns)

    Hi All, I have the below data set and I need your help to write a formula which will populate the "Contract Period" and distribute the commission (equally). The column should be dynamic and populate according to the expiry date month. <tbody>...
  18. V

    Based on two inputs, the first input needs to be matched with one array, second input also needs to be matched with another array, and both values shu

    The Input Values to be entered ..IN F2 & F4. The Value in F2 needs to be searched in the array G14:K19 AND the value Entered in F4 needs to be searched in the array L14:P19. If both the values are found on the same Row and corresponding columns , We need the corresponding Model to be returned...
  19. M

    Access To keep calculation until a condition is met

    Hi Guys, i have a HR table that have people's information in it. It has a column that identifies the Manager of the person. Now , of course , there will be managers of mangers and their mangers and so on , and finally the group head at the top. Now, is there a way to retrieve the name of the...
  20. B

    If 2 columns match, and a date is on/between date range, return this value

    This is so far above my head I am wondering if you guys can help me! Columns A-D are what I want to refer to. DOG/MOM/DAD all have the same date ranges by week. Each combination of DOG/MOM/DAD and the dates of the week on or between column B & C receive a unique code which is in Column D. What...

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