header row

  1. U

    What formula can make table headers values capable of being referenced in equations?

    Hello! I have an excel table that I'm building for scheduling / planning purposes. I want to be able to utilize the headers as date values that I can reference for summing assigned hours that are in a column whose header date is greater than the last day of the previous week. The formula I'm...
  2. G

    Return Col/Row Header for multiple values without FILTER

    Hi folks, I have a few co-users of a worksheet that uses FILTER and SEQUENCE, but as they are on older versions of Excel they lose these results. The worksheet has something similar to below where, For a given array (B2:E13) of values Return a dynamic list of Column and Row "Header" Values...
  3. E

    Shading Every 3 Column Headers

    I have a header row where I want to alternate the shading of every 3 columns within a specific range of columns. For example, A1, B1, C1 Shaded D1, E1, F1 Not Shaded G1, H1, I1 Shaded J1, K1, L1 Not Shaded M1, N1, O1 Shaded Is there a way to do this WITHOUT having to enter each cell for...
  4. L

    CountA issues

    Using COUNTA to exclude blanks – having issues I have a spreadsheet that has 101 rows of data (First row contains column headings) Column B is a text field. There are four blank cells, so the correct count is 96. =COUNTA(B2:B101) returns 96 =COUNTA(B:B) returns 98 =COUNTA(RGIndex!Authors)...
  5. M

    Capture header rows from all Excel worksheets in a directory to a separate master file

    Hi there, I already have VBA code that will recursively trawl through a directory. I am currently using this to identify if any columns in any of the worksheets in any of the Excel workbooks within that directory contain email addresses and, if so, those columns are then deleted. Here's the...
  6. V

    Copy paste values to summary sheet

    Dear Community, I am very new to excel and in urgent need of your help because I have a huge set of Data to analyze. I have a file with a lot of worksheets (>50) that have all their content arranged in the same way. However, they are named differently (not Sheet1, Sheet2 but e.g. P1_F, P2_F...
  7. H

    Formula to return row headers

    Could someone point me to a post that previously address this (can't locate) or assist me with the following: I'm trying to return the row header for the lowest value in the set. Using the table below what i'd like to display where the XX is would be "Changed" and "Dated". I'm struggling with...
  8. A

    VBA code to skip header row

    Good morning - I'm a relative novice with coding for Excel. I know just enough to be dangerous, so please bear with me. I'm using the following code to enable dates to be entered into certain columns using just 6 digits and it will automatically format it as a date with the slash characters...
  9. R

    structured reference: using column name in header row to identify column

    folks, not quite sure how to present this properly. so bear with with me: 1. i have userform, and would like to do a calc inside the userform, referencing a cell in the xls 2. the cell is in the same row as the 'active cell', but it is in a different column and also, 3. since the xls is in...
  10. DPChristman

    Conditional Formatting in burst reports

    I have a large report with about 300 districts on it. Each week, this report is burst out to the field, with each district getting only their stores. I do not do the burst (don't know how, to be honest), so I didn't realize this was happening When the file is burst out to the field, the...
  11. G

    Insert Header Row to Text File

    I need to insert a Header row to existing text file (VBA Code). Here is my code; Sub header() 'the final string to print in the text file Dim strData As String 'each line in the original text file Dim strLine As String Dim time_date As String strData = "" time_date = Format(Date...
  12. A

    Code to save new user excel file as CSV where the headers are in a column not row

    good afternoon. I am trying to create a macro that will take the contents of an excel file that had new user details and save it as a csv. The Headers are in column B - B11:B44 with the data in D11:D44. Being the information is running vertically rather than horizontally I am having issues in...
  13. S

    Declare first row as header for VBA

    Hi, I am working with VBA and automating a spreadsheet that we do. We import and SSRS report into Excel, then perform certain tasks on it. However for one of the lines, it is giving the following error: Microsoft Excel Cannot determine which row in your list or selection contains column...
  14. R

    Autifilter only working for 2 criteria, delete visible rows not header

    Folks: PART I: How come I can't get my autofilter code to work for more than 2 criteria? I keep getting "Criteria doesn't exist" but why should that matter if I'm using "Or"? If you have solution to only PART I or PART II, please respond. PART II : Do you have a better idea for deleting...
  15. Z

    Question about Sort function

    They just updated me at work to Office 2007. I'm having an issue with the sort function of excel 2007. This didn't happen in my old 2003 version. I import a set of data with a header row. I add nother row above the header row to add more data (file date, etc.). I then freeze the panes at A3...
  16. V

    Copy current region but don't include header row

    Hello All, I would like a macro that copies the current region but doesn't include the header row. Thanks
  17. K

    split rows into multiple worksheets by header

    I have a large excel worksheet with many groups in it. Each group begins with an identical header row. Currently, I just split up each group with page breaks. I need to make a macro which splits each group into a separate worksheet tab each time it finds the header. Here is the header: HSE...
  18. B

    VBA Force Header Row on Sort

    Hi, is there a way to force a Header row on a sort in VBA xlGuess is the default, are there any other options? I can't seem to get the header row to stay no matter how i select the cells before sorting. Thanks Intersect(Range("A:H"), ActiveSheet.UsedRange).Select Selection.Sort...
  19. Z

    Conditional Formatting Based on Column by Which List Is Sorted

    I have a worksheet that contains information in 5 Columns (B:F), I would like to conditionally format the header row to highlight the cell by which the data is currently being filtered (e.g., if the data is filtered by the header row of ColumnB, I would like the header cell in ColumnB to be...

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