1. J

    copy sheet

    Hi, I have spreadsheet that want to copy another sheet and the date field has formula to copy date from above cell(s) the code copy sheet want to copy sheet with the headings and values to sheet1 but i having this issues 1. is not copy the headings just the records and start in row 2 and row 1...
  2. P

    "SUM" by headings

    Hi all, kindly advise me so that to create a VBA code which should “SUM” the headings and rows down in columns “SALARY” & “ACTUAL SALARY”. Therefore, that the above headings have no stably column, but the row “2” is constantly. Below I present the original data and the expected result...
  3. D


    I have a table which has data I need for my spreadsheet. The table has two rows of headings on both X and Y axis. Is there a formula that will allow me to get data from this table?
  4. A

    How to create a static column or row headings in a table in power bi

    Hi, Is it possible to create static column or row headings in a table or matrix visual? I'm trying to convert an Excel spreadsheet to Power BI and am missing some of Excel's functionality in Power BI. In my Excel spreadsheet I have all of the column/row headings setup and then reference...
  5. H

    update master file from multiple files

    Hi, I have a master file with headings in row 1. In another folder and its sub folders there are multiple excel files and the headings are in different columns instead of rows and their values are in in next column i.e. a heading like "Location" may be in cell B5 then its value will be in next...
  6. S

    How Can I - Move

    Hello, I wonder if there's an easy way for me to move certain text in column B, to go beneath headings in column A... Sometimes the text in column B appears on the same line as the Heading in Column A, sometimes a row down, sometimes there is one line in Column B, sometimes up to twenty and...
  7. H

    Vlookup Using Cells with Worksheet Names

    Hi, I have a workbook where the column headings have the same name as a worksheet in the workbook. I want to compile the data from those sheets into one master sheet. Is there a way to use those headings as a reference for which worksheet to pull data from? I would be using Column A as the...
  8. D

    is there a formula for this

    I have a table with several broad headings at the top. Each of those headings have 3 sub headings. Is there a formula to access each column as all I can think of are a few if statements? (I don't know a lot about excel)
  9. B

    Defining a Dim and then using it in a formula within VBA

    Hi, I am relatively new to writing Macros but what I want to achieve is within the Excel sheet to search through the data headings, find the corresponding Heading and then select the cell below it. This is the Macro that I have so far. Sub OverdueDate() ' ' OverdueDate Macro '...
  10. J

    Mail Merge. Does is matter if the db is vertical or horizontal?

    Hi all, I have a long vertical list of companies with their addresses, phone numbers, names of directors, etc. ALL of it fits into one column. Let's say, Column B. My ultimate goal is to make a mail merge. BUT I am spending an extraordinary amount of time transposing EACH company's info...
  11. T

    Proper format for my example?

    How can I format my post to show my excel example properly? I need to show column and row headings along with grid-lines. Thanks. /twg
  12. S

    How to combine multiple tables with different headings in Excel between many files that can contain one or more tables in addition to plain text that

    Good evening. I created a post in the forum chandoo to ask if it was possible, after transforming files with different extensions in Excel, to find tables (which may have similar headers, different or mixed) present in the ciscun files containing in a folder (the files will be many for this...
  13. T

    Data from web problems

    I'm trying to get data from a web page and keep getting the message from the web page 'the browser your using is not supported any more, update your browser'. I'm using Excel 2016 and IE 11, which surely must be as up to date as you can get. Subsequently the headings download but the data tables...
  14. Traveler

    Page Set up

    This is driving me nuts. Today every time a go to print a sheet excel has somehow selected 'row and column headings' and deselected 'Gridlines' on every spreadsheet I open today. I tried rebooting the machine still does it. I can select 'gridlines' and deselect 'row and column headings' then...
  15. B

    Data filter only some columns

    Hi guys - grateful for any assistance you can give. I have done this before via VBA but can't recall exactly how. I have a worksheet with various headings, as below. I want to have data filters available on some headings, but not others. For instance: Columns A, C, D & F, but not visible on...
  16. R

    Macro to copy all rows from one tab to another, for selected columns to new column headings

    Hi, I have one workbook with two tabs - 'raw' & 'final'. I want to copy all rows from 'raw' onto 'final' - but only for selected columns. Also, the column headings in 'raw' aren't identical to the column headings in 'final' but can be mapped as they won't change, month to month. In essence...
  17. R

    Summarise monthly sheets into one yearly summary

    I thought this would be fairly simple, but I am struggling. I have 12 monthly worksheets with various headings such as Total, Purchases, Motor etc. Beneath those headings are daily entries and these are totalled at the bottom. All I want to do is copy the totals from each month to a new sheet...
  18. S

    Macro to Combine Data from all tabs

    Having issues with this macro ... It's copying the headings which is great, but I need it to automatically copy as much data is on each tab, and then move to the next tab. Any tips? Thanks! Sub CombineAllTabs() Dim J As Integer Dim s As Worksheet On Error Resume Next...
  19. R

    Hyperlink formula reference

    I understand how to create a hyperlink to take me to other sheets using the hyperlink formula, but I become stuck with the next part. If I have headings in Row 1, I would like to be able to see which one was selected. For example, if we assume the columns are also the headings (heading A in...
  20. R

    Trying to understand how Combo and List boxes work

    I have a listbox and combobox using Excel 2016. The listbox and combobox show 5 columns and I can select a row and the last name is placed in a cell (using LinkedCell). 1. For some reason, the combobox does not show all the columns, as the listbox does, until I click on the down arrow. I can...

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