1. H

    Filter/Slicer months via Quarter

    I've put an image of a table I'm using right now that tracks our Income Statement by month with a YTD total. Table.png - Google Drive Is there an easy formula to calculate the totals by quarter as opposed to by month? Would you recommend doing this on a seperate worksheet? I know I could...
  2. Z

    i try advance filter but i get error 1004

    Sheet4.Range("C8").CurrentRegion.AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _ CriteriaRange:=Sheet4.Range("AM6:AO8"), CopyToRange:=Sheet4.Range("AQ8:AT8") i cant seem to find whats wrong with the codes. can anyone help me with this code. all my table headings is all the same
  3. B

    Using an Index,match,search formula

    Hi I have a bunch of data (for e.g. from D3:K10) with headings in columns D2:K2 and rows C3:C10. Long story short, the headings in columns D2:K2 include multiple texts that cannot be rearranged for other reasons. I need to be able to search through these headings to find a specific text (e.g...
  4. A

    Pivot Table labels

    A week back I was given a pivot table with Products in Rows, Warehouses in Columns and quantities in the body. The Warehouses (column headings) were displayed as names although in the date table upon which the pivot table was based showed only numerical codes for the warehouses. I'm new to pivot...
  5. M

    How to repeat Field Headings

    Example cars cars escort 50 cars focus 20 bikes bikes triumph 10 bikes ducatti 5 Hi, Is there a formula to repeat the field headings cars and bikes on the left hand side. I have currently entered them manually which are shaded bold on the...
  6. S

    Formula for obtaining data from a pivot table where there is 1 column with 2 headings

    Hi All, I have some data (about 45,000 lines) which has 4 columns, DATE, NUMBER 1, NUMBER 2, GRADE, See example below. <COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 56pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2742" width=75><COL style="WIDTH: 63pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3072" span=2...
  7. T

    Omit headings from a printed page

    I often times format a spreadsheet to have footnotes on the last printed page. I need the column headings on all pages except this last page. Is there a way to omit the headings from a specific (last) page?
  8. S

    Auto-Copy date in from spreadsheets, if HEADINGS match... rather than copy/pasting (can't do macro/VBA)

    Ok, firstly i have no experience with macro much or vba. we have many spreadsheets; now rather than copy pasting.. surely if the headings match.. then a formula should be able to copy the data underneath into the master sheet automatically or with less effort with index/match, hlookup or...
  9. W

    renaming column when already used by multiple pivot tables

    Hi folks, I'd like to rename a column, which I've used in multiple pivot tables throughout a workbook. Is there a way to do this that will not mess up all my pivot tables? I'd like them to continue to draw from the same column, only to have a different label for it. I'm using Excel 2010...
  10. B

    Split Column by name with headings

    I found some code to split a column by data. What i can't figure out is how to add the heading to each of the tabs/new sheets created. I have included the coding I am currently using. Any ideas on what to add to make the heading of the original sheet carry over to the additional sheets? Sub...
  11. A

    Want to sort Excel spreadsheet by heading rather than column letter; spreadsheet was originally a notebook file

    Hi all, I am using Excel 2010 and still getting used to the flaky parts. I'm working with a spreadsheet was originally a Notebook document. Successfully opened the Notebook file in Excel and saved it as an Excel 2010 spreadsheet, and am attempting to sort and manipulate data, removing dupes...
  12. A

    macro to remove/put row and column headers on each sheet

    Hi, I am trying to create a macro which removes row and column header on each sheet of the workbook. This is the code I tried: Sub Remove_RowHeaders() 'removes row and column heading from each of the sheet For Each Worksheet In Worksheets ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False Next...
  13. thedr9wningman

    Trouble with Tables and Index: How to anchor table headings?

    I'm having some trouble with data formatted in tables and doing the Index() function within them. What I would like to do is anchor some fields in a multiple Index() function I'm doing. Essentially here's the deal. ------------------------------------------- Year Month Segment Shape1...
  14. K

    Macro to Make Headings

    I'm working on a spreadsheet that lists a lot of products from different regions. The regions are all listed in column A, and then the product names in B. I want to be able to work with the data without lots of awkward headings in the way but then I'd like to be able to run a macro that creates...
  15. R

    VB Script to identfy pivot table headings

    Hi guys I want to write a macro to automatically change the format of the rows containing pivot table headings to "wrap text". The problem I'm having is identfying these rows. The number of rows varies (depending on column and row headings present). Can anyone help? Cheers Ria
  16. T

    Hiding / Showing header

    Hi everybody, I have a strage problem. I am trying to cycle through all the sheets in the orkbook and hide header, sheet tabs and the gridlines. I have tried to do this through 2 macros Sub DeGridize() Dim wd As Window For Each wd In ThisWorkbook.Windows With ActiveWindow...

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