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    Graph Question with 2 X-axis

    Hi I have 2 data columns A - Heart Rate (example 165) B - Perceived effort (8.5) I would like to chart both of these by having 2 X-axis... Heart rate on the left and Effort on the right... I can't see to set these up so that the lines are somewhat normalized and plotted to together... Can...
  2. B

    New position

    After a year as a temp (it was supposed to be 2 months) I am moving on, going back to Purchasing, this time at a Level ! Trauma Center. The project I did and re did and re did is now ready for prime time. To all the wonderful folks who answered my questions and showed me the way, thank you from...
  3. E

    STDEV help

    Could someone help me, please? I have column A (timeline) and column B (corresponding heart frequency data). We enter timepoint 1 into a cell (beginning of the measurement - entered into E1) and timepoint 2 (end of the measured period) into E2. I'd like to know the average heart rate for that...
  4. X

    Table lookup with criteria between range of numbers

    Hi everyone. I am making a fitness testing spreadsheet that puts you into different levels (1-5) depending on your performance. The tables below show Resting Heart Rate with separate tables for Male and Female. The gender, age, and Resting Heart Rate results are in another sheet (shown below)...

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