1. E

    Heatmap with countifs

    Hi all, Currently I am working on a heatmap with timestamps. For this I use a countifs formula. The heatmap is based on the following data: COUNTIFS formula: =COUNTIFS('Time span per order'!$K:$K;"JA";'Time span per order'!$L:$L;">="&'Heatmap order release'!$A2;'Time span per...
  2. M

    Schedule Heatmap creation

    I am trying to sum up the number of people working in a specific time interval and day.. But I cannot seem to get my formula to work. Column A = Name (Manual input) Column B:H is days they are working (Manual input) Column I:J Start/End times (Manual input) I need formula in Columns M:U...
  3. L

    Use newest date in a range for formula

    I am a Field Sales rep and I have an excel report of what hospitals I went to on what days. I'm trying to make a heat map using conditional formatting to visualize time passage regarding who I haven't visited recently. I'm using the below formula to pull up the visit date minus today's date...
  4. N

    conditional formatting for 3-color scales with formulas

    Hi, I am trying to create a heat map using conditional formatting for 3-color scales with formulas. The heat map is supposed to work like this: Input a target date in cell D2 Input the date the Item was completed in cells A2-C2 If the completion date is more than 60 days prior to the...
  5. J

    World Map by country - custom color code

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to show the world map with all countries. I want to color all countries based on criteria will be 4 colors. Example of country colors - cleared (blue) - removed (red) - review (yellow) - approved (green) What's the best way to do this? I'm not opposed to...
  6. I

    Heat mapping with excel and VBA

    Well, I am under no doubt this has been answered a million times, but can I figure it? Hell to the no, is the answer!! So I need your help. I have created a map of the of South of England, but post code region, which is the important bit, and the reason why I have created one rather than...
  7. B

    Trying to use countif function for a heatmap...

    Hi, I have been trying (and failing!) to use the countif function for a heatmap. In some cases there are two types of text data from a call log system that I need to extrapolate from the cells; I also need to do it between months of the year. For example; C...
  8. A

    Heatmap Excel Data onto Building Plan

    Is Excel able to create a Heatmap of data onto overlay of Building Plan ? I have specific Sales data for a Building with 100+ POS Terminals, I wanted to display a heat map onto the building plan to graphically display the Most Popular location to the Least. Have been googling, and can not...
  9. M

    Using a scatter graph to create a heatmap - how can I easily add multiple series

    Hello, I'm attempting to create a risk heat map in Excel (something like this, but with a more rigid scale). Currently I do this in PowerPoint and manually move the circles between boxes as and when the scores change, but I'm sure there must be an easier, more automated way to do it. My...
  10. I

    Dashboard creation

    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP... I have just joined a new team at work and we dont have an MI team yet. no one in my team can do anything excel related other than opening up a sheet and thats about it. i really need some help creating a risk dashboard that shows the top 10 individuals in certain areas...
  11. E

    Conditional Formatting of a scatter graph

    Hi All, Thanks for checking this post, and thank you even more if you can help! I've had a search and found nothing the same as what i need to know, apologies if this has already been asked. I'm seriously stuck and in need of help, I need to plot a heatmap of data based on geographical...
  12. D

    Display a heatmap matrix showing % matches to other table values

    Hi all! First post (but long time lurker!). I've simplified the scenario and sample data I'm trying to solve to the following: I'm trying to create a heatmap matrix to show percentage of school classes each person was in with every other person. From the raw data (provided below), I want to...
  13. L

    VBA code to change object color based on value of another excel 2010

    Good morning, I am trying to create a heat map of the US that changes the shade of each state based on the values in another table range (B1:F45). There are 6 "tiers" of shade for each range of values: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 0 RGB(255,255,255) 1-140 RGB(235,241,222)...
  14. D

    How to Display Conditional Formatting of One Cell Based on Another

    Objective: to display conditional formatting of one cell based on another Conditions: If the cell is blank = white if the cell has a value less than variable X = green if the cell has a value equal to or greater than 1.24 of * X = yellow If the cell value is greater than 1.25*X = red. {X is...
  15. S

    Need formula for creating Heatmap log files

    I'm using excel 2007 and I'm trying to create heat map of system utilization. This is the first step (I will pivot data later to create map) - at the moment I'm just trying to understand the formula I need. I believe I'm coming at this from a very low tech approach that will require a pretty...

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