help me please!

  1. C

    Creating Multi Sheet User Form For Data Entry

    I am currently in the process of self teaching myself how to create a multi-tab user form to help with data entry in a multi-sheet work book. I have created the user form but am struggling with the code portion of things. I have created the simple code for the cancel button to unload, and...
  2. E

    Mail Merge HELP! Physician letter with multiple listed patients and DOB's

    I have a huge project, and I am looking for some assistance. I usually do single entries for Mail Merge, meaning one letter is one row of information, easy peasy. The current project I need to merge is not one row every single instance. I have a list of patients, sometimes the list is one...
  3. N

    How to show just filtered rows in my userform listbox

    hi all,i am so sorry if i ask repetitious question but i can not find any related by my problem,however I have one Excel sheet, one userform and a listbox is in userform. Now when i filter my sheet and update listbox by click on button that is on my user form i see all rows in list box. I mean...
  4. S

    trying to compress 3 lines into one

    i have 3 rows of words only 1 column in each row has a word and i want to make them all on the same line and get rid of the # vaule...the problem is that the "empty" spots have a formula in them so they are not technically blank -- removed inline image ---
  5. L

    conditional formatting

    Please help! I am so stuck!! I need to format several columns and rows with the following rules but I can't get all cells in my selection to change colour. For some reason only Q5 is changing to red Also, I need to automatically duplicate this formatting on other rows without having to...
  6. N

    How to create a new sheet for every item in a column

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this website and forum but I am having a lot of trouble with a function in excel and I thought I would ask here to see if it is even possible. I'm trying to create a workbook for my boss and he wants a list of all of our customers in the first sheet. However he wants...
  7. A

    Help with creaton HYPERLINK between diferent worksheets in the same book?

    Hello. I've got a cell that gives me the name of a worksheet that I need to use. In that cell it can appear 6 different worksheets, and I want to the cell next to that create a hyperlink to the worksheet that is given in the first cell. This is: cell A2: worksheet1...
  8. N

    VBA code for Macro for importing data from multiple Worksheets

    Hi all, I haven't been using VBA for very long and am on a steep learning curve. I've seen a lot of code that comes close to doing what I want, but having problems writing a macro to do my specific task. I apologize in advance for the amount of information. If anyone can help with code for any...
  9. O

    Cannot locate personal macro workbook!

    Hello! I need help. I'm reletively new to Excel and trying to get a handle on Macros. After relentless internet searches, I still cannot find clear instructions on how to solve my issue. Goal: to have a Macro that I can use in any workbook. Problem 1: currently, I am not able to record...
  10. D

    Is it possible to create an if/then formula with dynamic cells?

    I would like F3 to equal E3-D3, if there is a number OR formula in E3. If there isn't anything in E3, then it would look to see if there is anything in D3. If there is, then D3-C3. If not, then see if there is anything in C3. If there is, then C3-B3. If not, then = B2. Is that possible? Thank...
  11. D

    Is this possible without super advanced skills?

    Hey there, I am trying to understand how to create a formula that would pull what I currently have in the Input Cells automatically when I update the other spreadsheets. The cells will change as I update, but I still want it to give me the sum for what I am asking for. For instance, on the...
  12. B

    Trouble with Index Match

    I'm having trouble getting index match to work properly if the row are out of order when I'm pulling data from sheet to another. what am I doing wrong? <colgroup><col style="width: 48pt;" span="4" width="64"> <tbody> Items YTD Items YTD A 1 A 1 B 2...
  13. S

    activex buttons and activex checkboxes

    Hi I am trying to create a worksheet to keep track of good and bad things that are happening to certain employees. Here is a test sheet that I put together just need it to be able to actually work. What I want is when I check the employees in the list and press the button labeled good it adds...

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