help needed

  1. K

    converting text to time

    Good Morning I am looking for a little help if possible. I have data that needscoverting to an hh:mm:as format. the data I am getting is in the following formats and need it all changing to same format as above. 22s 22m 22s 2h 22m 22s any help would be much apreciated
  2. B

    Cascading Data Validation List based on Multiple Conditions

    I have a table with the following columns: Account, Sub, and Split. I'm trying to create cascading data validation lists where you first select the Account, then the Sub, and finally the Split. So in the table below if I chose Account = 501650, then Sub = 00-240, the third Split list should...
  3. K

    Please help me with a "Knapsack Problem"

    Hi everyone, I really need your help. I'm working on a project that takes a lot of time. It's for accounts payable. This is done mostly and it usually has thousands of lines. The objective is to find debits that are made up of different credits (values on different cells) or viceversa. I used...
  4. M

    Simple or Complicated Sequencing Formula?

    Hi all, I need to know if theres a way you can make a formula for the parameters below- Plus 9 except when reaching a multiple of 10, then plus 10 then plus 19 then carry on with plus 9. For example- 12512, 12521, 12530, 12540, 12559, 12568, 12577. Many thanks if this can be done! Don't...
  5. S

    Convert ddd mm/dd/yyyy to ddd dd/mm/yyyy

    Hi, I have an issue. I have some data in Excel which I need to covert. The data is in the format: Mon 12/30/2017 where it needs to be Mon 30/12/2017. I have tried Data>Text To Columns>DMY with no avail - so please do not mention that. Helpful advise welcomed as it's bugging me! Thank you.
  6. R

    Help building a Simple Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my Vacation/Holidays...

    Hello, I'm hoping some one can get me started building this excel spreadsheet... I have only a tiny bit of excel experience I think this spreadsheet should be real simple and only have a few calculations... I'm thinking the only Data needed will be: Current Date. Current Vacation...
  7. A

    Mode Function: Mutliple Cross referenced criteria

    I'm making a spreadsheet for work purposes and cannot quite manage to figure out a formula for some of the data they require, the info is as follows: TAB Name: APPS Column A: Surname Column B: Forename Column C: Sex (M/F) In a separate tab ('INFO') I need to calculate the most frequently...
  8. S

    Web scraper. Run time error 1004 - Method 'Range' of object'_Global failed.

    Hi all, Struggling with a macro that I am using to scrape some data from a webpage. The code is as follows and is placed in a Module. Sub getdataEnglish() Application.Calculate Dim result As String Dim myURL As String Dim winHttpReq As Object Set winHttpReq =...
  9. S

    Help - Summing With a Many to Many Relationship

    Can someone kindly help me, I am so stuck! My boss made a workplan in Excel and we want to sum the number of hours each person has of work in a month across all tasks. The output table should show something like this <tbody> Name Jan Feb Mar Person 1 4 2 Person 2 1 7 55 </tbody> The...
  10. F

    HELP!! Excel invoice not working!

    I basically made an invoice for my course work for a computer shop and I designed it so you can select the products using a dropdown list on a userform onto the invoice. Then I make it look for the price of the product from another sheet called products and stocks but for some products it brings...
  11. J

    Help with the IF function or anything that can help

    I am trying to set up a spreadsheet for work and am having a bit of trouble. I have created a drop down list, well two actually. These are in A2 & B2. From here I want cell C2 to display something from another worksheet depending on what it says in these two columns. The other worksheet will...
  12. W

    Auto Sorting in Excel 2010

    Hello,<o:p></o:p> I am having a slight problem with an auto-sorting macro onan excel sheet. I have a sheet with aheader on row 2, and columns from A to Q, and the information on rows 3 to22. The issue is coming up from columnsB and C. I need the values in column Cto sort greatest to smallest...
  13. P

    Error: Application-defined or Object-defined error

    Hi Guys, I have a an error "Application-defined or Object-defined error" popping up and it's wrecking my head trying to solve it! Basicly I have a ListBox "DataListBox2" which when populated I click on any one line in the list box to get info displayed on the Userform "CustomerDataUserForm"...
  14. T

    HELP IF a cell is between certain numbers multiply by a certain figure...

    Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been answered before. I am creating a rebate calculator for my business. Some people get rebates based on every order (TYPE1) (i.e. £0.1), others get volume based rebates (TYPE@) across the year, i.e. if they order 1000 items they get £0.1, 2000 items £0.02...
  15. S

    sumif Multiple critera Help required

    hello I want to do the following some how Sumif( Colum B & Colum E, are between 0 and 30 and facility of loan >500 the sum range colum is ColumG) Any ideas thanks
  16. E

    Excel 2010 using vba AutoFilter to filter table by cell value returns '1004 Autofilter method of Range class failed'

    Hi, I've seen here some code samples which worked for different people, yet i cant manage to make it work. facts: I've checked the trust vba module in the trust center. cell A1 contains the filter value 1 (i want to show only rows that contain 1 in column a) table data on...
  17. I

    subtotal sum for first X visible rows

    Hi everyone, I have a sheet with a couple thousand rows of data. I need to calculate the subtotal sum for the first 50 rows of auto-filtered data. I can't seem to figure out the formula that I would need to have to do this automatically. If for example my filtered data the 50th visible row...
  18. C

    Help!! find two number recurring numbers in row??

    Hi everyone, new to posting on this forum so thank you for your patience. </SPAN> </SPAN> I have a spreadsheet which has data in 7 columns and around 100 rows. I want to be able to find what two numbers appear most frequent together on each of the rows. They don’t have to appear side by side...
  19. M


    Is it possible to run a VLOOKUP or other formula to compare two worksheets, then if Cell A is present in both of them return the whole row on a third sheet? Is this possible?
  20. J

    Macro for copy/paste with logical function

    I am working with some data that consists of two types of messages: one containing vessel speed and another containing vessel type. Both messages share a common ship identifier number. What I'd like to do is run through column A (ship ID), check column B (ship type), and if column b has a value...

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