help needed

  1. C

    Excel Macros Help

    Hello Guys, I Need ur Help ,as i m not a Programmer I dont knw more abt macros. i need your help to make me a small program like I Need it like this All...
  2. K

    Help with excel putting vertical values on selected space with horizontal orientation

    Help with excel putting vertical values on selected space with horizontal orientation
  3. M

    Custom Data Extraction for Histogram

    i need to extract the first and last row of data for each engine ID and put them into seperate work books one for first, one for last test If there is only one test on the engine , it must go in both workbooks. here is a sample of my data, i have 2400 points to go through and dont want to sort...
  4. S

    Can't select or delete rows!

    Please help! My spreadsheet is working great except for this: suddenly I have two rows at the top that are grey. I can't select them to delete them and I want them gone! What do I do? Shelly
  5. L

    Next Date in a series with known start date and frequency.

    Help desperately needed. I don't think this should be too tough but for the life of me can't figure it out. I need a formula for Column C which will auto populate based on today's date Today(). Since we know the start date and the frequency, I just need to formula which gives me the next date...
  6. P

    Please help w/formula

    Please help if possible. I do appreciate. I will attempt to explain as best I can. Column L is my High Watermark (HWM) Values. Cell L4 contains a pre-determined value and the formula for Column L begins in L5. Column L formula is: =SUM(L4+D5-E5-G5-H5-I5-J5+K5) and this formula is copied for...
  7. C

    Rammed up on empty cell code

    I running a report that is dymaic and the number of rows change and I need to make mandatory cells. Now I may just be tired but I cant seem to get it to see there is something in the cell and it always comes up with blank when it finds a line with a 1. plus can this work fork more then 2 cells...
  8. J

    Hiding rows based on drop down selection of cell

    First time poster here so I hope I do this correctly! Using Excel 2010 I am creating a form that will display different rows if certain selections are made. For example; cells B70-B72 are a drop down list with two options, '-' or 'sqrt'. If none equal the 'sqrt' symbol then I want to hide...
  9. J

    Help!! Newbie needs help with a formula

    Does someone know how to achieve the following: I2 = 35% J2 = 60% Here is what I need to appear in K2: Take the greater value of I2 and J2 unless I2 or J2 is over 50%, then take the other value. So, in this case it would return 35%. Thanks,
  10. R

    Removing data in cells that are only numeric but keeping numeric data contanted in a string with text

    The following is an example of the column data I want to scrub: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 185pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=246><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 185pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 8996" width=246><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 12.75pt"...
  11. kskapin

    Summing Pivot Table Data Conditionally

    Hello! I have the following data in a Pivot Table and I am looking to sum the Hires by Month by each month. For example, I want a something labeled January and then the sum to equal 6. Ideally, it would be in a summary table on a different sheet, so I'd like to deal with formulas if possible...
  12. H


    I want to say in cell g5 if g2cell =1 then put "st andrews" if g2 cell =2 then put "bethapge if g2 cell= 3 the put "st george" and so on upto 9 have got this far which works but am stuck now =IF(G2=1,"st andrews") any help would be a help cheers happyman123uk
  13. A

    Copying data to specific column - XL2010

    Hello all, I am working on a project where I am bringing data in from different sources, manipulating them into one sheet. One problem that I am encoutering, that I cannot seem to wrap my head around, is selecting a group of cells and pasting them to a specific field in another sheet. The...
  14. J

    Custom sort mulitple sheets?

    Hi, I have found many macros for sorting multiple sheets by a single column in Excel, however I was hoping someone had a macro for sorting multiple sheets by column "A", then column "B". Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Glenn
  15. A

    HELP with this formula

    hi, I have these tournament with my friends and made a formula but for some reason is not working i wanted to know why not i want to be able to put in the score in of the match we had an automatic change the amount of game played, if lost or won and even the goals we made...
  16. R

    Lost Paste and Validation Function after VBA Code

    Greetings, I need a little help and I think this is the best place to get it. I recently added some VBA code to a spreadsheet to provide a dynamic search of Validation Lists. The code works great except for two issues incurred afterward: 1. I lost the ability to copy and paste items on the...
  17. S

    Attaching a Spreadsheet

    I have code (see below) to send an email automatically if a button is pressed at it has been 30 days since the last time is was pressed. I am trying to attach the spreadsheet to the email but I am having no luck. This is the code I'm using: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim OutApp As...
  18. S

    Priting a certain cell out to the screen

    Thank you ahead of time if you can help me with this. I have information in column 12 that has conditional formatting that turns the text read if certain requirments are not met. I've been trying to write code that goes thru column 12 to see which are in red and then returns the information in...
  19. D

    Remove Duplicates and Copy to another sheet

    I have a work sheet with 3 columns in each (Last Name, First Name, and Full Name). I need to be able to remove duplicates and copy the duplicate full name to another sheet.
  20. R

    VBA Listbox

    I have a form in VBA and it has some option buttons that populate a listbox when they are selected. Based on the selection in the listbox I need to copy a sheet template and rename it to the selection, as well as put the name of the selection in cell B2 of the sheet. This is my code that...

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