help needed

  1. F

    Update existing hyperlinks automatically when changing the folder name linked documents are saved under

    Dear Forum members,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am desperately looking for some advice from you Excel experts!<o:p></o:p> At work we are using an excel spreadsheet as a project checklist during the project execution phase...
  2. P

    Drop down list, depending on a condition

    If I have a drop down list in A2 which contains the countries France, England and Russia. I want another drop down list in A3 which if A2 is selected on France the drop down box displays the cities Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Montpellier. I want the drop down list to change options if A2 is...
  3. G

    Writing/Reading from a Table

    I have one Excel row populated by: 1 2 3 <-- First Row I want to take the row and insert it in a Access Database. The problem is that if I run the code a second time, the table won't change. The table called MyTable always stays with just 1 row of (1 2 3) I want the Access Table to keep...
  4. W

    Excel Idiot needing help with interest formula

    I appreciate any help in advanced. I have promised my boss a Excel Spreadsheet calculating accrued interest to date on judgments we were awarded by first thing in the morning. Now at 3:00am I am ready to give up! Here are the columns for my spreadsheet related to my question for with an...
  5. D

    Deleting Referenced Cells causes #REF!

    This is my first post, so I apologize if this has already been answered, but I've searched high and low without finding a solution. I have a number of worksheets with separate lists in them. Each list essentially has items in one column and values for those items in an adjacent column. The...
  6. B

    Is it possible to search across entire workbook for duplicates as cell is entered?

    I am new to Excel and this board, Hello. I am working on a massive email campaign and am keeping a record of every name that gets mailed. The workbook is multiple sheets long with thousands of names in the A column of each sheet. In order to not email the same person twice, I would like to...
  7. M

    copying formula???

    hi guys, basic question...i think!!!! how do i copy sheet1 to sheet2 so that when any changes are made to sheet1 these will be reflected in sheet2??? assignment due 8 hours ago :biggrin:
  8. S

    Excel Allocaton problem

    Hi I am trying to solve a allocation problem and need help understanding how to proceed. Problem Definition: I have a fund of USD 1000 (this fund will change as needed and will be a user input) I also have 4 categories for stocks in my portfolio (a,b,c,d) where a>b>c>d respectively. I will be...
  9. S

    Revisiting the Timer Question

    Hey Guys, OK, I was too vague, but I’m still trying to put together a game for the kids in our family. We have 8... err, kids not games. They score points that get recorded. They have to spend chips to get a question. Failed questions cost you life points, and if you have less...
  10. P

    Hyperlink Help!

    I'm really hoping this hasn't been asked already, but I've searched everywhere and can't find an answer. I've reached the "ready to throw my computer out the window" stage because I know this can't be as difficult as it seems. Basically, I'm building a spreadsheet for our sales team to be able...
  11. Charlinda

    Cell References & Index & Match

    Good Day, I'm hoping the following is making sense... My current workbook looks like: Sheet 1 - Front Page Sheet 2 - Client Data Sheet 3 - Product Information Sheet 4 - ActiveData Sheet 1 - Front Page (includes the following fields) Next Available Client #: 1 (Formula...
  12. M

    Advanced Conditional Formatting

    Hi all, I have a rather tricky conditional formatting problem I need help with. Im creating a milestone chart in MS Excel (as opposed to Project). The dates are listed along the top of the sheet and are done so according to week i.e. for Febuary 09 there are the cells for dates: 02-02...
  13. V

    Need simple code copy/paste code

    All I want to do is copy a range of cells and paste them in another spreadsheet in a specific location. Does anybody have a code that will do this. It seems simple but I am new at this. Thanks help neeeeed:warning:
  14. T

    Help with intense Macro

    I am trying to write a macro in VBA that will compare two worksheet based on columns that i tell it to. So when i run the macro i want it to prompt me and ask me for which column it should find discrepences with. Than print out the whole row that is a descrepency in another sheet. So i can...
  15. S

    Formatting Error?

    I work for a medium sized business and we use a lot of spreadsheets to organize members and such. I need help with a problem we have been having with excel lately if anyone can offer advice. We use a few large spreadsheets that are all saved in a storage device that everyone in the office can...
  16. C


    Ok, so basically i want to do what it says in the title. I have two tables that i need to lookup the array for the two given items and take the sumproduct. vlookup obviously doesn't work with arrays so I'm not sure how to do this. Let's say there are two tables, 200 rows by 10 columns each...
  17. J

    Print button breaks code but Manual print doesnt - help needed

    Hi, I have an excel sheet which creates delivery notes. Every time a delivery note is printed, I want to track it in another sheet. I have the following line of code linked to a button. ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut copies:=5 The problem is that the below macro runs when the...
  18. B

    combo box formatting

    I need a little help:( I have a list of little league teams, divided up by each division. We have the western 'conference' and the eastern conference, each divided by sub divisions, atlantic, pacific etc... So I've created an activeX combo box and have the proper referred cells and...
  19. S

    Excel VB

    Could anyone help me how to program in excel using the variables. I have done a coding for a set of data's in a sheet to copy and display in the Index sheet. Similarly i have to do the same for the remaining 46 sheets. Could anyone help me how to do that with a single program, by changing...

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