help on an if formula

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    HELP with this formula

    hi, I have these tournament with my friends and made a formula but for some reason is not working i wanted to know why not i want to be able to put in the score in of the match we had an automatic change the amount of game played, if lost or won and even the goals we made...
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    Help with an IF formula

    I have a spreadsheet of approximately 20,000 rows and 50 columns. In Column C I have a list of SKUs that look like the following. 10001 10001B1 10001B2 100001B3 100002 100003 100003B1 100003B2 100003B3 100003B4 and so on. The B1,B2, etc are for additional boxes. The highest it goes up to is...
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    Multiple IF, AND & OR Formula - Help Needed.

    I'm struggling to write a working formula that contains all the arguments below to return the correct result. IF D3 = "4" OR "8" AND G3 = "1" then "8DM11" IF D3 = "4" OR "8" AND G3 = "2" then "8DM21" IF D3 = "A" AND G3 = "1" then "8DM11" IF D3 = "A" AND G3 = "2" then "10NM1" Any help on this...
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    IF Formula (Or maybe something else...) Hi Guys So heres what I want to do. I need to link up the PO's and part values on the Stock out and relevant values to the corresponding PO's on the Consignment stock sheet. (It makes sense when you look at the workbook) For example Column B on the Stock...
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    Column Referencing in Excel 2003

    Hi Everyone. Ok so I need to know how do I reference a column in a formula, but NOT by its letter E, F, D etc. But by its text or number in Row 1. My formula I've got needs to find a column with a particular text in, then take all values related with that column. Now I know you will say why...
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    Need help on an IF formula

    If it has TXEQ in column A then need to add 4.00 to column C so answer reflects total with extra 4. in it… A B C Answer current formula C30 96,300.00 101.932 $1,860.52 =(C1-100)*B1/100 C15TXEQ 120,600.00 96.087 $(4,719.08) F30...

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