1. D

    Counting A Calculated Cell

    Hey Guys, I have a calculated cell in excel using and if function. e.g if(A2<50, "Poor","Good") across many rows of data. How and want to use a countif function to get the total count of the Poor and Good. But it seems like excel countif function does not count data that is returned from an IF...
  2. M


    Hey Guys.... I have this chart......(in F1 thru F4 there will be various numbers) I would like Column OOF to be be grouped starting with #1 for each group Then I would like to work within each group with excel functions... Can this be done? thxs Mike <tbody> OOF F1 F2 F3 F4 1 2...
  3. M

    Display 1 or 0 based on multiple conditions. If one is accomplished, stop the second one from running.

    Hey guys I have another problem if you could please help me, thank you. I have this setup: I want to display 1 in column M for the first item that has the condition Yes, column K is a drop down with Yes and No. I don't know how to stop the second formula to run if the first one is...
  4. S

    CountRows with upper bound

    Hey guys, I need ur help plz Does anyone know if there is an excel function that counts the number of occurrences in a row of some value till there is a new value For example: The value The occurrrence counter 4123 1 4123 2 4123 3 4111 1...
  5. R

    Deleting A Dropdown Menu

    Hey. I was editing a file recently and wanted to include a dropdown menu for other people to open and be able to choose some options. When I reopened the file later, clicking on the dropdown menu did nothing, and it was impossible to delete. It just hovers there now and this file is so far in...
  6. B

    How many times a value occurs after another value

    Hey Folks, I am trying to go through a lot of data values and I need a formula to identify the following: 1. How many times a value occurs after another - e.g in column A row 15 the value 5 occurs, I need to know what is the next value that occurs in row 14 after the value in row 15 and so...
  7. M

    Locking(Protecting) Unused Cells

    Hey guys, how to lock(protect) unused cells in a sheet using macro.Sheet data will be dynamic.Thank you.

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