hidden worksheet

  1. L

    VBA IF Then protect hidden worksheets code question

    I'm trying to combine an IF Then function with my password protect hidden worksheet codes. The idea is: when a worksheet is being unhidden, it will request a password, if the Password doesn't work the sheet will be hidden again. Unfortunately, every time a worksheet that uses this code is...
  2. R

    Hyper link of hidden multiple worksheets

    Dear Forum Members, I have two active sheet with multiple hyperlinked with 8 different worksheet. It works well worksheet are unhide. But when hidden hyperlink does not work. Can some one help me to activate hyperlink when hidden worksheet and close automatically once done,
  3. J

    Dynamic hyperlinks to hidden worksheets

    I am working on a project that would contain data from multiple sites. On the "Welcome" worksheet (the main page) there is a dropdown menu (form control combo box) that will select a site location (which then prompts a picture of the site to appear) I also want a link to appear that will link...
  4. H

    Hyperlink to Hidden Sheets

    I'm trying to create a hyperlink in Excel to a sheet that is hidden. I have about 62 worksheets, uniquely named, and have all been hyperlinked to the main worksheet called "Main". I wonder if there's a way I can use the Main sheet to hyperlink sheets that are hidden. Thanks,
  5. E

    New to VBA. Stop duplication when submitting data from one sheet to a summay sheet (containing If statements).

    Greetings. **New to VBA** I have created a financial document that contains a hidden worksheet (template to be called upon from a UserForm based on the month selected...the name is changed as it is copied). When the user hits "submit" on the form, the information entered gets transferred to a...
  6. M

    Hyperlinks Objects to Hidden Excel Worksheets

    Hello all, I'm currently making an excel spreadsheet that acts as a "dashboard" to useful information. It currently contains over 200 worksheets and I would like for all of them to remain hidden unless a hyperlinked object is clicked on the "Main Menu" that opens them up. Excel will not open...
  7. J

    Show worksheets based on multiple selections from a Userlist

    Hi, I've not used an awful lot of VBA over the past couple of years but I am desperately trying to get back into it. I have a quick, and possibly easy, question for you all. Is it possible for me to script via VBA for some hidden tabs to unhide based on a user's selection from a Userlist...
  8. T

    Hide Worksheet in a Seperate Workbook

    I have an excel file that opens two seperate excel files, copies all the tabs from a pre-existing xls to a template xls, saves them both with new names and then closes both. Everything is working fine, except I need to delete a pre-existing worksheet in the original file and then hide the...
  9. J

    Problem after Hiding Excel Workbook behind a VBA UserForm

    Sorry its a long post..... Hi All, I'm having a few problems with a UserForm I'm trying to create. This userform runs, with the excel sheet it is running from hidden behind. Below I have summarised the form itself, the problem I have encountered and solutions I have already tried. Any input...
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